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  1. Obama said he was afraid that if Terry Jones did his burning, lots of people across America would start burning.

    They are afraid, The secretary of defense called Terry Jones personally. What are they afraid of? Not of Islam but that their House of Oil, their house of political and economic corruption will shake and shatter, the big lie will fall apart.

    What dreams may come….

  2. God Bless America. We have begun to fight back and retake America. Thank God.

    Yes SarahSue, Yes.

    And who is the enemy? Islam and our dhimmi leaders. They both need to go.

    Let us not forget this come November.

  3. Ten years ago, I was visiting my parents. I remember getting up and going to the kitchen to get coffee, as I do every morning. When I walked into the living room, my parents were sitting there staring at the T.V. This was strange because they never watched T.V. during the day. Their faces were so grim that I knew something bad has happened. As I sat next to them, I turned my attention to what they were watching. They were watching the Towers on fire right after the first plane had hit. Then a second plane hit. We did not talk, we did not move, we did not cry. We just watched in absolute horror, sat in stunned silence.

    That was my first introduction to islam. Before that, I had never even heard the word islam even though I knew that muslims were part of some Middle East religion.

    This week, as I mourn the innocent dead of my beloved country, I am also gripped with a new excitement. Because of recent events (the mosque, the koran burning, and all the rhetoric that has accompanied each event) my fellow Americans have a way to show how they feel about islam. We have a rallying point to express our extreme displeasure with islam even as we are portrayed in the media as extremists. What a joke! When we rally against the people that want to build a victory mosque on the graves of our innocent fellow Americans, we are the extremists. When we want to burn the book that incited this murder, we are the extremists.

    The dhimmitude of our elected leaders is being exposed for all to see. President Obama could have expressed a desire to see the Burlington Coat Factory building be preserved as a national landmark. 1,222 building have been given landmark status in New York’s five boroughs, many with the same Italian Renaissance palazzo style. The precedence was in place, it would have been perfectly natural and legal to grant status to this building next to Ground Zero that even has a piece of the plane in the basement. But, no, his agenda was not to fight for American.

    Mayor Bloomberg could have questioned were the financing was coming from. But, no, he said he did not care where the financing was coming from. Really?

    Because of the six degrees of separation, all of my fellow Americans have been touched by this tragedy. My mother’s best friend did not know for two long agonizing days, if her son was alive or dead. The entire community barely ate or slept until she heard from him. It turned out that he had gone to a game the night before and arrived at work late just as the first plane hit the building. Hearing the good news was the first time that we all started to cry. We cried for a week.

    My son’s birthday is September 15. Usually we make a big fuss and throw a big party. Not that year nor any year thereafter. We cannot celebrate with the memories so fresh.

    All of America has gone through an ordeal that has profoundly affected us. As we come up to the tenth anniversary, we remember where we were and how we felt. Atlas Shrugs has a video that shows many of the images that we saw live that day. The victims falling out of the buildings are the worst of many worsts.

    As I flip through the channels of my T.V. today, I come across muslim after muslim telling me that I should not blame them for what happened. From the president, to the leader of our armed forces, they tell me that I will betray what America stands for if I take a stand against the people that did this. When I ask them not to build the mosque, they tell me that it is insensitive of me to ask them to be sensitive.

    I am excited because islam, the religion of peace, is showing it’s true colors, once again. And once again, America is showing her true colors. All across this great land people are going to burn the Koran. All across America, we are remembering what a great country this is and who the enemy is. And who is the enemy? Islam and our dhimmi leaders. They both need to go.

    God Bless America. We have begun to fight back and retake America. Thank God.