Trump Admin, Congress Seek to Slash U.N. Funding in Wake of New Anti-Israel Action

U.N. working to add IDF to list of entities responsible for inhumane acts against children

By Adam Kredo, NEW BEACON,   

The White House and Congress are considering slashing U.S. funding to the United Nations in light of its most recent effort to declare the Jewish state’s fighting forces a chief violator of children’s rights, according to multiple conversations with U.S. officials.

The U.N. is working to add the Israeli Defense Forces, or IDF, to a list of entities such as terror groups that are responsible for inhumane acts against children.

The move would be just the latest anti-Israel salvo by the U.N., which caused controversy late last year when, with the backing of the Obama administration, it moved to condemn Israel for building homes for Jewish people in Jerusalem.

The latest action against Israel would add the IDF to the Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflicts, which would designate the Jewish state’s fighting forces as one of the worst offenders of children’s human rights in the world. Other groups and entities on the list include terrorist entities and forces that kill children en masse.

The move has prompted outrage in the White House and on Capitol Hill, where multiple U.S. officials told the Washington Free Beacon that they will no longer stand by as the U.N. singles out Israel for criticism. The effort to counter what they described as the U.N.’s anti-Israel bias is likely to include cutting a large portion of U.S. funding to the organization.

One senior White House official familiar with the Trump administration’s thinking on the matter told the Free Beacon that the president and his senior-most advisers are sick of seeing Israel treated as a pariah by the U.N.

“The Israeli Defense Forces are among the most humane, professional armed forces on the planet,” said the official, who was not authorized to speak on record. “Israel has been aggressively refining its protocols to minimize civilian casualties—so much so that after the 2014 conflict in Gaza the United States sent a delegation to study their best practices.”

The White House official signaled that the Trump administration would pursue a vastly different approach to the U.N. than its predecessor.

The Obama administration came under criticism from the pro-Israel community on numerous occasions for failing to defend Israel adequately in the face of international criticism. This culminated in a flurry of anger late last year when the Obama administration, in one of its final official acts, permitted the U.N. to officially chastise Israel in a break with decades of U.S. policy.

“In a region where the use of civilians, including children, as human shields is routine, singling out Israel for condemnation is, in a word, ridiculous,” the White House official said. “If the United Nations’ Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict has nothing better to do with the United States taxpayer dollars that fund it than engage in a vendetta against our ally Israel, perhaps we should rethink that support.”

Rep. Peter Roskam (R., Ill.), a vocal defender of Israel, expressed disappointment in the U.N.’s latest action. He told the Free Beacon that Congress is prepared to reduce U.S. financial support for the U.N., which comprises a significant share of the organization’s operational budget.

“The United States Congress is already taking a serious look at United Nations funding levels in light of a number of recent actions unfairly targeting Israel,” Roskam said. “Classifying the IDF, one of the most professional and responsible military forces in the world, alongside terrorist groups like ISIS and Boko Haram is an absurdity.”

“If the U.N. goes through with this,” Roskam said, “the calls for reduced funding will grow even louder.”

Other sources who spoke to the Free Beacon about the matter said that the effort to single out the IDF is part of a broader strategy by anti-Israel organizations to mainstream hatred of the Jewish state in Turtle Bay.

“It’s a scam,” said one senior congressional adviser who is working with multiple offices on Capitol Hill to reform the U.N. “The U.N. wants excuses for its anti-Israel diplomacy, so it facilitates anti-Israel NGOs. Then those NGOs circle back and call on the U.N. to take anti-Israel actions, which provides the excuse that the U.N. wanted. It’s time for Congress to put a stop to this stupid game.”

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. bla bla bla enough of this tittle tattle just invite the
    u n sec. to W.H. give him a ticket stub with the message ‘The Last Train Has Left.’ chocho farewell get cash from the saudis by selling the fat kings moving golden stairs.

  2. The UN is a complete waste of time and money it has become a nest of vipers. The Western countries that have just seen their EU’s invitation to be invaded, accepted by the Jihadists have proven themselves blinded by liberalism, sold out to evil and so afraid of their Islamic immigrants that they will not even defend their own people. They have become too cowardly to counter the evil bias and the disgraceful dereliction of duty that has gone on for decades at the UN. The USA should defund the UN and kick them out of the USA as undesirable aliens. The wet western leaders’ representatives can go with them as they have no place in the “Land of the brave”.

  3. Not enough. I read that the U.S. has done that before with certain committees and merely lost veto power. The U.S. must designate all anti-Israel NGO’s as accomplices to terrorism and remove their not-for-profit status. Universities that allow anti-semitic terrorist front groups like Students For Justice in Palestine or Black Lives Matter to operate on their campuses should lose state and federal funding, non-profit status and perks like government research access. The Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups like C.A.I.R. must be designated terrorist organizations. The U.S. should take concrete steps to thwart the interests of states that participate in anti-Israel diplomacy.

  4. I know nothing of the u n building, location, size, floors etc.. imaging how many true American homeless, vets, low income could/should live there.

  5. Like the 60’s-era bumper sticker says, Get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US.

    It’s pretty pathetic that a right wing organization, one never known for its tolerance towards Jews, should be the leading voice for adopting such an obviously pro-Israel, USG policy.

    Of course it’s just obscene that Israeli Jews are forced to pay taxes to support the UN (and the small army of Israeli-socialist bureaucrats who leech off the money).

    The USG should not even spend one red cent for the cost of providing security for that institution (and the monstrous
    bureaucrat-aristocrats and Monicas who staff it). If those left-wing, NYC Jews love the UN so much, let them pay the cost to support it out of the money they’d otherwise give to the DEMs.

  6. IDF the exception to the rule of barbarity! But the US must simultaneously defund UNRWA.
    This should be ENOUGH for Bibi to understand that the Sunnis remain arch enemies of IL

  7. I have been saying from the beginning that the US should stop funding UNRWA, UNESCO and UNHRC, all of which UN organizations are anti-Israel. As well, the US should reduce its funding of the UN to the bare minimum required for it to maintain its veto in the UN Security Council. I think that would send a message to the UN and its Israel-bashing members, but I just don’t think that even the Trump admninistration has the balls to do all that. America talks the talk, but refuses to walk the walk – should change the county’s name to “Pussyland”.

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