Trump admin: Don’t do anything until I say its OK.

By Ted Belman

After Lieberman’s startling remarks last week concerning a rupture in in our relationship with the US should we annex Judea and Samaria in whole or in part and the Women of Green’s disavowal of what he said, the US clarified yesterday.

“We are not going to speak publicly about the details of private communications between governments,”

“President Trump is committed to working with Israel and the Palestinians on a comprehensive peace deal that will allow both sides to live in the peace and security they deserve,”

“The administration needs to have the chance to fully consult with all parties on the way forward. We are just getting that process started. As the president has said, he would like to see a ‘level of reasonableness of both parties,'”

The upshot of all this is that the embassy will not be moved and new construction not permitted until the US has charted a path to peace. After that nothing will happen while the peace process is in play.

I am sure Netanyahu will comply as he wants a peace process and even a deal if it is better than what Obama was striving for.

For those of us who don’t believe in the peace process and prefer alternate solutions, this is a punch in the guts.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Whatever. What I would like to see is the following:

    a) Israel annexes Area C and gives the 90,000 Arabs there whatever they have to in terms of citizenship, permanent residency or compensated emigration that will get it past the liberals in the Knesset and the Supreme Court.

    b) Put the Arabs in areas B and C, Gaza, Southern Lebanon, and the Sinai Penninsula back under Israeli military occupation. Permanently. Take steps to get them to leave as bloodlessly as possible. Maintain order as ruthlessly as necessary. Mandatory Death Penalty for Arab terrorists with blood on their hands.

    c) To permit and facilitate “close Jewish settlement of the land” as mandated by international law from the time of the San Remo Convention of 1920.

    However and whenever this is done.

  2. I always wondered/questioned about the idea that if we Annex area C we have to give the Arabs living there citizenship. We need to not make it so palpable to stay there so that the offer/option of a financially incentivized departure is worthwhile to them. We seem to have resigned ourselves, because “90,000” seems like a relatively small number that we should just give them citizenship. They can be allowed to stay but without political rights and, if they don’t like it, they can leave. The international community may bark at the idea but there is little they can do that they haven’t already done/tried before and if they say it’s not “democratic” we just respond “Why is it acceptable that some so-called Palestinian state would be permitted to be Judenrein like they insist. Even if the incorporation of 90,000 Arabs into Israel isn’t a major threat, why do it, In every step we take, we must attempt to minimize the number of Arabs living between the Jordan and the Mediteranian because, in the end, there will be either a Jewish state or and Arab state in the land so let’s not encourage them to stay and not set a bad precedent in Area C of incorporating even “just” 90,000 Palestinians.

  3. @ David:
    “Citizenship” is just another legalistic term that only really matters to busybodies, i.e. those who have an odd, annoying proclivity to want to know where other people came from, where they’re now dwelling (even if far away), and how much they’re paying in taxes (answer: never enough).

  4. What’s this about new construction not being permitted?

    Not permitted by whom?

    If Trump can tell Israeli-Jews that they’re not allowed to build on the land of their forefathers (who does he think he is, an Israeli government bureaucrat?!), then Israelis should be able to tell Donald Jr. that he can’t build a hotel in Berlin.

  5. do first SOD the consequence. the terror groups do not crawl and beg ‘please let us kill some JEWS.’ nor do they need a note from their mum ‘yes sonny blow up a bus kill some YANKS.’

  6. @ David:

    Exactly, I agree with you 100%. 90,000 Arabs (amongst whom there are probably 5,000 active terrorists, 10,000 occasional terrorists, 20 bomb factories, and the rest aiding and abetting) will expand to 250,000 within a generation, and that’s not counting how many they smuggle in by their usual chicanery.

    I am absolutely in favour of getting rid of ALL the Arabs in Israel from River to Sea. They have done so much, such obscene acts for generations that we can never forgive them, and lest of all, have them living amongst us. The cursed governments of Israel are so conscious of whether they’ll get a handshake from the Goyim, that it’s sickening. Let them think of us for a change.

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