Trump ups the ante

Donald Trump: How did Barack Obama get into Columbia and Harvard?

‘How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?’ Trump asked.

Donald Trump is upping the ante against President Barack Obama’s legitimacy, raising questions on Monday night about how the president was admitted to two Ivy League schools.

Trump openly questioned how Obama, who he said had been a “terrible student,” got accepted into Columbia University for undergraduate studies and then Harvard Law School.

“I heard he was a terrible student, terrible,” Trump told the Associated Press in an interview, a claim he’s made in the past but one he doubled down on by suggesting he’s probing that area of the president’s life.

“How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard? I’m thinking about it, I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records,” he said, without providing backup for his claim.

Trump added, “I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can’t get into Harvard.”

“We don’t know a thing about this guy,” Trump said. “There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our president.”

Obama transferred to Columbia University in 1981 from Occidental College, and graduated two years later. He graduated Harvard Law magna cum laude in 1991, after serving as editor of the prestigious Law Review.

Trump has already said he has investigators on the ground in Hawaii looking into proof of Obama’s birth in the state, which the real estate magnate has questioned repeatedly.

He’s suggested Obama ought to show his birth certificate and has rejected pushback that the certification of live birth that Team Obama made available in 2008, and which is what Hawaiian officials issue in response to requests for birth documents, serves as proof.

In a sometimes-testy exchange with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday night, Trump insisted he had heard the birth certificate is “missing” from official Hawaiian state records, and again called on Obama to produce it. He also accused reporters of giving Obama a pass on the issue.

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23 Comments / 23 Comments

  1. “If you expect that a new American President will make an appreciable difference in the U. S. overall policy in the ME, you are utterly misguided and dreaming in technicolor.”

    Maybe so, maybe no.

    The locus of the problem, where the Executive Branch is concerned, is not the Oval Office.

    The locus of the problem, where the Executive Branch is concerned, is Foggy Bottom, the State Dept, whose unelected and effectively undismissible bureaucracy gets to stay on from one administration to another, world-without-end — and has had its own agenda going back as far as the Wilson Administration (maybe further).

    They can quietly stonewall & pressure a Secretary of State, and thru him/her, the White House, to reflect their outlook — or the President face finding his arse blowing in the wind thru subrosa, diplomatic game-playing & skullduggery with the EU, UN, congressional staffers, etc.

    What’s needed is a President with the stones to give his SecState the authority to clean out the Augean Stables (viz., probably make the mofo’s miserable enough to take early retirement) — even if it means no second term for the Chief (and it well might), as well as a SecState strong enough to carry out the mission, and/or to organize the doing of it with a personal staff whose loyalty can be relied on when the spit hits the fan (and it will).

    Not saying I know who can fill that bill.

    Just saying that’s what’s called for.

    Presidents come and presidents go,

    but the State Department bureaucracy

    is forever.

    So far.

  2. Obama DID NOT show his long form of his birth certificate but a certificate of live birth – which is different – According to his grand-mother who says she was there (in her country) when he was born.
    A child takes the nationality of his father!
    Anyone can register a baby in Hawaii – the reason for have a “certificate of live” and not a certificate of actual birth with the State SEAL … which is missing on the document he showed!
    If he was really born in Hawaii as he said – why does he have a passport allowing him to go to Arabs countries when – as it happened – He went to a country – years ago – when Americans were NOT allowed to go!
    Why would someone pay as much money as he did to keep his birth certificate from being published? and keep all His school papers from being published? And …. has different social security nos ????
    Let the truth be known – The mann is not supposed to be representing America and needs to be stopped ASAP !

  3. OK, so this is proof that he’s NOT a natural born citizen of the US as is required by the constitution for the office of President. His Father holds British citizenship. What now?

  4. michael wiener said,

    Obama discloses his long form birth certificate, proving [Hawaiian birth, nothing more].

    What does he want now? A lollipop? He’s doing what a decent person would have done three years ago.

  5. In many ways they are all flawed.

    Yes everyone is flawed. But Christie’s flaw is a very major flaw which directly impacts America’s national security.

  6. Charles Martel says:
    April 27, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    HWSNBN, all true but so is this:

    You will be pushing up the daisies long before the Palestinians have a state.

    May it be soon and in our time! Amen.

  7. Ted Belman

    My first priority is getting rid of Obama. My second priority to to get Palin elected as president. She would be good for America and for Israel. If she gets the Republican nomination she will get elected

    If you expect that a new American President will make an appreciable difference in the U. S. overall policy in the ME, you are utterly misguided and dreaming in technicolor.

    Israel vs. the Palestinians is not a remote conflict in a godforsaken place, but one constantly at the center of international awareness. That means it is one of the most extensively dealt-with conflicts in the world. In the past 45 years alone, the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis has been the subject of serious attempts at mediation by many countries and respectable international organizations. Presidents of the United States have tried to mediate personally between the sides. Heads of government from all over the world devote their attention to it; high-level emissaries come to the region to try their hand at mediation and compromise. All this is on top of tireless initiatives by organizations and individuals on both sides in well-meaning symposia and meetings. Studies, books and innumerable position papers have been written and are being written all the time.

    Israel will be under pressure to grant national rights to the Palestinians no matter if Palin,Trump, or whomever Republican attains the leadership of the country.

    Belman, enough of your wishful thinking, and stick to the facts.

  8. The left hates Palin beyond measures and their marketing affected some peopLe who are naive. Alska improved a lot under her governancy. She is what we need: Palin and Allen West. West is honor, dignity, honesty like we do not see since a very long time.

  9. BlandOatmeal says:
    April 27, 2011 at 8:18 am

    I plan to vote for Donald Trump.

    And you will have Obama Term II as your just reward.

  10. Georg, you said,

    “Everybody thinks that Trump will not get the nomination,or that he is unfit for the Presidency.”

    Wrong. I support him all the way. It’s quite early to judge who will win the nomination. At this time in 2007, I believe Rudi Giuliani was the front runner. What you said about Trump’s business acumen is correct, and I am certain there are MANY Republicans who agree with us. Even in this latest poll that “dooms” Trump to the level of Sarah Palin, NONE of the Republican candidates are shown as defeating Barry Obama. If that doesn’t strike people as rather odd, considering Obama’s skyrocketing idiocy rating lately on Libya and on the deficit, then perhaps America deserves four more years of hell; but while they’re voting for the dingbat of the millenium, I plan to vote for Donald Trump.

  11. My first priority is getting rid of Obama. My second priority to to get Palin elected as president. She would be good for America and for Israel. If she gets the Republican nomination she will get elected.

    Yamit, instead of putting forth hypotheticals and presumptions , stick to the facts. As I have demonstrated, I question her when necessary. Libya is a case in point. I also took the position that she should be open to some tax increase and that she she state her position clearly on the safety net in the US.

  12. Christie is cozy with muslim brotherhood front groups in NJ.

    So I’ve read. If it were Palin and not Chrisie Ted and maybe even you would defend her by saying it’s NJ politics where there is a large Muslim constituency? If you want to beat Obama you had better nominate one who can beat him and if it means getting someone who is not your favorite so be it. In many ways they are all flawed.

  13. Everybody thinks that Trump will not get the nomination,or that he is unfit for the Presidency. Like Obama really is, or for that matter almost all of the political hacks that the Republicans seem to favor. Maybe it’s about time that a businessman/woman got the nod instead of these political left-overs. Trump knows how to make a dollar and how to save a dollar. I think that having someone in tune with business just might be what the doctor ordered. We should give the man a chance.

  14. Are the Officials in Hawaii Nervous Yet

    Courts refused to grant Orly Taitz any oral arguments for 2 years: Now she’s been granted TWO

    Great news!!! I was granted oral argument in yet another case, in New Orleans. If you are my supporter in LA or neighboring state, call me at 949-683-5411

    Great news !!! I was granted oral argument in a second case. I kept it under wraps for as long as I could, but Obama supporters already got wind of this and posted the pleadings, so I can announce it.

    As you know, First argument is in Pasadena, ca,May 2, 2011, 9 am 9th Circuit court of Appeals Courtroom 1, 125 South Grant Street, Pasadena CA . This is a case,where I represent former U.N. ambassador Alan Keyes, 10 state representatives and 30 members of US military

    Second case is in New Orleans, Eastern District of Louisiana, 500 Poydras str. Room C-151, New Orleans, LA 70130., May 11, 2011, 11:00 AM

  15. Bill Levinson says: The answer is obvious: affirmative action. It’s when you admit, hire, elect, appoint, or promote somebody for the color of his skin (or her gender) and not the content of his character. Examples of affirmative action include:

    This was not an example of affirmative action!!!!!
    Obama and Khalid Mansour

    Percy Sutton (Malcom X’s Lawyer) Says Barack Obama Knows And Was Financed By The Racist Radical

    Khalid Al Mansour – A little on history of Jews

  16. Waiting for Christie?
    By KENDRA MARR | 4/26/11 7:27 AM EDT Updated: 4/26/11 1:31 PM EDT

    Half of all Americans and almost a third of Republicans think Donald Trump wouldn’t make a good president, according to a new poll.

    Despite his rapid ascent in presidential primary polls, a USA Today/Gallup survey out Tuesday shows that voters have significant reservations about actually putting the real estate mogul into the Oval Office. Half of all Americans said Trump would be a “poor” or “terrible” commander-in-chief. For Republicans, that number is 31 percent.

    Sixty-four percent of all Americas said they would definitely not vote for Trump in 2012, while only only 7 percent said they definitely would. That disparity is matched only by Sarah Palin’s negative numbers.

    Though 46 percent of Americans said they definitely wouldn’t vote for President Barack Obama, about the same percentages said the same for likely presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

    The poll of 1,013 adults has a sampling error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

    Read more: