Palin demands Obama come clean on Libya

On C4P I kept informing everyone of my opinion that the US shouldn’t be in Libya. I asked Palin to recalibrate. And she has done just that. Ted Belman

Sarah Palin’s Facebook Post Today.

Please make up your mind, Mr. President. You can’t vacillate when spending America’s human and fiscal resources in yet another foreign country without good reason. You said that Libyan leader Gaddafi has got to go. Many of us heard that as your call to action and agreed, “Okay, you’re right. He’s an evil dictator who kills his own innocent people, so enforce a no-fly zone so he can’t continue an aerial slaughter.” But then you said our mission in Libya isn’t to oust Gaddafi after all. (Or vice versa on the order or your statements. Between you and your advisers the public has been given so many conflicting statements on why we’re intervening in Libya that I apologize if I can’t keep up with the timing and rationale of your murky foreign policy positions.)

At this point, to avoid further mission creep and involvement in a third war – one we certainly can’t afford – you need to step up and justify our Libyan involvement, or Americans are going to demand you pull out. Simply put, what are we doing there? You’ve put us in a strategic no man’s land. If Gaddafi’s got to go, then tell NATO our continued participation hinges on this: We strike hard and Gaddafi will be gone. If, as you and your spokesmen suggest, we’re not to tell Libya what to do when it comes to that country’s leadership, and if you can’t explain to Americans why we’re willing to protect Libyan resources and civilians but not Syria’s, Yemen’s, Bahrain’s, Egypt’s, Israel’s, etc., then there is no justification for U.S. human and fiscal resources to be spent.

I would also ask you to better explain your thinking on Libya. We can’t afford any actions that don’t take care of crucial U.S. needs and meet our own interests at this point. You are the Commander in Chief, so please explain what you believe is our “interest” there and not elsewhere.

Mr. President, your hesitation and vacillation in the Middle East breed uncertainty. It’s symptomatic of the puzzling way you govern. See, uncertainty is one of the factors over which you have control, and I would think you’d want to eliminate that additional element that helps breed problems like higher oil prices. Higher oil means exorbitant gas prices weighing down our economy. Consistency and strength – and greater domestic energy production – will help fix higher gas prices and help heal the economy. But only with leadership. These sorts of problems don’t fix themselves.

It’s unbelievable to me that you spent last week in campaign mode, gallivanting around the country to start raising the billion dollars for your reelection bid that is still 19 months away “while Rome burns.” Our economy is in the tank; jobs are as scarce as ever; you’re asking Congress to let you incur even more unsustainable, immoral, freedom-stealing government debt; and many of our brave men and women in uniform are shaking their heads in disbelief over your befuddled military directions. Yet instead of working with Congress and a wise multitude of advisers to fix some problems, you choose all this campaigning, already? As was recently asked: When do you ever just “roll up your sleeves, unplug the teleprompter” and do the job of governing and administrating for which voters hired you?

I know, I know, granted you will be even busier very soon. After all, golf season kicks into high gear shortly. NBA and NHL brackets await. Summer vacations and that all-consuming campaign whistle stop tour will no doubt slam you. But I would ask, while the rest of us are also busy working, saving, planning ahead, fighting to protect our Constitution, and trying to keep up with where and why you’re spending our Department of Defense funds – I’d ask that you find time to tell Americans the truth about the state of our union and what you are doing to find solutions to our challenges. Please start with explaining Libya.

– Sarah Palin

April 26, 2011 | 8 Comments »

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. BlandOatmeal, That’s exactly my point. Apparently, you like what Donald Trump is saying. That’s why you would vote for him. That’s why I would vote for Sarah Palin. I presume you were agreeing with me. It’s also true that Sarah Palin doesn’t need to put on a pants suit to get her point across. But actually, isn’t it a little bit of ironic chauvanism from the women’s movement to presume a female candidate needs to do that in order to be taken seriously. But let’s wait and see.

  2. If Obama came clean with Libya, he would be sitting in the Gitmo prison with Qaddafi right now because the same financiers of Qaddafi brought Obama to power = the same bankers who did business with terrorist Qadaffi did business with Obama – so to come clean is to reveal all the dirt as spelled out in Charles Gasparinos book: BOUGHT AND PAID FOR.

  3. Obama project in Libya is to create a PRECEDENT for what he wants to do in ISRAEL. Obama should be removed from the White House.

  4. Ted, It is interesting to me that even when Sarah Palin is obviously right on so many issues. or at least I think so, and keeps up the voice of reason over and over again on these issues that they blame, or seem to blame, your strong support of her simply on the fact that she is also an attractive women. What’s wrong with voting for an attractive women if she has moral clarity and some positie vision for the country. (Think John Kennedy and the women’s vote in 1960.)Why should anyone hold that against her? I would just like to point that out to your critics. Maybe if she occasionally wore a pants suit she would get more votes but, then again, is anyone really listening to her?

  5. Obama is not a train wreck!!
    Ok no! Whoever thinks this is true has to be very naive!

    Obama’s job is: as USA President, he can easily: destroy our economy: which he has done.
    destroy our sovereignty: which he and Hillary has done , using U.N. treats such as giving U.N. sovereignty of all of our coastal area and body of water by 2025.
    deliver the U.S.A. to Muslim Brotherhood: which he is doing by placing MB thugs on proemnent positions throughout our government.
    Meanwhile, everyone is on the internet blogging!
    Do you really think George Washington would be proud of us? Really?

  6. I don’t suppose Sarah expects a response — the letter wasn’t very courteous (more like one of mine). Palin jumped on the anti-Qadaffi bandwagon, and suppoerted the resolutions that got us unto this mess. McCain has gone further, and is demanding even deeper involvement. At least Sarah is backpedalling, and noting the hypocrisy of the intervention policy we have been pursuing.

    ON the surface, Obama’s policy looks completely foolish. There is some value to it, though. Obama is driving the US like a drunk driver, and this has the immediated benefit of making other countries want to get out of his way. In the long run, though, they know he’s going to crash us into a tree; and when he’s pulled off the road on a gurney, they will be glad.