Tucker Carlson: The Vladimir Putin Interview

T. Belman. This interview was informative and fascinating. Tucker was out of his depth. Putin was brilliant. I particularly liked Putin’s explanation of the need for denazification. Putin talked about the dollar, the world economy, China and BRICS.
I thoroughly enjoyed the two hours.

Clearly, the US is the aggressor in the Ukraine war. 

Tucker Carlson, X  February 8, 2024

February 9, 2024 | 60 Comments »

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  1. @Laura

    NATO only started arming Ukraine after Russia’s invasion.

    You can hold what opinions you like, but the facts contradict you:

    2016 – U.S. to train alleged neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine

    Ukraine’s interior minister, Arsen Avakov,. said on his Facebook page that the Azov Battalion was one of the units to be trained by the US at a base in western Ukraine. The project will involve about 290 US paratroopers and about 900 Ukrainian guardsmen.

    2018 – Lithuania’s Lethal Aid to Ukraine – Lithuania’s aid to Ukraine since the outbreak of the war in Donbas

    Lithuania has arguably been Ukraine’s strongest military partner since the beginning of the war in the Donbas, providing both lethal and non-lethal aid free of charge. Along with material aid, Lithuanian soldiers have also trained alongside Ukrainian forces, including at training missions with American and Polish troops.

    2018 – Lethal Weapons to Ukraine: A Primer

    Trump administration approved supplying Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, capping a nearly three-year debate in Washington over whether the United States should provide lethal defensive weapons to counter further Russian aggression in Europe. A few days prior the US Department of State announced that senior officials had authorized a sizeable export of US-made snipers, ammunition, and accessories.

    Also do recall that one month after the Maidan Coup, in March of 2014, the US sent $1billion to Ukraine, and this was after having spent $5billion dollars leading upto the Maidan Coup as described by Victoria Nuland.

    The force operating on the border adjacent to Russia, while killing ethnic Russians, many holding Russian passports, had in fact been trained, armed and funded by US/NATO.

  2. Laura

    What evidence? It is clear al the evidence is piling up the driving force for NeoCons war comes from Biden from way back. He’s in very close with CIA.

    The us intelligence let people think Israel was in deep with CIA

    But the déepest relationship was with oil rich Arabia and with islam.

    To the credit of Trump he opposed the war on Iraq.

    The present war on Russia is right in this mix

    I mean the massive exports to Germany of Biden liquid gas.

    And I posted the Kennedy brilliant take on this in his short video.

    Everything about Tucker interview was brilliant especially his raising of the pipeline. He raises this often.

    Is that not good for you?

  3. Hi, Sebastien

    I don’t think Putin is interested in ending the war. There are two main reasons:

    1. There are some here (apparently including you) who believe he is sincere about “denazification”. I already addressed this issue. Putin’s view of Ukraine is that it DOESN’T EXIST, and he spent half an hour rehearsing his version of Russian & Ukrainian history, to “prove” this. His proof, ironically, was a document by the extreme anti-semite Khmylnytsky, whom he and other Russian nationalists hail as a great hero. Putin went on to castigate Poland and vindicate Hitler on the matter of starting WWII. Does any of this point to a Putin who is serious about “denazification”?

    2. As soon as Putin agrees to stop attacking Ukraine, his raison d’etre disappears, and he has to face a Russian population who have already lost 300,000 young men in pursuit of a dead-end war — along with an economy which has been cut off from the G7. Meanwhile, he has already been indicted by the World Tribunal for genocide.

    Donald Trump may be able to bring about a cease-fire-in-place in 24 hours; but unless he can also part the Red Sea and turn sticks into snakes, I doubt that he can address the major issues here. Meanwhile, the Democrats are already busy laying “time bombs” for him:


  4. @ketzel2

    The diplomatic relations between Israel and Serbia were established on January 31, 1992, when Serbia was part of FR Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro). Israel has an embassy in Belgrade and Serbia had an embassy in Tel Aviv.[1] Yugoslavia was the second country in Europe to recognize Israel in 1948.[2] The two countries have economic and cultural ties, helped by a sizable community of Jews from the former Yugoslavia in Israel. Serbia agreed to move its embassy to Jerusalem on 4 September 2020 but decided not to after Israeli recognition of Kosovo as a sovereign state.

    Wikipedia – Israel-Serbia Relations


    My comment: picky, picky, picky.

  5. Background on Albania and Kosovo: these two countries are the most pro-American in the world, including the USA. There is a bust of George W. Bush in the capital, Tirana. I saw young people unironically wearing American flag t-shirts everwhere, and in 2 anti-government corruption marches, many of the marchers were carrying American flags.

    However, that doesn’t make them right. Albania and Kosovo don’t offer an honest living to non-mafia, so most young people leave or want to. So we have an expansionist tendency among the people, due to the mafia and the government being the same entity, they are unable to live in their own country. And the innocent Serbs have paid for that. When I was in Belgrade, war veterans marched through the main upscale pedestrian mall every week, and were applauded by shoppers, and these weren’t marginal people, but middle class people who had the money to shop in the most expensive neighborhood in Serbia. I knew then that it was only a matter of time before there was another war.

    My personal experience of Serbs, Kosovars and Albanians was mostly positive, but in this conflict I think the USA is on the wrong side. This doesn’t at all contradict my reports of collusion between Serbia and Hungary to funnel Muslims to the EU. Central Europe is complicated, perhaps more complicated than the Middle East.

    The Albanian brand of Islam is fairly tame. In the 3 months I spent in Albania, I only saw a few veiled women. It’s a very secular society. Whatever fundamentalism that exists there is mostly from the Arab fighters imported to fight the war. In effect, the USA enabled a more strict form of Islam to take hold in a friendly secular society. Maybe it wasn’t an accident, although the US State Department may not be smart enough to think that far ahead.

  6. @Laura

    “Relations between NATO and Ukraine date back to the early 1990s and have since developed into one of the most substantial of NATO’s partnerships. Since 2014, in the wake of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, cooperation has been intensified in critical areas.Jul 28, 2023”

    Topic: Relations with Ukraine – NATO (That’s the NATO web page)


    And Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk had referendums and voted to join the Russian Federation after being bombed by the illegitimate central Ukrainian government for 8 years. More Russian-Ukrainians died this way than Americans on 9/11! The U.S. has regular referendums for Puerto Rico that way. Just because the U.S. and its satellites chose not to recognize them, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they were rigged. We should know all about rigging elections, right? Here and in the Ukraine. Like we should talk.

    And the U.S. set the precedent with the bombing of Yugoslavia and recognizing Kosovo.

    Though I have to say, 3 cheers for Kosovo. I just read in an article about the Argentine Ambassador promising to move the embassy to Jerusalem that Kosovo was one of only 4 countries that followed the U.S.’s example under President Trump in already moving their embassies to Jerusalem.

    I recall reading at the time that Elie Wiesel was a big supporter of Kosovo and that they were very grateful to him. I wonder if that’s why.

    On the issue of pre-emptive war. Should Israel not have attacked Israel pre-emptively in 1967?

    Israel failed to under U.S. pressure in 1973 and the casualties were much worse. Moreover, it made Israel dependent on the U.S. for military re-supply.

  7. They wouldn’t be fighting a NATO-armed Ukraine if they hadn’t invaded Ukraine in the first place. BTW, NATO only started arming Ukraine after Russia’s invasion. You seem to be confusing cause and effect. Russia invaded Ukraine; Ukraine didn’t invade Russia.

    Russia is fighting a NATO armed, trained and funded army in Ukraine which was specifically raised to face off against Russia and which was granted historic financial and military means to face and defeat Russia.

  8. @Laura

    It’s not military adventurism. There are real threats we are faced with still from muslim terrorists.

    Please explain how the US led attacks on Libya, Serbia and Iraq addressed muslim terrorism. In fact these wars of opportunity did not advantage the war in terror in the least, nor did the Arab Spring which only served to generate a world invasion of muslim terrorists. These wars only served pro-Globalist aims, making huge war profits for the instigators, and made the world, including Israel and America, into a far more dangerous environment.

    For instance is it your belief that the anthrax attack which set off the war in Iraq, forced thru the Patriot Act, and actually came from an American biolab, an attempt to deal with the “threats we are faced with still from muslim terrorists”?

    Or, perhaps you believe that the America’s war against the Serbs on behalf of the terrorist KLA was a clever way to deal with the muslim terrorists, ie by joining them and forcing the creation of a state to give to the terrorists.

    Alternatively, perhaps you believe that turning Iraq into a failed state, thereby turning Iran’s greatest opposition in the Middle East into an Iranian proxy, made anyone safe.

    None of these wars of opportunity responded to existential threats as they were in fact all examples of military adventurism or do you believe otherwise? I am very interested in your reply to this very sincere question.

  9. NATO is a defensive org. No NATO country has ever invaded Russia, but Russia has a centuries long history of invading its neighbors. Again, this narrative about NATO being a threat to Russia is Putin propaganda which is unfortunately being regurgitated by conservatives in America. It’s utterly ridiculous. So, in answer to conservatives repeating Kremlin propaganda with phrases like “NATO expansionism” as if NATO is the aggressor, the NATO countries of eastern Europe are members because they CHOOSE to be, they asked for membership. Russia has clearly shown us why those countries are rightfully still threatened.

    Russia is fighting a NATO armed, trained and funded army in Ukraine which was specifically raised to face off against Russia and which was granted historic financial and military means to face and defeat Russia. Also Russians have died by the tens or hundreds of thousands, and the real number is irrelevant to establish the fact that the US has had no such similar event since WWII, which was what my comment referenced. Additionally, the Russian homeland is daily under threat of being bombed by Ukraine, and has done so on far more occaisions than actually took place in the continental US during WWII, reinforcing what I stated as being as described.

    The US has had no such similar threat facing it in the past decades, none at all, which again was the reference I made.

  10. @Michael
    cc: Laura

    I never said Russia was a friend just that Russia need not be an enemy though I must say, that divorced from all other issues, I believe Eastern, Russian speaking Ukraine should remain with Russia because it’s really Russia and since neither country is any respecter of human rights, that really is irrelevant. There should really be an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, NATO should withdraw, and neo-Nazis should be removed from public office and disarmed. I think these are legitimate demands even though I think Jews should get the hell out of both countries pronto, if they know what is good for them. To Israel if only because I don’t believe the U.S. would take Jewish refugees unless they come illegally – that could work. 😀 That’s what LBJ did for us in the 30s.). The fewer enemies the better, especially nuclear armed enemies with bases in Syria. No? Common sense. Iran is the main enemy. If we can uncouple Russia from Iran, it’s all to the good, no? Or, do you prefer the neo-con approach of randomly attacking authoritarian regimes just because they are authoritarian. There’s 190 countries in the world. How many do you suppose are democracies? I once looked it up. I think it’s 25. Good luck with that.

    By the way, Michael, you said I was first. Do I get a prize?

    I once played Fletcher in one of the briefest of the many productions of “Line” by Israel Horovitz under the direction of the centenarian producer/director Edith O’hara who lived there.

    It’s about people waiting on line for a ball game who only want to be first in line. 😀


    Though please don’t confuse me with Superintendent Harry “Snapper” Organs.

    Sorry, wrong video. Here. Monty Python: The Pirrranha Brothers


    at 5 minutes