Tucker Carlson Talks To Colonel Douglas Macgregor About The Ukraine War


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  1. More news from Free Democratic Russia:

    Russia Targets Activists’ Families as Efforts to Muzzle Dissent Spread
    By Leyla Latypova
    Aug. 11, 2023


    Kremlin spokesman Peskov “On Holiday”

    Peskov did not appear in public for three weeks after making a scandalous statement about the Russian elections: Sobchak says where he disappeared and what happened
    Oleksiy Lutykov
    21.08.2023 16:13


    Russia’s ‘General Armageddon’ removed from post – having not been seen in public since Wagner mutiny

    Sergei Surovikin has not been seen in public since the short-lived rebellion by Yevgeny Prigozhin and his mercenaries


    “Nothing to see here… keep on moving…”

  2. More bad news for “victorious” Russia:

    Ukrainian forces have destroyed a Russian S-400 missile defense system in annexed Crimea, Kyiv said Wednesday.

    “The explosion completely destroyed the system, its missiles and personnel,” Ukraine’s GUR military intelligence agency said in a statement, which was accompanied by a video of the blast.

    Without identifying the weapon that destroyed Russia’s S-400, the intelligence agency said the “explosion occurred” on the Tarkhankut Peninsula of western Crimea.

    “Given the limited number of such systems in the enemy’s arsenal, this is a painful blow to the occupiers’ air defense system,” the GUR said.

    If confirmed, it would be the third Russian S-400 system to be destroyed since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine 18 months ago, according to a tally by the Dutch open-source intelligence project Oryx.


  3. The beat goes on…

    UPDATE 21:20 — According to a post on a Telegram channel linked to the mercenary Wagner Group, Dmitry Utkin, a former special forces officer in the GRU Russian military intelligence branch who reportedly went on to found PMC Wagner, died alongside the mercenary group’s commander, Yevgeny Prighozhin, in a plane crash inside Russia on Wednesday. The ‘Grey Zone’ channel said that Utkin “died as a result of the actions of traitors to Russia.”

    Utkin, who received four Orders of Courage of Russia, is reported to have used the call-sign ‘Wagner’ during his time in the Russian military in homage to German composer Richard Wagner. The call-sign would later be the basis for the name of the mercenary group he reportedly founded.


    cf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUjp_ZBKNtk


  4. I am amazed by the short memory effects most people suffer under. At least here in Germany, there were reports since 2014 about Ukraine shelling its own population in those now famous eastern provinces of Ukraine. It took a long time for Russia to finally step up to the plate to protect those mostly ethnic Russian people who were left in Ukraine when the Iron curtain fell. Of course they should have been minding their own business and not interfering in the troubles of their neighbors but nobody else showed any interest either. As more or less aware people, we know that the CIA and the deep state have been very busy in Ukraine for a long time and the truth may yet be aired. Whatever the case, Putin is a master chess player too and we can be relieved that he hasn’t used his nuclear weapons so far. The remaining question is whether Trump will return before that happens. We should all be praying for that.

  5. @Michael

    Your “solution” to this war is virtually identical to my own

    Not quite. My solution is to have Trump return to power, but the reason why this provides the solution to the Ukraine war is that by his return, Trump will remove the power from those who began this war and refuse to allow it to be ended – the globalist neocons who oversaw the overthrow of the 2014 Ukrainian govt who were conveniently all reinstalled in power after Trump himself was overthrown in 2020. Stated differently, Trump’s return to power will allow the negotiating process to take place which should have actually taken place before the war and would thereby have prevented it from ever beginning.

    Consequently, I doubt that your solution is virtually identical to my own, but feel free to correct me.

    Also, you say that you are not

    interested in what you and Ted consider to be the main “problem”, much less when and by whom this thing started.

    Yet, if you don’t properly assess these details, no useful solution will result from any move towards peace. If you are correct that Putin has been a deranged megalomaniac bent upon world domination over the past twenty years, it would require a much different approach than if it has been the West which has been led these past twenty years by an ever maturing cabal of deranged megalomaniacs bent upon world domination.

  6. Hi, Adam.

    Those are some interesting and chilling observations. It’s interesting, that Hitler and Goebels crafted the lies the German people believed; but Orwell got his inspiration from the Censorship Department of the Ministry of Information in central London. Both sides in the conflict became masters at the art.

  7. Michael S is right. Of course Ritter, MacGregor and Co. are inveterate liars. But they genuinely believe their own lies, even while knowing perfectly well they are untrue. Orwell describe this strange phenomenon in his “essay on Newspeak” which he appended to 1984. Among the words that he used to describe this phenomenon were “oublethink,” “blackwhite” and “turnspeak.” The pro-Putin people know people that Russia invaded Ukraine, not vice versa, that the USG under Obama-Biden is ruled by leftists, nor “neocons,” that NATO has not “disappeared” that Russia has not won a :great victory” over Ukraine and NATO.
    But they seem to genuinely believe their own lies even though they know perfectly well they are lies or at best fantasies.

    Someone psychologist once “diagnosed” the German people’s willingness to believe Hitler and Goebel’s lies as an example of “mass psychosis.” In our day this psychosis has spread far beyond Germany as is now endemic in the United States. Far, far more dangerous and contagious than Covid19.

  8. Hi, Peloni.

    I suggest you are wrong on both points.

    Should I be surprized? Then again, does it even matter? You said,

    When Trump returns to power this war will end and it will end because the Neocons will be forced to quit Ukraine, not Putin.

    Your “solution” to this war is virtually identical to my own — Trump victory. i’m not even interested in what you and Ted consider to be the main “problem”, much less when and by whom this thing started.

    My only interest in these exchanges, is my irritation at your and Ted’s insistence on dredging up, over and over, inveterate liars like MacGreggor and Ritter. For a year and a half now, You’ve been posting about how the Ukraine has ceased to exist, NATO has dissolved, the Western World has collapsed and Russia is victorious. None of this has happened; instead, as my own posts indicate, Russia has been gradually falling apart while the Ukrainians steadily push on.

    The Truth has value of its own, not just its usefulness in supporting positions.

  9. @Michael

    He started it; only he can finish it.

    I suggest you are wrong on both points.

    The consistency of folly being pursued by the Neocon driven West will never relent, that is until they are no longer in the driver’s seat. When Trump returns to power this war will end and it will end because the Neocons will be forced to quit Ukraine, not Putin.