UAE: the agreement was intended first and foremost to remove from the agenda for good Israeli sovereignty moves in J & S

Senior officials in United Arab Emirates emphasize intention to quickly establish embassy in Israel, but say it won’t be in Israeli capital.

Shaked : “Netanyahu in fact pledged to relinquish sovereignty.”

Arutz Sheva Staff

Senior officials in the United Arab Emirates say that the embassy that their country will establish in Israel will not be in Jerusalem, the Maariv newspaper reports.

According to the sources, “the intention is to establish the embassies in the two countries with the signing of the agreement, because there is no mutual normalization without a mutual presence on the ground.”

They added that in order for the process to progress quickly they need to start at a stage of collaborations in a variety of areas that will lead to the development of diplomatic relations.

UAE Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash was interviewed over the weekend by La Figaro newspaper and said the agreement was intended first and foremost to remove from the agenda for good Israeli sovereignty moves in Judea and Samaria.

“The annexation could have eliminated any chance of the peace process. We have always worked in an attempt to promote peace in the Middle East and we assessed that the annexation is a tangible matter that could change all the dynamics and undermine the stability of the entire region,” said Gargash.

“Although we have not set deadlines for the agreement, we want to advance it as quickly as possible. This is a historic opportunity but the pace of progress will be adjusted to the execution of the commitments made by Israel. We are convinced that everything will move quickly, due to the strategic breakthrough and willingness of both sides.”

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Land for peace….. of paper!
    Treaty with 3 unstable Arab countries isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Egypt – overpopulated military dictatorship with 2 sources of fluxuating foreign currect, tourism and Suez Canal, Jordan – dictatorship, UAE – no land mass big money underground in resource world wants less of. Covid-19 has evacuated the Indian maids and Paki janitors and builders so who’s going to do the laboring work and will this result in social instability? Yes, as Arabs don’t want to sweat labor.
    Once Iran is pacified, they can flip allegiances because none of these is a leader to the Muslim masses that resent non-Muslims.
    Nothing has changed as UAE did do and will do business, as is with all deals, because it is in their interests to do so, no freebies in the Treaty.
    Nice photo op for Trump, and Kushner should get a Nobel prize for his efforts, not Trump. It’s all political rhetoric unleashed with no bite.

  2. @ deanblake:
    Israel is planning more “peace treaties” – Oman and Bachrein are next.
    Will it be a cover-up for MORE land giveaways?

  3. My belief is that regardless of what was “intended”, it was not signed sealed and delivered. The UAE, the US and Netanyahu say that Sovereignty is only postponed. The “intentions” are only political double-talk for the masses and the YESHA Arabs.

    You all know the kind of intentions with which the “Road To Hell” is paved. Well, these are just some of them. The YESHA Arabs will get what they deserve….”intentions” and a healthy helping of Kaduchas.

  4. The fact that Bibi doesn’t insist on Jerusalem as the site for any new Embassy only contributes to the feeling that we have been fed more of his lies. He’s a snake and always has been. We get the leaders we deserve, and whether it’s Sharon with his pre-election promises to not pull our communities out of Gaza or Bibi and his promises of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, we just keep on buying the lies they sell us.

  5. @ sabashimon:
    Likud is NOT a right wing party.
    I happen to have the 1st chapter of its1996 platform.
    They stop short of accepting an independent “Palestinian” state but other than that, they promise to make them comfy.
    I am done describing their platform.
    The US and EU’s idea now was to set a couple of poisoned traps each including a “Palestinian” state:
    1) ”sovereignty” on 30% of Judea and Samaria packaged with Pal. state on 70% of it, OR if that doesn’t work
    2) “peace agreements” with Arab countries whether Israel needs them or not (part of the Likud platform, BTW) packaged with land giveaways and Pal. state ASAP.
    That’s why they worked on these two (or more) options in parallel.

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