UK PM Sunak fires Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who called pro-Palestinian protests ‘hate marches’

Braverman stirred controversy in Britain when she criticized pro-Palestinian protests, and accused the police of adopting ‘double standards’ in its treatment of them


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fired Home Secretary Suella Braverman on Monday, a government source said, as part of a wider reshuffle after she criticized the police’s handling of a pro-Palestinian march.

Reports of the dismissal come after Braverman has in recent weeks aligned herself alongside Israel. In an article published last week in The Times, she claimed that the pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Britain since the outbreak of the war had turned into “hate marches.” She also accused police of being too soft on left-wing protesters compared to right-wing protesters. Braverman’s critics said the article she wrote increased tensions and encouraged right-wing activists to take to the streets and confront pro-Palestinian protesters. They called on Sunak to remove the senior minister from her post.

Under fire from opposition lawmakers and members of his own governing Conservative Party to eject Braverman, Sunak moved against his Home Secretary, asking her “to leave government” which she accepted, the source said.

James Cleverly was appointed to the position of Home Secretary in Braverman’s place. Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron was appointed to replace James Clevery as Foreign Secretary in a return to government.

Opposition Labor politicians said Braverman’s statements about the police inflamed tensions at a pro-Palestinian demonstration on Saturday.

More than 140 people were arrested after far-right counter protesters skirmished with police, who tried to keep them away from the 300,000 pro-Palestinian marchers.
The British politician is the daughter of parents of Indian origin and is married to a Jewish man, Rael Braverman, who used to live in Israel. Braverman defined her husband as a “proud Jew and Zionist” and said that he has relatives who served in the IDF.
Sunak is expected to carry out a wider number of changes in his cabinet, bringing in allies and removing some ministers who his Downing Street office say have not been performing as well as he wanted in their departments.
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  1. London: Bangladesh on the Thames.
    England: Islamabad recreated with Sharia Law and enforced by the UK’s Gestapo.

  2. The British and EU Declaration of Human Rights:

    Welcome to Eurabia . Just pay the Jizya and let the brown people chop off the heads of the infidel white Racists descendants of apes and pigs. Oh yeah, while we are it let’s work to stop all Islamophobia. Allaahu Akbar!!

  3. Sunak always was always going to come out and stab Jews in the back. He represents the interests of the globalists, and most of them are against Israel and the Jews. Even the globalist billionaires who are Jewish.

    Yes, and also Great Britain as well as European countries are in panic mode now that Israel is winning the war: they have no idea at all how to deal with their restive Muslim populations. They allowed them all in thinking, “What could go possibly wrong?” Now they are clueless and are afraid to “provoke” rampaging genocidal people who hate Christians, Jews, and white people in general.

    There are well integrated Muslims in Great Britain, but they were not the ones demonstrating in support of killing innocent Jewish babies. The thousands demonstrating are, by and large, young sociopathic Muslims who truly want to see an end to the Jews of Israel, an end to Israel, and want Jews thrown out of Great Britain. They want to terrorize the Jews of Great Britain, Germany, France, etc. This is who they are, and what they care about. Sunak simply spoke for them when he fired Suella Braverman. That will have the effect of empowering them all the more, instead of calming them down.

    I hope that conservatives in GB see Sunak for the empty suit he is.

  4. England is not safe for Jews. European leaders are so terrified of the massive muslim population in their countries which they stupidly allowed in. That’s why pathetic Macron was finally cowed into calling for a ceasefire after his initial instinct was to support Israel.

  5. Rishi Sunak facing right-wing backlash for sacking Suella Braverman: ‘Today is a mistake’

    Mr Sunak faced weeks of warnings that sacking Ms Braverman – a key figure on the right of the party – would spark a rebellion of backbench MPs.

    The chair of Tory members’ group the Conservative Democratic Organisation warned it would be a “kamikaze move” and said Mr Sunak “may as well put in 54 no-confidence letters himself”.

    David Campbell Bannerman said on Monday that Conservative MPs were organising behind the scenes and “the numbers are now there” for a no confidence vote in Mr Sunak.

    Time will tell if the Conservatives really do have the votes to turn Sunak out, but it would be well warranted.

  6. Courtesy of the Babylon Bee

    80 Years After Hitler Failed, Nazis Finally Seize London

    LONDON — Eighty years after Hitler’s failure, the Nazis have at last seized London.

    “Hitler’s dream has finally come true,” said John MacDonald, watching as Picadilly was overrun with Nazis. “You just know that somewhere, Hitler is looking on today and smiling.”

    As chants of “Death To Jews” and “Final Solution” rang through the London air, longtime Nazi leader Josef Schmidt was overwhelmed with joy. “After so many decades of being an outcast here in Britain, to now watch Nazis march through the heart of London yelling ‘Gas the Jews’ – well, it brings a tear to your eye,” said Mr. Schmidt. “I’ve had to hide my swastika flag for years, but no more! We’re going out for a triumphant walk right by Buckingham Palace.”

    Though resistant to Hitler’s “Blitz”, London ultimately fell without a single shot being fired. “It’s a Nazi miracle,” said march organizer Duncan Richards. “Well, technically shots were fired, but they were at some elementary schools in Israel, a thousand miles from here. Seeing those Jewish people murdered, children set on fire, knowing hundreds of women and children are still hostages – well, that helped us see that the real Nazi was inside us all along. It just needed a little Jew murder to bring it out.”

    At publishing time, the London mayor was warning the Jewish community to refrain from engaging in hateful Naziphobia.