There will be no PA UNRWA peace education curriculum.

By David Bedien,

In February 2011, producers of the Center For Near East Policy Research’s short film, “FOR THE SAKE OF NAKBA, which exposed UNRWA incitement the UNRWA school system in the Palestinian Authority, presented that movie for a synagogue in Chicago.

Only a few weeks later,  UNRWA dispatched a speaker to that same synagogue to raise funds for a new UNRWA holocaust curriculum that UNRWA announced it was about to implement.

This news of an UNRWA holocaust curriculum seemed rather odd to Arab and Jewish journalists  who had covered UNRWA for many years, because they had never heard of any such thing in UNRWA.  However, as news spread of the initiative, US Jewish groups showered praise on UNRWA for its reported desire to sensitize Arab youth to the holocaust. Israeli intelligence also praised UNRWA for the same reason.

The UNRWA rep toured the US at the time and raised an undetermined amount of funds for the UNRWA holocaust education initiative.   However, as  reported at the time, there was widespread Palestinian Arab opposition to the  UNRWA holocaust education initiative in the UNRWA communities, and the program  never came to fruition.

Yet  funds raised by UNRWA remained with UNRWA and were allocated to the UNRWA Ministry of Eeducation, which works together with the Palestinian authority – to supply the UNRWA schools with the PA schools with all of the school books.

Arab and Jewish experts of the  Center for Near East Policy Research reviewed all PA school books used in UNRWA, and  concluded that the UNRWA/PA school system is based on full scale war indoctrination of the 492,000 students who learn in the UNRWA schools in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem.

What  became of the UNRWA Holocaust Education Initiative? We asked  that of a senior official in the UN  who supervises UNRWA. His answer, in writing , was that there was never any plan by UNRWA to implement any holocaust education initiative.(1)

In other words, UNRWA raised funds for a program that never existed and never would exist. Yet  UNRWA used it to improve its image in the Jewish community and in Israel.

Between 2011 and 2016, the Center for Near East Policy Research dispatched experts to conduct a briefing each year for staffers and members of the US Congress about  the UNRWA war curriculum.

Since the US donates  $400 million of the $1.2 billion UNRWA budget, UNRWA was not happy with these briefings and sent a representative to each of these briefings to passionately state that UNRWA runs no war curriculum in its schools, and that UNRWA was devoid of incitement.

The Obama administration kicked in with its own statements on the record that denied the very existence of incitement in the PA/UNRWA schools. (2)

Now UNRWA has changed its tune,  after President Trump , very early in his administration, made it known that he would no longer tolerate the current Palestinian school books which promote incitement to war.

Fearful that  the new US Administration will cut the US contribution to UNRWA, UNRWA has suddenly changed its message , sending out messages that it has created a peace education curriculum to eradicate the incitement which UNRWA had been saying for years did not exist.

UNRWA went to the trouble of circulating the precise changes that it intended to implement to overhaul the UNRWA curriculum. The Palestinian Authority, contracted by UNRWA as  the exclusive supplier of school books to UNRWA, objected to any changes that UNRWA was reportedly offering.

So there will be no  PA UNRWA peace education curriculum.

Yet the international and Israeli media universally reporting  today that UNRWA is about to implement a peace education curriculum.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As with the story of  the UNRWA Holocaust Education Initiative which never existed, UNRWA spreads the story of a peace education curriculum  –  with no basis in reality.

(1)Published in Jerusalem Post. March 2011

Sir, – Contrary to what you reported in “Palestinians vow to prevent Holocaust education in UNRWA-run schools” (March 2), there is not and has never been a plan for a Holocaust curriculum in any UNRWA school.

When this story first surfaced, almost a year ago, our agency explored every level of the PA’s Ministry of Education, since local UNRWA schools follow the curriculum and use the textbooks of the host entity, as they do in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

We also examined all levels of the UNRWA education department. Michael Kingsley-Nyinah, director of the executive office of UNRWA, replied to our query: “I am writing to clarify that there is no ‘Holocaust curriculum’ as such in UNRWA schools and there are no plans to introduce one.”

There is, however, one aspect of the Palestinian educational system in UNRWA schools that does relate to the Holocaust. In every Palestinian school library, students have easy access to the doctoral thesis written by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas 26 years ago titled “The Other Side: The Secret Relations between Nazism and the Leadership of the Zionist Movement.”

What UNRWA spokespeople have gained by spreading the false notion that they are planning to initiate Holocaust education in their schools is new support and credibility with Jewish groups across the globe.

The writer is director of the Israel Resource News Agency and the Center for Near East Policy Research


(2) In a March 18, 2016 email, the White House spokesperson  stated,

While there is still work to be done, the Palestinian government has made significant progress in reducing inflammatory rhetoric and revising official textbooks. Over the past few years, the PA has helped improve the Palestinian curriculum, including textbooks that discuss human rights and the Holocaust, which has contributed to a better education for young Palestinians. The Palestinian curriculum is transparent, and all textbooks are available for review in Arabic on the website of the official Palestinian Curriculum Development Center. The Government of Israel even approves of and utilizes the Palestinian texts for schools in East Jerusalem.“

This White House e-mail  mentions the fictitious statement that the PA and UNRWA “discuss” the holocaust, which is categorically denied by UNRWA, which has adopted the PA curriculum.

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  1. :
    In the US, as in probably many other countries, text book sales (grades K-16) are a big business.

    Richard Feynman, the great American physicist, in his hilarious book Surely You’re Joking, described his experience as a reluctant member of the science textbook selection committee for the Pasadena Unified Skool District (then about 22,000 students).

    Let’s just say that:

    He was besieged by calls and visits from salesmen (from the publishers).

    He reviewed every text submitted to him (dozens of them) and found every single one of them to be junk.

    When his fellow committee-members finally voted their favorites (he couldn’t vote for any), even the book he described as being the worst of the worst had received a vote.

  2. :
    It’s small potatoes, but how many times have you seen a college profster assign, as the official course text, a totally *awful* and expensive book which he himself had written (even if only partially?)

    Why can’t those bums be satisfied with the perk of bedding the co-eds?


    For anybody studying The Torah in depth, is very easy to find ha satan foot prints in any document or institution.
    All we have to do is to follow the lies. YES; the lies.
    Just take a look at obama’s fake presidency of lies, or mahmud abbas every day declaration of lies, or the different agencies like UNRWA that come together as the UN; The liers United Nations; or the religion known as islam; the submision to lies.
    The common subject favorite in these 4 entities, are LIES, yes; LIES; and that is the proof they are satanic.
    Yahshúa Ben David, called the Pharisaic ruler elite, sons of the devil, due to their lies in changing The Torah. Here’s the passage of Gosspel of Yohanan 8: 44 and 45

    Yoh 8:44
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode NOT in the truth, because there is NO truth in him. When he speaketh a LIE, he speaketh of his own: for he is a LIAR, and the father of LIES.

    CONCLUSION: we have an easy tract to follow.

    Yoh 8:45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.
    So, remember: The Creator and His Torah are Truth. The devil and its puppets are liers. That’s how we single them out.

  4. It’s Sadat’s Strategy of cultivating opposition groups among the enemy which he copied from Hitler. He first argued this thesis in 1974. I wonder if he inspired Arafat’s Phased Plan of that year.This book lays it all out and nothing has changed. A must read.

    “Sadat’s Strategy” by Prof. Paul Eidelberg (1979)

    Can be ordered from out of print book sellers, Amazon, A Liberia, etc.

    Americans For A Safe Israel (co-founded by Samuel Katz) has it in PDF form here



    Excerpt: “Chapter 1:
    The preponderance of evidence indicates that Anwar el-Sadat, the
    President of Egypt, is engaged in a plan to destroy the state of Israel, and
    that he has patterned his method after the Nazi model of conquest. The
    model is a war-and-peace strategy synchronized to facilitate the eventual
    destruction of the enemy. It is suitable for use by dictators against
    democracies, that is, against regimes based on the primacy of public
    opinion—what Hitler called “the mightiest factor of our time.” Sadat, who
    taught himself German while imprisoned by the British during World War
    II for his pro-Nazi activities, has studied Hitler’s diplomatic tactics and
    methods of psychological warfare. He is applying them with cunning and
    effectiveness in his war against Israel.
    The strategy has three interrelated objectives, the achievement of
    which depends very largely on the oratorical ability of the dictator to:
    1) Shift the responsibility for war onto the enemy (while posing as the
    apostle of peace).
    2) Divide and demoralize the enemy (by courting opposition party
    leaders and peace movements in the enemy’s country).
    3) Alienate the enemy from his friends or allies (by raising the
    spectre of war and economic catastrophe).
    These three objectives may be pursued simultaneously by means of
    semantic subversion, and most effectively by using the language of
    democracy against democracy. …”

  5. Sebastien Zorn Said:

    “using the language of
    democracy against democracy. …”

    Reminds me of:

    “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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