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  1. So?

    From Dec 7, 1941 until almost 1943 America was losing WW2.

    Don’t mean nothin’. If you figure this is going to be a 30 year war or longer there is plenty of time to turn it around.

    BTW no result in Mid-East talks? I count that as a Victory.

  2. I think the USA should first nuke Toronto in an attempt to secure their northern border and turn off the Hezbollah pipeline to North America. That would get rid of a lot of anti-war Neo-Leftists Islamofascists enablers as well as Islamists so it might be a good deal.
    It probably is a good idea to nuke Calgary and Montreal as well. They got to cut out the cancer before it grows much further and kills the whole country.

  3. I see that legion is fishing for: a quasi-legal answer. Make sure you have proof and make the punishment fit the crime.

    Nice ideas, especially to those who hide behind women and children to perform their nasty deeds. With legion’s approach (if I’m correct in my assessment), there is absolutely nothing we can do, except wait for the end. No matter who we “invade or bomb,” innocent people get hurt or killed, and if we want to avoid this scenario (unlike our enemies) we have to sit on our hands. End of story.

    The truth is that all we can do is our best. For example, taking out the Iranian military bases as well as, as much as possible of their nuclear infrastructure. We can only do what we can do. Innocent and not-so-innocent people will get hurt.

  4. I wouldn’t worry too much about the talks with Syria and Iran. I think the Bush administration is simply providing cover to itself for when the inevitable moment arrives when we will have to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. The president can then say to the world, we exhausted all avenues, and military action was done as a last resort. I’m convinced the administration has every intention of carrying out a military strike on Iran, and soon.

  5. Though I agree with much of what is said here I would ask those in full support of the position posted here to please tell us specificalliy what they would do: which countries should the US now invade or bomb?

  6. This is all about the U.S. beating itself. In the process, Israel is put at far greater jeopardy and a great many nations making up the rest of the West, are draining America’s resolve to be strong and tough in the face of radical Islam and instead opt for EU type policies that are underscored by fecklessness and submission.

    The sky is darkening as are the storm clouds on the horizon. Soon we will have light when the sky will be lit up by Iranian and Islamic radical blackmarket nuclear weapons bursting in air over Israel, America and the rest of the West.

    While our Western leaders continue to operate on the principle that ignorance is bliss and that which you don’t want to see or believe just does not exist, for the average Western citizen who is under no such illusions and delusions, but powerless to shatter their leaders’ fantasies, dread of the future is fast replacing hope for the future.

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