Why liberals are right to hate the Ten Commandments

Michael Medved writing in the NY POST notes,

The left’s fiery obsession with removing Ten Commandments monuments from public property throughout the United States may seem odd and irrational but actually reflects the deepest values of contemporary liberalism.

Read why.

February 28, 2007 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Laura, some Christians are Dominionists or Reconstructionists and want to impose their religion, it’s a power and religious deal for them in addition to being a values issue. Others abhor the past and potential abuses that result(ed) from the linkage of church and state, but you don’t hear from these folks, because they are quietly going about their lives doing the Great Commission, rather than fighting a social/political battle that Jesus never called for nor ememplified in his dealings with the Roman government. Even so, these quiet conservative Christians will vote in accord with the Dominionists on “values issues,” giving the appearance that they are a larger block than they are. Similarly I don’t think it’d be fair to generalize the motivations for the Liberals anti-10 Commandments position, some are against the values, others are supporting the separation of church and state.

  2. LAURA

    I think you missed his point. Its about values not religion. The values espoused in the Ten Commandments are an anaethma to liberals. That’s why Liberals have to shut them down.

  3. BTW, being conservative or liberal isn’t necessarily an indication of whether one is religious or not. There are of course secular conservatives and religious liberals. Also, professing one’s religiousity isn’t necessarily an indication of one’s morality. Nor does it mean someone is immoral simply because they aren’t observant, or even if they are athiest. But in Medved’s simplistic way of thinking, he would not be able to grasp these nuances.

  4. It’s not hatred of the ten commandments per se, what it merely reflects is the desire for the separation of church and state. I always wonder why conservatives have the obsession of making religion a public matter instead of quietly practicing their religious beliefs in private? Why are they not secure in their own beliefs?

    Oh and BTW, Michael Medved is the guy who defended mel gibson’s anti-semitic “The passion”.

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