Vaccinated people are over 2X more likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated.

We are told to get vaccinated to reduce the risk of being infected. But the numbers aren’t working out for them. How can they explain this survey?


Executive summary

According to the survey I just did of over 16,000 people, fully vaccinated people are more than 2X as likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated.

What I found was fascinating is that if you did get COVID, the probability of being hospitalized was identical in the two groups.

My survey results are publicly viewable and all the entries can be verified (I have the contact info for each respondent). Happy to provide to any mainstream media fact checker.

Bottom line: The CDC lied, people died. If you disagree, please post your row-level data survey results.

The results

I am writing this at the 16,736 mark in the database. The database may be gamed after this.

The results were stunningly self-consistent. If there is a significant bias, I can’t find it.

Here are some charts plotted from the pivot tables:

The colors represent the number of COVID infections reported. If you are totally unvaccinated, you have a 36% chance of NOT getting COVID (top graph, blue bar in the first column). If you took all the shots like they told you to do, then it was 2x less likely you’d be COVID free (rightmost blue section in the “very high” bar).

You’ll notice that the unvaccinated have the greatest blue area (0 COVID infections).Here’s a snapshot of the numbers:<
Let’s drill into the number of 0 COVID infections for the unvaccinated vs.Let’s compare the “No vaccines at all” vs. the “High” and “Very high” groups. If I choose just Very high, the vaccine looks even worse, so I’m trying to be as accommodating as possible.The 2×2 matrix looks like this:[ 11+1609, 4463-(11+1609) ][ 1+368+183, 948+1616 – (1+368+183) ]The bottom line is:

  • Odds Ratio: 2.0769548394989985
  • Confidence Interval: (1.8565010966269044, 2.323586780075697)
  • Z-Score: 12.766715746271233
  • P-Value: 4.0149631491125137e-39

Something caused the unvaccinated to be 2X less likely to get COVID. I wonder what it is. Something the unvaccinated all have in common. Hmmm….It is amazing that nobody who believes in the vaccine will do their own survey, isn’t it? Now you know why.If you got COVID, your risk of hospitalization is exactly the same regardless of your vaccination status.So the COVID vaccinated were never less likely to be hospitalized. That was a lie.

Here’s how to do the math:Risk of hospitalization for the unvaxxed: 74/4447 = .0166Risk of hospitalization for the heavily vaxxed (right two columns, select row for 1 hospitalization): (26+14)/(947+1610)= .0156These are essentially the same, a tad higher for the unvaccinated (which is a surprise but that’s what the data shows). But since the unvaxxed are 2x less likely to get COVID in the first place, you want to be unvaccinated, no question.Note: It is amazing to me how the pro-vax people will claim my results are useless, but if it finds some data favorable to the vaccine, that data is legit (and the rest is not). We’ll see what happens here… if they say the survey is legit, they cannot cherry pick the parts they like. All or nothing.My Twitter surveys were similarThe unvaccinated were more likely to have fewer cases of COVID than the vaccinated.My Twitter followers are nearly 90% COVID unvaccinated. But the questions are directed to vaccinated and unvaccinated followers:<
The two surveys below were the most stunning. One is with the unvaccinated, the other is with the vaccinated. What’s stunning is the relative heights of the first two bars relative to the third bar. This is consistent with the Substack survey… The unvaccinated are less likely to have COVID than the vaccinated.Look at the survey above… the FULLY unvaccinated (unvaccinated for all vaccines) did even better than the COVID unvaccinated below (although the question was a big ambiguous, you have to assume it was read both ways and was a mix of the no COVID and no all vaccine group).So both the Substack and Twitter surveys were large and the data clearly showed the unvaccinated were better off.

Where is their survey showing I’m wrong? I am still waiting to see the data on their side. They seem to want to keep it hidden. No local, state, or federal will ever release the vax-death records. Do you think they might be hiding something?Fact checker noticeAnd fact checkers are always welcome to check all 16,000+ responses. The survey was done in <24 hours.Nobody knew what my objective was; I just asked how many times they had COVID.Bottom line  The CDC lied; people died.

In general:

  • The vaccines in general make you 2X as likely to get COVID.
  • If you do get COVID (which is half as likely for the unvaccinated), the COVID vaccines do NOTHING to reduce your risk of hospitalization. They are lying about that. This is why no state or country in the world will ever release their vaccine-death record level data. If the data was good, they’d be making it mandatory for everyone to download it. They would be teaching it in schools.
  • The vaccines will increase your risk of dying from COVID if you do get COVID by up to 3x. My analysis on the CMS Nursing home data shows that clearly. The odd-ratio of 2 months post COVID vaccine (to give it a chance to be administered and work) vs. just before the vaccine rollout, shows an OR of over 3 with a z-score over 21. Stay tuned for that one in a Substack coming up soon!

So do not get vaccinated unless you are trying to die. OK?

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  1. Dr. McCullough publishes Spike detox protocol:
    :First-Ever Spike Detox Protocol Appears in US Medical Journal: Here’s How You Can Get Better

    The Protocol:

    The recommended doses in the protocol are as follows, per Dr. McCullough’s Substack:

    • Nattokinase: 2000 fibrin units (100 milligrams) orally twice a day without food

    • Bromelain: 500 milligrams orally once a day without food

    • Curcumin: 500 milligrams orally twice a day (nano, liposomal, or with piperine additive suggested)

    Dr. McCullough recommended taking this treatment triad for at least three months for anyone suffering from or worried about post-COVID or vaccine syndromes, but he also suggested that those who have received multiple injections may need to take it for twelve months or longer.
    Clinical Observations and Limitations

    In Dr. McCullough’s clinical observations, “patients indeed are getting better on this approach.” He said he has observed people experience relief from symptoms such as numbness, tingling, heart racing, headaches, and loss of senses under this protocol. However, these observations have not yet been supported by large-scale scientific trials.

  2. The first step in a discussion of this nature is to use the proper terminology. There is NO Covid “vaccine” and the mRNA injections, which are absolutely NOT “vaccines,” should not be called such. Next, it has been known for at least the last 18 months that the mRNA Covid injections damage the immune system, with each additional jab causing yet more damage. There are now certified cases of Covid AIDS, where the immune system of the recipient has effectively been destroyed, leaving that person open to any pathogen which happens along. And that is why those who have foolishly submitted to the Covid injections are getting sick with Covid and a lot of other things (most far worse than Covid) at much higher rates that the rest of the population. In addition, those who take the Covid shots, due to a process called “shedding,” spread the Covid virus.