Arab Violence continues in Jerusalem after deadly terror attack

Man lightly wounded after stones thrown at his car in East Jerusalem; Palestinians riot, hurl stones at police, after deadly terror attack kills baby girl; police struggle to deal with ‘quiet intifada’.

Noam (Dabul) Dvir, YNET 

Photo: Noam 'Dabul' Dvir
Photo: Noam ‘Dabul’ Dvir

Violence rocked Jerusalem on Wednesday both before and after a deadly terror attack at a Light Rail station left a baby girl dead, with riots and stone throwing reported in East Jerusalem. The attack and riots have highlighter the police’s struggle to deal with what some are calling a ‘quiet intifada’.

A man was lightly wounded after Palestinians pelted his car with stones near Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem. Damage was also caused to the vehicle, and police were searching the area for suspects.

Dozens of Palestinians, some masked, rioted in Isawiya and Silwan in East Jerusalem, with some throwing stones at police, who attempted to subdue the riot. No injuries were reported but residents of the Mount Scopus area reported breathing issues as tear gas from the riots reached the area.

Meanwhile, scores of young religious Jews flocked to the scene of Wednesday’s deadly terror attack and held a makeshift vigil for the baby girl who was killed in the attack. The youths waved Israeli flags and sang religious songs.

Victim of deadly attack - Haya Ziesl Baron
Victim of deadly attack – Haya Ziesl Baron

The incident took place after Abed a-Rahman a-Shaludi, 20, a resident of the West Bank, drove his car into a group of Israelis waiting at the Ammunition Hill station of Jerusalem’s Light Rail.

Scene of Jerusalem terror attack (Photo: AFP
Scene of Jerusalem terror attack (Photo: AFP


Throughout the day, both before and after the terror attack, stone throwing continued throughout the capital: In the early afternoon, a 13-year-old Palestinian pelted a car in the a-Tur neighborhood of the city with stones, causing damage to the car. Earlier, five teens aged 15-16 were arrested for throwing stones on a central road in Jerusalem.

On Tuesday night, the police arrested three Palestinian teens from Beit Hanina for their role in yet another stone throwing incident which took place that day.

Recent weeks have also seen a number incidents on the train: Just two weeks ago, the Jerusalem Light Rail came under a hail of stones in five separate attacks in a single evening. All of the incidents took place in the train’s East Jerusalem stations, near Shuafat, highlighting the perils the rapid transit system faces in the Palestinian parts of the city.

The recent two months have seen a rise in the number of attacks on the train, especially in the Palestinian parts of the city. Those using the Light Rail for their daily commute say incidents in the Shuafat and Beit Hanina stations have become routine.

Police fight ‘quiet intifada’
Only Wednesday morning, Israeli Police Chief Yohanan Danino said he believed the violence that has plagued the capital would calm down, highlighting fears the police could not handle what some are calling a “quiet intifada”.

In recent days, security forces have attempted to better monitor the Shuafat neighborhood by launching a patrol blimp to view the area from the sky. In a video shot from the balloon Wednesday, police forces could be seen chasing two 10-year-old Palestinian boys suspected of throwing rocks near the station.
The municipality says it plans to launch a number of other such balloons over other flashpoint areas in the capital.

Speaking after Wednesday’s terror attack, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said that, “the situation in Jerusalem has become unbearable and we must act unequivocally to end all violence in the capital.”

Barkat urged the police to take action, saying “today it is clearer than ever that police forces should enter the Arab neighborhoods where disorder is rife.”

Abed a-Rahman a-Shaludi, 20, from the Palestinian village of Silwad near Ramallah, was known to security services. Last December he was freed from an Israeli prison after serving a 16-month sentence for security related offenses. He was detained again for a month in February, along his father.

Roi Kais and Omri Efraim contributed to this report

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37 Comments / 37 Comments

  1. @ mar55:

    My daughter is dark with green eyes. People often mistake her for myself or think we are sisters. This annoys her greatly. But I love it.

  2. @ honeybee:
    HB I also have a daughter blonde with blue eyes. Her hair as a baby was so blonde that you could not see her eyebrows. Her sister will torture her saying: you are ugly you do not have eyebrows. I had to make her feel her brows and she was happy again. Children are precious. I hurt every time I see a child has been hurt. Sad and very angry.

  3. the phoenix Said:

    vivant outlook. No need for doom and gloom just open another bottle of beaujeaulais and …life is good…..
    They sure make me wish I had a lobotomy at times….

    We call them good Ol’boys.

  4. @ honeybee:

    Does this affect you:

    Dear hb,
    The immediate answer is no.
    A while back when we lived in the city, our kids went to a Jewish school. Another branch of that school, in another neighborhood (which today the demographics have changed such that that part of town is predominantly musloid) had a Molotov ogle thrown in which destroyed the library… (They “THINK” it was a hate crime….. )

    Don’t ask me the name of the mayor here, because I have no clue…I am following what goes on Israel… And to put it mildly, this makes for an ‘interesting’ family atmosphere…
    Here, in the +/- middle of nowhere, their concerns are… TOTALLY different…
    These people here, have no ‘natural enemies’ and have a very friendly Bon vivant outlook. No need for doom and gloom just open another bottle of beaujeaulais and …life is good…..
    They sure make me wish I had a lobotomy at times….

  5. yamit82 Said:

    My comment to you spammed!!!!

    Well, can you do like the phoenix, and post another version out of that crushed/ burnt / spammed comment ?


  6. the phoenix Said:

    And meanwhile back at the ranch… Could you comment on #12?

    Not much to comment on. Israelis have endured Government induced stock crashes where even smart guys like me lost their shirts in a sellers only market where stocks dropped 20% a day and in the middle the banks called in their loans.

    Israelis endured 400% inflation where if you didn’t buy something of value or convert the shekel to another currency at a price you lost value daily of the worth of your currency and shekel assets and investments.

    Crime is rampant and their are hits and attempted hits all over the place reminiscent of Chicago in the 30’s.

    The President of the State sent to Prison for multiple sexual assaults. Ex prime minister indicted for corruption and it ain’t over. Wars that could have been precented and or major loss of life by our side. Old boys club from everything to to bottom……

    Yet only once did protests have any major influence in inducing changes and that was after Yom Kippur war and that took six months after the event to begin to be effective.

    Israel has no culture of civil disobedience or protest from the bottom up..

    All that can and will change when the price and the hurt are significant enough.

  7. yamit82 Said:

    How is the project coming along???

    1. Ecclesiastes 3. (Working on it, but not quite ‘polished’)

    no fun drinking alone.

    Wait for me!

    And meanwhile back at the ranch… Could you comment on #12?

  8. @ honeybee:
    Dear hb,
    For all intents and purposes, the battle has been lost.

    In wake of Ottawa shootings, Police Chiefs send letters to Muslim leaders inviting Muslims to contact them if they fear “backlash”

    Does this bring memories of the idiot from Texas rushing to the microphones after 9-11 with a bunch of ugly musloids behind him… explaining how “Islam is a religion of peace”…. ????

  9. mar55 Said:

    them. Let the whole world get a message that when it comes to defending our lives and our children

    She was a beautiful baby. She looks like my daughter when she was a baby.

  10. @ NormanF:
    This is for all in the Blog.
    Seconds ago the report from a Border policeman representing most of them is that again, regardless, of the idiotic posturing of Netanyahu, they, the police, is hand tied by Netanyahu’s police command.
    We must once and for all internalize the depth of the criminal duplicity by those pretending to lead for us.

  11. Why, oh why perpetuate the lie called “East Jerusalem”. It is just the eastern part of Jerusalem. Stop the lie! It is not another city.
    Could it be just like Palestine, Illinois?

  12. @ yamit82:

    Any Palis throwing stones or rocks should be shot dead and hanged outside the towns and villages they came from, no matter the ages of stone throwers.

    I believe that ALL of us in the IP forum share the same sentiment, and more.
    I am totally bewildered as to the extent of “restraint” shown, (which to my mind is just an abandonment of the Jewish population)…
    Here is how I see things, from afar:

    Arab attacks get more and more brazen and DEADLY, and they walk and laugh with IMPUNITY; Jewish Israeli response is nonexistent or VERY MEEK .
    Those that actually DO respond with force ARE PUNISHED….

    On the ir David thread, Bernard Ross, appropriately asked:

    How long will the Jews put up with this?

    Your answer was indeed very sobering…
    The Idf has effectively rendered them defenseless (their weapons were removed) AND to ensure that no real resistance will occur, there are shabakniks infiltrated in every nook and cranny.
    So, since this leads to the inescapable conclusion that the Jews in Israel are meant to serve as willing and non responding targets, Norman F’s comment on another thread

    Why have a Jewish State if the Jewish people are not the masters in their own land?

    is indeed a really good question!

    Granted, things might look different from ‘here’ vs from ‘there’.
    Judging from a growing discontent (nothing like an understatement) with GOI and a seemingly ever expanding elastic capability for restrain, I fail to understand HOW COME there are no mass crowds taking to the streets (other than when the hareidim who showed up en masse… Hundreds of thousand strong….)
    Is the only explanation to this, is Ecclesiastes 3?
    The time is not right yet?
    According to hb… It will only be right in 5,000 years…

  13. @ NormanF:
    Fact. There is a long standing Plan, a carefully formed platform, that if backed by willing people can change the leadership completely and the systems as well.
    Only a few Jews joined the idea.
    They much rather be used by the unJews and murdered by their “partners” I guess.

  14. @ mar55:

    Easier said than done. You can take the Jew out of the exile but you can’t take the exile out of the Jew.

    You’re asking Israelis to be extraordinarily brave. Good luck with it.

  15. @ yamit82:
    This is an act of cowardice that should not go unpunished.
    The barbarism and intensity of the attack against children coming from these savages has no precedent. Why the European countries and the enemy media in the US. are not condemning this attack? Palestinian children who are casualties of their parents behavior they publicized their deaths
    even when they are staged. The truth is covered up.
    I agree with yammit82 shot them up and hang them for their villagers to see them. Let the whole world get a message that when it comes to defending our lives and our children
    we will not tolerate it. We do not care about their hypocritical condemnations. If they dare to invade us we should respond in kind.

  16. @ yamit82:

    Of course, a Jewish baby must die because to react more forcefully to prevent her murder would have brought Obama’s wrath down Netanyahu’s spine like a ton of bricks.

  17. Terror attack by vehicle in Jerusalem – 3-month old baby killed

    Photo on page includes infant,

    As if predicted by my previous post, a Palestinian terrorist with previous form drove his car directly into a group of people waiting at the Ammunition Hill light rail stop, killing a 3-month old baby and injuring several others.

    A three-month-old girl was killed Wednesday afternoon and eight others were injured when a car crashed into a crowd at a light rail station in Jerusalem in what officials said was a terrorist attack.

  18. Israel blames Abbas, Hamas for Jerusalem terror attack

    Hamas lauds murder of Jewish infant in terror attack as an “act of heroism” • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman says “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas continues to incite against Israelis instead of being a force for peace.”

    I have n idea; Why not treat all terrorist families in our hospitals for free. Why not give them double and triple the building materials to rebuild what we destroyed including Tunnels and bunkers. Why not allow tens of thousands of Gazans to work in Israel, Why not ease restrictions of cross border movement of terrorists and goods?

    I think BB needs a shrink and or to grow a pair of “Cojones”

  19. Derailed in Jerusalem

    The press expresses its horror and outrage over the killing of a 3-month-old baby in a terror attack and declares, once and for all, that yes, a third intifada is here

    “Just 3 months old,” reads the main headline of Israel Hayom, on top of what appears to be an exclusive picture of the baby being carried to an ambulance, while Yedioth Ahronoth’s outrage is expressed in its A1 header: “Terror against a baby.”

    “There’s no choice but to say it: An urban intifada is running wild in Jerusalem,” Haaretz’s Amos Harel writes, running down the litany of violent incidents the capital has experienced over the last several months.

  20. Conclusion. We Jews are born victims, dorks, palabra filled chumps. Simply, we cannot act on self defense and rely on a obviously putrid so called police and even worse pseudo military commanders.
    Either the people prepares to defend or will be both, attacked by Peres, Livni and Netanyahu’s “partners” and by the politzei, military chiefs, joined by Weinstein, Zohabi and the purported courtiers as well.

  21. Haya Ziesl Baron was murdered by the Israeli elite.

    They tremble in fear of what the world will say so they cannot protect the little babes.

    What a travesty.