Walks Like a Globalist, Talks Like a Globalist, Thinks Like a Globalist: McMaster is a Globalist

by Linda Goudsmit, PUNDICITY

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) is a British think tank specializing in international affairs. Founded in 1958 with a focus on nuclear deterrence and arms control IISS has expanded its presence and worldwide influence with offices in Washington, Singapore, and Bahrain. IISS advertises itself on its website claiming “IISS experts deliver impartial, rigorous analysis. They are drawn from all over the world, and include established world-class strategists, as well as the brightest young analysts. The institute’s corporate advisory arm offers strategic advice and political-risk analysis to commercial and government clients.”  WOW!

The current stated mission of IISS is to promote global peace and security and maintain civilized international relations. Sounds great but there is a serious credibility problem – IISS is a globalist think tank. IISS claims to be non-partisan and independent of government and other bodies but its primary funding sources are the royal family of Bahrain, globalist organizations like Soros’ Open Society Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, and multinational globalist corporations that require US clearance and licenses to sell American products to foreign governments. Of particular interest are donor companies involved in aeronautics like Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Raytheon International. Globalism is only non-partisan and independent to a globalist.

Being partisan or biased at this moment in history is not a matter of being a democrat or a republican. It is a matter of being a globalist or being an advocate of national sovereignty. It is the difference between Obama’s internationalism and President Trump’s America-first patriotism. American voters had a choice in 2016 to pledge allegiance to the United States of America or to pledge allegiance to the world. They chose America.
President Donald Trump campaigned on an America-first commitment. He promised to protect American sovereignty and reject Obama’s leftist internationalism, collectivism, and globalism. Globalist swamp creature John McCain recommended H.R. McMaster to be head of the National Security Council. Why? Because McMaster is a globalist who continues to support the Iran deal that only benefits Iran and the globalists. The NSC is charged with advising the president on national security issues and foreign policy. The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) where McMaster served for eleven years (2006-2017) is a strategic network advancing globalism that is philosophically opposed to the American patriotism and America-first commitments of President Trump.

What was McMaster’s role in helping Obama impose the worst deal for America of all times?

McMaster was a consulting senior fellow of the globalist think tank advising American politicians toward globalism during Obama’s two terms. A think tank financed by multinational corporations seeking to sell their products to Iran cannot offer unbiased non-partisan security analysis when advising American politicians on whether selling American products to Iran is in our national interest. The conflict of interest is staggering. IISS was the middleman for the sale. The IISS endorsement of Obama’s infamous Iran deal downplayed the obvious dangers inherent in the deal and the corporate boon it was for the IISS globalist sponsors.

Is McMaster an ideologue committed to globalism? Did IISS compensate McMaster? Did the globalist financiers supporting IISS compensate McMaster? Is McMaster  compensated by globalist institutions and globalists like Soros who are seeking an unrestricted worldwide market for their products using a “non-partisan independent” think tank to disguise their intentions?

Obama’s infamous nuclear deal lifted crippling economic sanctions against Iran and allowed American multinational corporations to trade internationally with Iran. In return the US was supposed to receive a more moderate Iran and a de-escalation of the Iranian nuclear program. Obama promised his nuclear deal would prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon or pursuing its nuclear program in secret because Iran had committed to “extraordinary and robust monitoring, verification, and inspection.” REALLY?? Any student of history knows that Iran remains on the list of state sponsors of terrorism because Iran does not abide by agreements! Iran has escalated its nuclear program with the 150 billion dollar cash bonus it received from liar-in-chief Barack Obama. The globalist corporations are making billions of dollars in trade with Iran. The swamp creatures slithered home with their payoffs. The American people got nothing – they are not safer or richer. Why?
Because globalism does not benefit the people and because Barack Obama is an unapologetic globalist.
The biggest problem Obama had in making the infamous Iran deal was getting past the objective reality that his deal was empowering the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world by promoting a trade agreement that was enriching his globalist benefactors in industry. In order to sell the Iran deal Obama had to sell subjective reality to America. To dupe the American public Ben Rhodes and the Obama White House deliberately fed false information to their adoring media echo chamber that mislead the American people about the Iran deal in twenty-four hour news cycles. Ben Rhodes actually bragged about the gullible young adoring journalists who repeated everything they were told without fact checking.
The good news is that the global trading permitted by the Iran deal requires renewal. If President Trump says no to the renewal then trade between Iran and the six participating countries will be shut down. There are billions of dollars at stake. Multinational corporations, multinational banks, the telecommunications industry, and the multinational oil and gas industries are all big winners from Obama’s globalist giveaway agreement. The most interesting industry affected, however, is the airline industry including airline manufacturing. Iran is not buying jets to shuttle passengers around the middle east anymore than Iran is expanding its nuclear program for non-military purposes. The possibilities of Iran moving men and equipment around the globe in American made jets is chilling.
H.R. McMaster was hired to help implement President Trump’s America-first agenda not to renew Obama’s anti-American trade agreements including the Iran deal.
President Trump cannot implement his America first policies with globalist McMaster as his national security adviser. McMaster continues to purge anti-globalist staffers who are critical of Obama and protects Obama’s remaining globalist staffers. McMaster allowed Obama loyalist Susan Rice to retain her national security clearance for highly sensitive and classified information after she participated in the unmasking scheme against Trump. Incredibly, McMaster defended Rice saying it was part of her job description. McMaster blocked Ayaan Hirsi Ali from speaking to the NSC. Ms Ali has far more authority on the subject of radical Islam and the existential dangers of sharia law than the globalist think tank informing McMaster. President Trump was very clear in identifying radical Islamic terrorism as an existential threat to America. Instead McMaster pursues Obama’s censorship policy and will not allow those words to be spoken. Why?
H.R. McMaster walks like a globalist, talks like a globalist, and thinks like a globalist. H.R. McMaster is a globalist.
If McMaster were simply a consultant offered an opposing perspective it would be beneficial – but he is a decision-maker advancing Obama’s globalism instead of President Trump’s America-first patriotism. Globalism is diametrically opposed to any nation’s sovereignty because ultimately it sees the world as one. Subjective reality romanticizes globalism in the lyrics of John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” Objective reality recognizes globalism as the new world order – the despotic binary socio-political structure of masters and slaves. The end game of globalism is one-world government that divides the world into the very few ruling elite and the enslaved population who serve them.
Globalism walks like tyranny. Globalism talks like tyranny. Globalism is tyranny. Globalism is a clear and present danger to American democracy and American sovereignty.
Mr President it is time to tell H.R. McMaster – YOU’RE FIRED!
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