Waqf Refuses to Appear in Court Over Suspected Hamas Building on Temple Mount


Israel’s State Prosecutor’s office issued request to the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on behalf of Police Chief Roni Alsheich, that a permanent closure court order to be issued against a building on the Temple Mount near the Rachamim (Mercy) Gate, according to a report in Haaretz.

Until 2003, the building was used by an organization called the “Heritage Committee” which Israeli security forces said had strong ties to Hamas. The building was closed down, and the Islamic Waqf claims the “Heritage Committee” has ceased to exist, and the building belongs to the Waqf and they weren’t allowing any organizations to use it.

An anti-Terrorism law introduced last year in the Knesset, grants the Chief of Police the right to approach the Magistrate’s court and ask the judges to issue a court order to shut down building believed to be used for terrorism.

Alsheich used that law for the first time last year against that strucutre, based on classified information. At the time the Waqf protested and the building was not closed.

Last week the Prosecutors’s office said there are reasonable grounds to believe that the building will be used by Hamas.

The Jordanian government ordered the Waqf to not appear in court for the hearing, as part of their policy to not recognize the authority of the courts of the State of Israel over the Temple Mount.

The court issued a temporary injunction to close the building until further notice.

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  1. @ Edgar G.:

    Terrorist attacks on Israelis doubled in July
    Arab terrorists carry out 222 terror attacks in July, marking worst month since November 2015.
    Terror attacks halved in August
    Israel Security Agency report shows terror levels back to ‘normal’ after July spike

    From January 2016 onward, Israel saw on average 121 attacks against its citizens per month.


    1967-1993: Major Terror Attacks
    Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs


    Virtually none inside Israel, especially before the Sinai withdrawal.

  2. @ Edgar G.:
    Wasn’t it new IDF recruits who ran away that time? And, don’t they have every reason to be scared when there is a strong possibility that they will be brought up on charges if they do anything? And wouldn’t an all volunteer army solve the problem of regular cowardice? Some people are cowards. It’s a fact of life. That’s the drawback of a draft. And finally, that physical cowardice turned all the withdrawals from Sinai to Lebanon to Oslo to Gaza and then to political cowardice with the formation of Peace Now which led to all the wit. Just like in the US with Vietnam. It’s all very nice to talk about the melting pot culture of the military. We had that too at one point. But, paradigms that no longer work need to be discarded. New cultural super-structures can form around whatever comes after.

    Before all the withdrawals, Israel didn’t have this kind of normal epidemic of terror attacks.

    Good news. Attacks halved for August after doubling in July. Look at these numers.

  3. @ LtCol Howard:

    Thank you indeed. But I have written in a similar vein many times (although the opportunity with this particular article was never there quite so plainly) and nobody even seemed to have read it, especially the REAL culprits the reporters, although I specifically aimed it at them.

    So, thank you again.

  4. @ Edgar G.:
    @ Edgar G.:Very intelligent and very useful comment. This comment should go to every publication [both Jewish and non-Jewish ] to give the readers a better understanding of the actualities

  5. Now to see if the Israel Police carry out their orders or run away from a mob of rioting Arabs.

    It might have been helpful to have arrow-pointed out the building itself, so that we could see where it is and what it looks like. Everyone is not knowledgeable as to where the Rachamim Gate is.

    And I WISH that every picture of the Mount did not prominently display the Dome as THE centre piece. It’s a Jewish Mount but not a Jewish building. Nobody seems to think that the Mount contains anything except the Dome. especially casuals. When the Aksa Mosque is the focus of th story, it is never pictured, only the Dome, so that everyone now has the opinion that the Dome is actually the Al Aksa Mosque.