We Must Have Courage To Take Back Our Country

By Allan J. Feifer, AMERICAN THINKER                                         30 March 2024

Image: AI’s understand of the common man speaking truth to power.

The America that I knew regularly performed miracles. We put men on the moon, dug the Panama Canal, invented the atomic bomb, and created the transistor. There was no limit to what we could do. Nothing seemed impossible.

Fifty years ago, the seeds of our destruction were planted with the beginning of the social justice movement, the anti-war movement, identity politics, and alternatives promoted as equal to or superior to intact nuclear families. We were told, “Do your thing,” without regard for society’s needs. A new version of communism stormed our shores, led by teachers’ unions, free love, and blaming whites for every wrong imaginable.

We must scream against this lie at the top of our lungs before, collectively, we forget who we are. No one will be able to skirt unscathed what’s coming.

There’s an undeniable feeling among conservatives that we lack the necessary will to retain our Republic. J6 demonstrated the unrestrained power of government to assert supremacy over its citizens. Millions have been cowed from speaking out against the gathering darkness, and our government shows little regard for respecting the Constitution.

What’s happening to Trump in Manhattan is breathtaking. Yet, as far as Democrats are concerned, this is only the beginning. The invasion across our borders reflects the inaction we see in Congress, coupled with an empowered bureaucracy and the hard left-leaning Marxist progressive press, which is louder and more activist each day. Our defenses have crumbled. In a 60-Minutes interview this week, the President of Mexico threatened America, saying he’d send even more migrants to the border if the U.S. does not do what he says:

“The U.S. must commit $20 billion a year to poor countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, lift sanctions on Venezuela, end the Cuban embargo, and legalize millions of law-abiding Mexicans.”

Immigration, primarily illegal, has profoundly affected us. Too few of us can see how fast our standards, laws, customs, and beliefs are changing. Powerful forces chip away at our foundations, beginning with education. Each year, the number of Americans who consider themselves patriotic falls in lockstep with these fundamental changes imposed on us by the Marxists/communists embedded in our society. Their deep roots have been cultivated over two generations.

The whole country hasn’t followed this downward path. There are still plenty of Red areas around the country, but they, too, are under assault from federal mandates, anti-American laws, and taxes we must pay that go to policies and actions we despise. Even the hardiest of us see the ground we stand on shift beyond our power to control or comprehend.

How many readers dream about severe punishments for those who try to sexualize children? How many truly despise AOC as she screams at white people, calling them slaveholders? How many feel sick when they hear our so-called leaders on TV tell you that you must give up your “white privilege”? Or even worse, powerful radicals who unabashedly state that they want to destroy you in the same manner and with the same xenophobic fervor they’re using against Trump. How many can see they are next up on the chopping block?

Our Constitution’s ability to defend us from tyranny can’t be assumed. Progressives have radical leftist judges on speed dial to intercede at a moment’s notice. Thankfully, a relatively conservative Supreme Court has mostly done the right thing, but not always. And who is to say what will happen to the Supreme Court’s originalist leanings should Biden get a second term? Remember that the Supreme Court takes a limited number of cases each year, and you can see why we can’t rely on them to keep the darkness at bay.

The mainstream media say that violent white extremists are the real danger. They urge us to ignore the rampant crime, burning cities, and hundreds of thousands of drug-addicted and mentally-addled who have taken over our streets and cities. Much violence goes unreported.

God forbid any white person strays off the straight and narrow; that’s world news to them. In fact, whites are passive, not violent. We are constantly admonished that there must be no violence in politics, except we see examples every day coming from the Progressive left.

Communists are relentless, directed, powerful, and without mercy. They want you dead or subjugated. America is the last line of defense that restrains them. World socialism, a.k.a. communism, is staging a comeback, and America is the single nation that threatens its success. Obama, Biden, and a staggering number of educators, government workers, and our elected Senators and Representatives are gunning for traditional America, particularly white America.

Politicians, even the most conservative of them, will not be able to save us. I believe America is ripe for a new kind of revolution of ideas, re-engagement, and pushback.

My friends ask me if it is too late. Are we too tired or disorganized to turn the tide? My answer is always the same. We don’t need everyone to grow a spine to find our way back. We need three things to win:

1.    Within the rule of law, we must do whatever it takes to control the megaphone of the media. Control means we must tell the truth and distinguish between people who report the news or push a narrative. Today, that’s hard to discern. James Carville is now our unwitting friend, saying that “preachy females listening to NPR“ are the Democrat’s problem. In actuality, they are conservative’s problem and have been for years!

2.    White people must come out of their coma and stop burying their heads in the sand as they are demonized across mass media and social media. We need leaders who can explain that this is a zero-sum game: the bad guys win, or we win. If we lose, our families and our nation fall. This must be believed and understood.

3.    We must have a charismatic leader who can speak the truth regardless of the consequences. I think we have that person in Trump. Who else is there? Without such a leader, no one will inspire us to be more than the pawns we are today. And, yes, this leader will inevitably be more authoritarian than we might want, but that’s what we must have today.

Not everyone has the strength to be a soldier in the war of ideas. Still, there should be enough Americans who will courageously speak out, who understand the stakes, and who have a vision of a nation in which our officeholders are not our enemies. That’s the fight, the proposition we face, and the task ahead.

God Bless America.

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com.


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  1. The author concludes by listing three things that “we” must do to take back our country. These are pretty much self-evident, but good ideas nonetheless. Where I differ, however, is that he prefaces the first point by saying, “Within the rule of law…” I submit that the “rule of law” in the United States has been just as badly corrupted as any of our other once sacrosanct institutions have been. The rule of law is now used against us to intimidate and to limit our constitutional freedoms, even our god-given liberties. Ask yourself this question, Would our founding fathers have been successful in establishing a new Republic based on freedom if they had acted within the “rule of (British) law”? Of course not. How then should we act? Acting in a lawless way would not be right, so let the bounds of divine moral law guide our actions.