Well Financed Anarchists Plan to Ruin Israel Day Parade in NYC

By David Israel , JEWISH PRESS  – May 29, 2023

An email sent on Sunday by a group calling itself “NYC for Democracy” is planning to interrupt next Sunday’s Israel Day Parade in Manhattan.

Celebrate Israel Parade in support of Israel runs north along Fifth Avenue, from 57th to 74th Street., on Sunday, June 4, from 11 AM to 4 PM. According to the organizers, this is the world’s largest expression of solidarity with the Jewish state.

So, how can the anti-judicial reform anarchists mess with it? Here’s the email:

“Ten ministers and MK Simcha Rothman are coming to town to spread lies and cover up the damage this horrible government is doing to US-Israel relations and Diaspora Jewry. This is our opportunity to give everything we have to repel the expedition of lies and hatred that comes here.

“The message is simple: whoever dismantles Israeli democracy should not expect a relaxing vacation in New York. We will not allow them to spread lies and we will send a clear message to organizations and synagogues that it is very unprofitable to invite those who destroy the economy, security, and future of the country.

“A group of protest organizers in Israel will also join us this week: Brothers in Arms, the High-Tech Protest, and 555 (the pilots), are coming because what is happening here is dramatic! We have a tight schedule, thanks for the intelligence coming from everyone – everyone is important in this fight. This is our moment.”

Here are the events the anarchists are planning to bust:

On Thursday, June 1:

8:15 PM, at Bnai Yeshurun synagogue, 641 W Englewood Ave, Teaneck, NJ, MK Simcha Rothman will be the guest in a discussion with the congregation. The anarchists will infiltrate this event and won’t let Rothman speak.

On Friday, June 2:

4 PM, a meeting with Religious Zionism Minister of Immigration and Absorption Ofir Sofer at the Israeli House, 42 E. 69th Street.

8:30 PM, Kabalat Shabbat reception by all of us outside the Kabalat Shabbat of the ministers with representatives of the Jewish Agency – everyone must show up! Westin Hotel on 42nd Street.

On Sunday, June 4:

8:45 AM, come to say good morning to all of them at the meeting of the entire ministerial delegation at the offices of the Jewish Agency, 633 Third Ave.

11:00 AM, the parade on Fifth Avenue, if anyone registered for the parade and did not receive an email with details, please write to me privately.

2:00 PM, our demonstration! We are all outside the Jerusalem conference at the Mid-Town Hilton, everyone is coming! it will be fun!

Monday, June 5:

9 AM, the Jerusalem Post conference. If anyone still wants a ticket and hasn’t bought it yet because of the price, write to me! There is a donation for tickets for those who need them – the main thing is that as many of us as possible will be inside.

I’m getting more and more intelligence from you – it’s amazing. Keep sending information!

Women who wish to join the women’s performances and The Handmaid’s Tale throughout the Ministers’ Week, please join the dedicated WhatsApp group.

You must admit, these must be the best-organized and best-financed anarchists since Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin (1814 – 1876).

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