What do you think of strong language in advocacy?

A fellow blogger uses passionate language in her advocacy

Hebron September 2007—the Jewish pogrom against Jews in Hebron—destruction of Jewish life and Jewish property! Who gave such orders to execute such pogrom?

When the Israeli police and military expel Jews from their home, they do a much better job than any pogrom Jews ever knew. When the Israeli government has another urge to expel Jews, expel the people but WHY damage the property beyond belief, recognition and repair?!

If such pogrom was carried out in France, Ukraine, Poland or Russia, the entire Jewish world would have been up in arms. But in Eretz Yisrael-the Land of Israel, in the land of Hebron, the cradle of the Jewish Nation and our Forefather first home and burial grounds, the Israeli government is the Czar and with the aid of the courts and the military they can do what they want against any and all Jewish or Israeli law!

A friend of Israpundit responded to her

You are engaging in extreme rhetoric. Framing the issues as you do with anger, hyperbole and extreme statements does not assist your position.

And she responded with even stronger language

You and I are not exactly on the same page.

For me,when the Israeli police and military are expelling Jews from their homes, destroying Jewish property and demoralizing the nation it is 100% worse that ANY pogrom Jews ever knew. For me it is Jewish Nazism! Why will the Israeli police and military engage in expelling Jews? Why don’t they engage in expelling ALL the Arabs living illegally on land they stole from Israel? These two families in Hebron lived in a Jewish properly building; all the property deed documents are available.

I think people like you who are taking back seat defeatist position along with the Olmert government and the elite are the enemy within of Israel. Shame on you!

There is no such a thing as a “settler.” Everyone in Israel is a settler. We came in the early 1930s to settle the land. People in Tel Aviv are settlers too. People like you using the word “settler” in a derogative manner only fueling the sensitive issue and make use of propaganda words.

Piece of garbage Ariel Sharon created the “settlements.” He gave his kids the candy and then viciously pulled it out of their mouth. And this is what you call a leader of a nation?! Bloody hypocrite.

The sickening TV and movies footage of Jewish communities being expelled, their homes and synagogues destroyed and their dead graves being “relocated,” by Israeli forces is the worst a nation can watch or live with. The world cannot understand it. It is as if the USA government decided to do the same in Mexican land and, now considered part of the USA! Can you just imagine what would have happened after the first house was destroyed for that reason? What is wrong with people like you?

The Olmert is a fascist-dictatorship-despot-corrupt-frightening regime under the guise of “democracy.” That is why, even with single digit approval ratings since the end of last July’s Lebanese war, they carried on without much of a peep by Israeli opposition. The nation cannot fight their power; they tried with Gush Katif and could not win as they do what they want no matter what the people think or want.

The reason the Israeli opposition, MK’s and the Israeli public, are not being fired up to do much is because they have been shut out and have NO media, NO newspaper, NO outlets from where they can speak, voice to rally. The entire media, courts and government are run by anti Israel opportunists working hard to demise to the entire nation.

A number of people on Israpundit have called Olmert and Peres “traitors”.

So I ask you to weigh in on this issue. What do you think of the efficacy or otherwise of such strong language and passion?

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