What is it about university professors

By Ted Belman

Professors who attack their country, patriotism and religion, are ubiquitous in America. And so it is, in Israel as well.

Aaron Klein, reports on this phenomena in Israel a ‘Nazi apartheid regime’? Bible ‘full of myths’?

JERUSALEM – Israeli college professors who label their country a Nazi apartheid regime, teach that the Bible is full of myths, urge the downfall of the Jewish state, and speak at conventions calling for the boycott of Israel?

Universities in Jerusalem that give awards to academic papers complaining Jewish soldiers don’t rape enough Arab women and encourage students to protest the anti-terror policies of the Israeli military?

These trends are rampant across college campuses here, according to one website – Israel Academia Monitor – which has been documenting what it calls the anti-Israel, at times anti-Semitic behavior of the senior staff at major Israeli universities.

Some 20 to 25 percent of the humanities and social sciences staff in Israel’s universities and colleges have “expressed extreme anti-Zionist positions,” according to Israel Academia Monitor.

“In addition [the university staff] have engaged in public demonstrations, prepared and signed petitions addressed to Israeli soldiers to disobey their commanders’ orders and not serve in Judea and Samaria, and have been active in encouraging academic organizations abroad to boycott Israel Universities and academics,” states a new Monitor position paper made available online. CONTINUE

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