What To Do About Syria

Barry Rubin asks What to Do About Syria:

    There is a strong case that can be made for doing nothing about the Syrian civil war, but a stronger case can be made for doing something relatively low-cost and ineffective, indeed, precisely what the Syrian opposition is requesting. [..]

    I’m also not enthusiastic about a major U.S. effort at regime change, since the Turkish regime wants an Islamist government in Damascus that might even be worse than what exists now. The less the Obama Administration is involved the more likely things are to go better. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration doesn’t seem able to tell the difference between moderates and anti-American Islamists in Syria. Come to think about it, the Obama Administration isn’t too good at making such a distinction between such people in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, or Turkey either.

The question for Israel is whether she prefers a Turkish/Islamist Syria or an Iranian shiite Syria. Keep in mind that Saudi backed al Qaeda is moving in.

My present view is that it is better for Israel that he survives, bloody and battered. His survival will strengthen the anti Iran/Syia alliance and that is good for Israel. His defeat may well give a home to al Qaeda and other Islamists. The ensuing anarchy there will not be good for Israel. Our border with Syria has been quiet since ’73. After these massacres there will be no pressure on Israel to make peace with Syria and give up the Golan.

I’ll take Assad.

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  1. Do nothing about Syria — it’s not Israel’s fight. Just be ready for T u r k e y (It seems words like this get me censored) as a new, not friendly, northern neighbor.