Who is the JOC shadow cabinet?

By Mudar Zahran

The following people should be considered ‘JOC staff with portfolio’. They are prepared to take the oath of office and produce positive results for the Jordanian People – immediately. They come from all walks of life, and will hold a variety of positions within the government. All positions will be designated as Ministers With Portfolio:

Mudar Zahran – Muslim – West Banker (Palestinian heritage) Secretary General
Michael Ross – Jewish – Chief of Staff / Secretary of State for Peace
Abed AlMaala – Muslim- East Banker Tribal. Deputy Secretary General (Jordanian and American national)
N. Hassan -Muslim- West Banker (Palestinian Heritage) Director of Intelligence
Nassem Gheewan- Muslim- West Banker (Palestinian Heritage) Shadow Secretary of Homeland Security
Mohammed Btaibet -Muslim -West Banker (Palestinian heritage) Shadow Secretary of Labor and Welfare
N. G.- Christian -West Banker (Palestinian heritage) Shadow Secretary of Energy
Emad Tarifi – Muslim- West Banker (Palestinian Heritage) State Secretary for Palestinian Affairs
Jallal Abedlraheem-Muslims West Banker (Palestinian heritage). Shadow Secretary of Commerce
Samer Libdeh-Muslim-West Banker (Palestinian heritage)-Advisor for peace-building and negotiations

There are many other members who do not hold a portfolio, or cannot be named at all for security reasons.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. I wonder where this ‘heritage’ comes from if there are no such people as Palestinians.

    The ‘kingdom of Jordan’ was established on stolen land. The ‘ownership’ is temporary.

  2. There aren’t any “Jordanian People” either in History. Or the ‘West Bank’.
    Writing a work of fiction as usual.

  3. @ mrg3105:
    There never was an Arab Palestinian nation but there are tribes and clans in the area. My guess is they don’t want to expose those roots too precisely or too publicly to avoid collective reprisal.

    In “Culture and Conflict in the Middle East,” Carl Salzman points out many examples in which sexual “transgressions” only led to honor killings when they were publicised and then became a matter of “honor’. “Honor” is apparently mostly a matter of saving face publicly among these people.

    No relation, whatsoever, to what we think of us as honorable behavior or ethics.

  4. It seems to me that of the 10 names mentioned (I know there are others who cannot be named but they can’t be many) 9 are “West-Bankers”….. That seems to me to be very unbalanced, considering that they are considering ruling over the Jordanian People, who, if they consider themselves 80% “Palestinian”, do not have “West Bank” in their hearts. They consider themselves mostly Jordanian “Palestinians”….and their family origins, as a learned essay above, in this issue, has shown how they came from all over the Turkish Empire, but NOT from Palestine ( see- “Who are the Palestinians”).

    Reading “Who are the Palestinians” showed me how enormously and quickly each family proliferated. This 4 wives custom ( and it doesn’t end there) works wonders with population increase. Ibn Saud had 45 sons and numberless daughters….(22 identified wives, plus concubines (wives for a night-or two) ….

    And he still lived to be 78….. Amazing.

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