Why EVERYONE Believes that Israel Bombed a Hospital

The Caroline Glick Show

October 20, 2023 | 11 Comments »

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  1. Do not underestimate the significance of what this video does

    Stripping it all down she exposed the crude template of modern Antisemitism of 2023

    1. The Hamas Pogrom
    2. Hamas logs in to old faithful the Socialism of Fools, or whatever foolery is at hand

  2. Reuveni,

    The bureaucrat in question talked about having made “moral compromises”. Then he talks about, apparently, a “red line” in his compromising, which apparently meant having to support Israel after the monstrosity of Oct. 7:

    He called Hamas’s attack on Israel a “monstrosity of monstrosities,” BUT…

    “But” nothing! Either the man is against “monstrosities of monstrosities”, or he isn’t! The man is simply morally compromised, from head to foot.

    Here’s a recent Trump ad. I think it’s appropriate:


  3. So a civil servant resigned. What was he doing/thinking while US forces bombed Irak to hell instead of Iran? If he can moralize along those lines, it’s good he left.

  4. For the record

    Israel didn’t do it

    A Fascist Antisemitism rocket misfire..

    Was any Arab killed even one?

    Raised how to proceed

    Not just this happened

    Lesson one

    In a situation of great stress you can do nothing as an individual

    I think

    This war a long war

    Jews will be patient

    Will surprise the Fascists

    Will lose less Jewish lives

    Will win it like Putin won too against Fascism

    Will be big ideological battle about the future

    Trotsky will be very relevant

    Extreme right wing people will try to avoid that

    My advice if you know nothing keep quiet and of you like to – study

  5. Kristina Wong19 Oct 202338

    A senior civil servant at the State Department resigned on Wednesday over the Biden administration’s provision of weapons to Israel after Hamas conducted terrorist attacks in southern Israel on October 7, killing more than 1,400.

    The official, Josh Paul, who served as director of the Office of Congressional & Public Affairs for the State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, posted a two-page statement on LinkedIn explaining his resignation.


  6. 2h ago / 2:44 PM PDT
    India’s PM promises aid for Palestinian people

    The Associated Press

    NEW DELHI — India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday spoke to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and conveyed his condolences for the loss of civilian lives at the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza.

    “We will continue to send humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people,” Modi said in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

    He said he “reiterated India’s long-standing principled position on the Israel-Palestine issue.” At a briefing earlier, India’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said India was in favor of negotiations to establish a two-state solution, which allows for an independent Palestinian state.

    Modi told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week that “the people of India stand in solidarity with Israel in this difficult hour.”


    Like Biden, like Modi.

  7. Ted-

    I posted a response to your comment about Jenin, and it was refused, never printed. I tried several times and the machine told me to slow down i was posting too fast.
    That was about 20 mins ago or more, I see it hasn’t been printed. If you are able please dig it out and post,

    If you are not able, thank you all the same.
    My post concerned the dozens of cadavers, dead of natural causes, neatly laid out in that stinking square, and the 23 young IDF who were killed, because the whole world rushed to believe the Lying Arabs with no verification, causing the IDF to go house-to-house clearance-all booby trapped-, without first tossing in a Mills bomb, which was the tried and true way to do it.

    And Much More….
    So they died, Martyrs to the Jew hating world.

  8. TED-

    Yes it caused the deaths of 23 brave young IDF who because the whole world, Jew haters to the core rushed to believe Arab lies without any verification. They dug up many bodies that died of natural causes , some more than a bit rotten, laid them in rows in the square, The report was that the smell was awful.

    So our brave young men instead of using the classic house-by house clearing by throwing a mills bomb in first, were forced by the opinion of Jew hating Goyim to do a house-to-house without this, and 23 were killed by booby traps and etc.

    As the Torah wisely says, Jews must be “A Nation Alone”

    NO Arabs should be allowed to live in Israel, be damned with Ben Gurion Socialistic Ghetto Mentality …looking for back pats from
    Jew hating Goyim. It is still with us. Will it ever go away???

    He allowed a Fifth Column , a Trojan Horse of unprecedented proportions to live in the Holy Land, and we are still suffering barbarous torment from it.
    His pupils Peres, Rabin, Beilin and others brought in the Oslo Accords to reinforce BGs crap and after several thousand murders by those they brought in , we are still suffering from them.

    Rabin should be brought back to life and shot again…and again. The same with the others.

    In other words, NO penalties would be sufficient to pay them for what they unleashed on Innocent Jews.

  9. TED-

    That’s when they dug up bodies of those who died of natural causes and laid them out in orderly fashion in their square.

    @3 IDF martyrs lost their precious lives through those accusations causing them to be over careful in house to house clearance, and consequently being killed by booby traps .
    They could-have- SHOUL- have thrown in mills bombs first which was the classical way of clearing house-to house.

    I also recall how the whole world jumped on Israel, believing unverified Arab lies because it was against Jews. That day and week we had NO friends anywhere. It should have taught us a lesson, but it seems it didn’t

    It was an anti-climax when Israel proved that all but two of the really immediately dead were actually proven terrorists. No one wanted to her and they closed their ears.

    Israel HAS to be alone as the Torah says, and there should be NO Arabs allowed to live in the Holy Land, Ben Gurion and his Socialists, looking for approval of the Goyim be damned.
    Ghetto mentality still lingers on and who knows when it will fade away completely…maybe never….!!