Why J Street’s Exit Poll of Jewish Voters is Phony

By Daniel Greenfield, FPM

The Anti-Israel lobby J Street is touting their exit poll which, despite their candidates losing non-stop, suggests that Jews not only voted for the Democrats by a whopping percent, numbers that are out of step not only with the RJC poll, but with other non-partisan exit polls, but that they want Obama to pressure Israel, hate Netanyahu and support Iran getting the bomb through a nuclear deal.

These also coincidentally happen to be the positions of J Street. And those of the pollster.

There’s always something suspicious when an organization arranges an exit poll of a general population whose views just happen to perfectly dovetail with their agenda.

In this case, J Street also has the benefit of a pollster with the same agenda.

The poll was commissioned by J Street and carried out by Gerstein Bocian Agne (GBA) Strategies. GBA claims to be experts on Jewish voters, but it’s suffering from a giant conflict of interest.

Jim Gerstein founded GBA after running Democracy Corps. He served as an advisor to the Center for American Progress’ Middle East focused site.

He also headed S. Daniel Abraham’s Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation, the Slim Fast billionaire currently involved in the Olmert scandal. These are not just left-wing organizations. The latter are heavily involved in advocating positions that mirror those of J Street. And not just advocating them.

Stanley Greenberg of Democracy Corps and S. Daniel Abraham had been involved in manufacturing anti-Netanyahu social protests. President Clinton had dispatched Greenberg and Gerstein to bring down Netanyahu during his first term.

Jim Gerstein isn’t really a pollster, he’s an advocate. He’s been entangled with J Street all along and his polls remain controversial because they’re pushing an agenda.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to him.

“As an American, you have a say in what your country is trying to do, and can try to affect its policy,” said Gerstein, in one of several wide-ranging interviews with Tablet Magazine ahead of the conference. “How do you get the people who are typical American Jews, who care about political causes and went out and volunteered for Obama, to engage on this issue? The question is how to translate the support Jewish individuals have for progressive issues in America and put that together with their views on peace.”

For the next couple of days, though, Gerstein will be spending his time closely watching J Street’s most enthusiastic backers—the seed of what he, and Ben-Ami, hope can grow into a grassroots network that can be mobilized both to pressure the Obama administration to hasten a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and to express American Jewish support for such a deal.

This is an agenda. Gerstein doesn’t take the pulse of the public. He finds a way to push poll them into saying what he wants them to say.


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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Laura Said:

    Court Jews.

    No they are worse, court Jews were mostly self serving these are evil and want to destroy the Jewish people.

    They should be challenged as aiders and abetters of murderers of Jews and their Jewishness should be questioned in every forum. Call them what they are and let them squirm.

  2. The so-called leftist anti-Israel lobby in all of it’s twisted manifestations: j street, ha- ha-aretz, “shalom akshav”, j voices for peace etc etc may they all go bankrupt have some interesting characteristics which deserve study. On the one hand, we know that a considerable influx of money flows into these ngo’ from foreign governments and private individuals, like Soros et. al. and other ngo’s with shared solidarity with forcing Israel essentially to commit suicide either slowly or sooner than later. This demand for services with available cash has produced jobs for people who may not be employable by a respectable organization. For instance, let us say you are Israeli and have a degree in journalism. It is not easy to land a good assignment at The Jerusalem Post, but maybe if I compromise I can get a job at haaretz until i get some work experience even though haaretz is not that different from working for Al Jazz-Ira. The lobby has the money to try to inflate it’s own strength via polls as this very important article reviews and by use of subtefuge and outright lies.