Why US Jewish leaders have a problem with Netanyahu

By Victor Rosenthal

Earlier this week, I wrote about the foolish and arrogant letter sent by the American Reform and Conservative movements and some of their associated organizations to President Trump, demanding that in the light of newly re-elected Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu’s intention to extend Israeli sovereignty to Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, he should act to preserve the holy “two-state solution” (2SS).

As Jonathan S. Tobin argued, Israelis democratically elected Netanyahu’s Likud party. And if you consider the breakdown between parties that favor the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state in Judea/Samaria vs. opponents of it, the election can be seen as referendum on the 2SS – a referendum that those opposed to the 2SS won by a true landslide. So the decision of American Jewish organizations to oppose the will of the great majority of Israeli citizens can be seen as contradicting the democratic right of Israeli citizens to decide their own fate, or, in Tobin’s words, “trashing the verdict of Israeli democracy.” The fact that the letter was addressed to Trump, rather than Netanyahu, shows even more strongly that they reject Israel’s pretension to self-government. The US, they think, guided by the “wisdom” of the leaders of its liberal Jewish community should force Israel to do its will. They are uncomfortable with a sovereign Jewish state, and would prefer a banana republic, with themselves calling the shots.

I find myself speculating about the political and psychological motivations for this letter. And although the writers imply that they are moved by concern for Israel’s well-being, I suspect several other impulses that are both more likely and less admirable.

The movements have satellite movements in Israel, and would like to see them recognized by the Israeli government as legitimate forms of Judaism, and receive subsidies from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, like Orthodox synagogues. They would like their rabbis to be able to perform marriages and conversions in Israel, and they would like a measure of control over religious sites. They would like a section of the Kotel to be made available for mixed-gender prayer.

As long as the Chief Rabbinate is in control of these things, and as long as it in turn is dominated by the Haredim (the so-called “ultra-Orthodox” Jews) that represent some 12% of the Jewish population of Israel, these wants will never be satisfied, no matter how many Supreme Court decisions there are in their favor. Netanyahu has been forced – as his center-left opposition also probably would have been – to include Haredi parties in his coalition, and for this reason the demands of the liberal movements remain unmet. Netanyahu has made the political calculation that Haredi support for his government is more important than the approval of Diaspora Jews that can’t vote; and they are bitter about this.

Despite misleading poll results, very few Israelis – according to Shmuel Rosnerless than one-half of one percent – are affiliated with the Israeli versions of the liberal movements. But the egos of the American leaders are bound up with their success (or lack thereof) in attracting Israelis to them. They need to believe that there are strong reasons to attend a non-Orthodox synagogue other than a lack of Jewish education. So they are trying very hard to get their movements into the Israeli mainstream to prove this, and they see Netanyahu as an obstacle.

In addition, the Israeli Left has good connections with the liberal movements in the Diaspora. They speak English and are well-represented in the media. Directly, and through media outlets like the Ha’aretz English website, they present their point of view to the Diaspora much more effectively than Netanyahu’s supporters, many of whom are working-class people who speak only Hebrew.

Finally, there is the fact that most of the members of the liberal American Jewish denominations and virtually all of their leadership are sympathetic to the progressive wing of the Democratic party. This political constellation, especially beginning with the election of Barack Obama in 2008, has become increasingly anti-Israel. Although Obama made his pro-Arab sympathies evident from the very beginning, even by 2012 some 70% of Jewish voters voted to re-elect him. In his second term, he did not disappoint, ramming the Iran deal through Congress in a process which included viciously attacking PM Netanyahu. His administration played on traditional anti-Jewish themes when it suggested that Jewish opponents of the deal were more loyal to Israel than to the US, and wanted the US to engage in war with Iran for the benefit of Israel. His final gift to Israel was US abstention on (and some say, promotion of) an anti-Israel Security Council resolution.

Nevertheless, Liberal American Jews and their religious movements have continued to embrace the progressive ideology represented by Obama, and have for the most part joined the fierce Democratic opposition to the Republican president, Donald Trump.

And this has placed them at cross-purposes with Israel, because Trump has proven himself to be the most pro-Israel American president since Harry S. Truman. Trump recognized Jerusalem as capital of Israel, reversing an obnoxious policy that held since 1948 that no part of Jerusalem – not even the ground under Israel’s Knesset – belonged to Israel. He became the first president to enforce the will of Congress to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, after three previous presidents – Clinton, Bush, and Obama – found excuses not to do so. He removed the US from the disastrous Iran deal and re-imposed sanctions (compare this to Obama’s paying off the Iranians with pallets of cash). He cut US funding for the UNRWA Palestinian “refugee” scam, and began to enforce the Taylor Force Act, which deducts payments made to terrorists from the aid given to the Palestinian Authority. He recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. And – although this is not yet confirmed – it is beginning to look as though his “deal of the century” will not include a sovereign Palestinian state in Judea/Samaria.

Trump broke through Israel’s pariah status as the only nation in the world that can’t choose its own capital. He cracked the myth of the “Palestinian refugees” that must be nurtured and helped to grow like no other refugee population, and that can never be resettled anywhere but in Israel. He may yet put the final nail into the coffin of the Oslo process. These are accomplishments that a successor will find hard to reverse.

Can Netanyahu be excused for claiming that some of this is due to his “close personal relationship” with the American president? Apparently not for these “leaders,” for whom Trump is the Devil incarnate.

Trump’s actions toward Israel have all been in both US and Israel’s interests. In some cases, such as Jerusalem, they have righted long-term wrongs that should have been corrected long ago. If any other President had done these things, he would have been applauded and embraced by American Jews that cared about Israel. But this president is Donald Trump – and these American Jews have forgotten why there needs to be a Jewish state and what their connection to it is.

And so we have American Jewish leaders attacking an Israeli Prime Minister that has been democratically elected, arrogantly implying that they know what’s better for Israel than Israelis that vote, pay taxes, and send their children to the army. They have chosen to attack him on an issue – whether or not there should be a sovereign Palestinian state in Judea/Samaria – that many Israelis consider existential; and they have done so for the narrow interests of the tiny Israeli branches of their movements and because of their political bias against the American president.

My guess is that Netanyahu doesn’t care. And fortunately for Israel, Trump – who knows that these “leaders” are without a single exception his bitter political enemies – is unlikely to take their advice.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Why shouldn’t the Hasidic Jews have a say?
    As they become moderate in their European diasporas habits & put 1 foot into the secular world they will be the Jews of the future along with Modern Orthodox Jews.
    The Reformed American Court Jews,cursed with the ghetto complex, so many generations later,…are disappearing from apathy & disinterest in authentic Jewish life.Their ultimate goal,generations back, was to be gantse machers,..more gentile than the gentiles,…people of substance.
    Well they made it & now have nothing left to do.
    Soon they will be gone in the footsteps of the ancient Hellenized Jews who previously disappeared from the Jewish world.

  2. LBJ was the most pro-Israel president before Trump. Truman put an arms embargo on Israel in 1948 which not was completely lifted until LBJ who also began aid and was the only president not to pressure Israel to relinquish territory. JFK sold defensive missiles only to Israel while giving aid to Nasser and pressuring Israel to reveal her nuclear program, and take back refugees. JFK voted against Israel in the security council.


  3. I’ve said this before but will say it again! Much of American Jewry seems to have lost its way. More than that, they seem to want Israel to do it’s bidding. Where this comes from is a mystery to me, as rather than critisizing Israel, one would think that these Jews would be enormously pleased to know that we Jews have a country of our own to which they are free to come at any time. Instead, they keep finding ways to chastise Israel, and to tell us how we should run our country. It seems to me that the reason they do this is that they are insecure in America as Jews and perhaps feel that if they are positive toward Israel they wil be chastised for their duall loyalty. Whatever the reason, if the Jews of America want a relationship with their fellow Jews in Israel, they need to accept Israel as a sovereign country that is capable of taking care of itself, without any assistance. We honor them and welcome them and if they have ideas for improvement we would not refuse hearing from them!

  4. Everyone should read Dennis Praeger’s brilliant analysis of ” What have Jews learned from the Holocaust? Not much.The fact is the most important task for any society is to devise ways to make people good,” in the Jerusalem Post. (. Prager explains the basic philosophical flaws in the thinking of liberal American Jews, as well as their flawed understanding of history. Vital to explore this comprehensive analysis of why and how liberal American Jews, and liberals in general, have got things so terribly wrong.

  5. Another article in the Jerusalem Post, by a woman named Orit Arfa, also illuminates, although in a radically different way, why American Jewish liberals are of no use to Israel, and why they are in such deep trouble themselves. (“My German date and the Holocaust movie;The Holocaust movie would be the test. https://www.jpost.com/Opinion/My-German-date-and-the-Holocaust-movie-588702). Arfa is an American Jewish “valley girl” who loves to write about her very active sex life. She used to write a regular weekly column for the JP desctibing her “clubbing” adventures in Tel Aviv. Since then she has moved on to Germany, where she has lived the past two years in Berlin. She describes her “steamy” romance with a German Gentile man, which finally ended when she discovered he was an antisemite and admired Islam.

    What I find interesting about Arfa’s column is that it reveals that her liberal, “peacenik” political views are related to her abandonment of traditional Jewish morality. I believe that this is the case with many other American and Israeli Jewish “peaceniks.”

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