Women’s rights at UN – Israel is only violater

Anne Bayefsky, UN Watch

On March 9, 2007 the UN wrapped up its annual session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Guess where they found a violation of women’s rights? Among the hundreds of thousands of women who are dead, dying, mutilated, displaced or raped in Sudan? Among the million female migrant workers cowering in the basements of Saudi Arabian villas from the taskmasters who stole their passports the minute they got off the plane? Among the women stoned and hanged for “adultery” in Iran? The millions of women forcibly aborted in China? The thousands murdered or forced to commit suicide for the crime of “dishonoring” their fathers and brothers across the Arab and Muslim world?

If you guessed “none of the above,” then you’ll enjoy coming on down to the UN. The UN’s lead body charged with promoting and protecting women’s rights identifies only one state as violating the rights of women in the world today – Israel.(Violating the rights of Palestinian women.) The vote was 40 for and 2 against (the United States and Canada).

Shame on Germany and the EU

Germany, on behalf of the European Union, gave a one minute “explanation” excusing its affirmative vote. It said: “we express our deep concerns for the impact on all women in the region including the Israeli women” – although Germany did not insist such language be inserted in the resolution itself. For 60 seconds, the representative of the country where millions of Jewish women and girls were murdered en masse not so long ago took notice of the Jewish mothers and daughters who have fallen victim to terrorism in the Jewish state. This is the moral corruption that the UN breeds within democracies like Germany. In the United Nations, an institution owned and directed by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the European Union grovels while the real abusers cheer.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. The UN was corrupt from the beginning and was a venture of the globalist elite and Muslims who were and are joined at the hip, tooth and claw, hammer and sickle. It was antisemitic, antichristian and antihuman from its inception.

  2. Unfortunately, this report is all too believable.

    The U.N. has been hi-jacked by a collection of Muslim O.I.C. and 3rd & 4th world dictatorships. The U.N. administration, from top to bottom, including its various agencies, such as UNWRA and the UN Commission on the Status of Women, being the subject of Baryefsky’s report, have been corrupted by the influence of those nations. The UN administration and the various UN agencies thus cater to protecting and supporting those nations’ interests and attitudes, where democracy is unknown and denial of human rights and all good things the West values and cherishes, is the order of the day.

    Much of course has been written of the EU’s greed, weakness and lack of foresight that has driven it to be zealous in looking first and foremost to advancing and protecting the EU nations short term self interests. They do this by also giving support to the wishes and the anti-American, anti-Israel attitudes and agendas of these non-democratic nations and lend their support to the corrupted U.N. administration.

    This zealousness on the part of the EU to look after their immediate interests, almost always trumps not only Western values and morality, but trumps or blinds the EU altogether to its paramount interest of preserving European culture and way of life.

    There are far too many reports such as Bayefsky’s reproduced above that illustrate the sickness afflicting the U.N. Given that the U.N. efforts to address even some of these illnesses proved useless, once could say that the U.N. is afflicted by terminal diseases and it is time to bury it.

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