Would you pay 1% of your net worth to save Israel?

By Ted Belman

A massive fund raising appeal is underway to save Israel.

I remember the lead up to the Six Day War in ’67. The Arabs were massing troops on Israel’s Auschwitz borders making ready for the final solution. Their cries were blood curdling.

Then it was “Throw the Jews into the sea.” Now it is “Wipe Israel off the face of the map”.

Then as now, the UN was cooperating. The UN removed its peace keeping forces from Sinai at the mere request from Nasser.

Then as now the Quartet was cooperating. The Quartet had guaranteed Israel’s free passage through international waters but in the lead up to war refused to honour its guarantees.

Jews all over the world rallied behind Israel raising millions and millions. I remember going to hastily arranged fundraising meetings in Toronto. The money flowed like water. Jews gave dollars in the thousands not hundreds and that was when the dollar was less than 10% of its present worth. I remember stories of people mortgaging their homes to raise money.

We cared then, we really cared.

Would you pay 1% of your net worth to save Israel? I hope so. Go to the link above and give from the heart.

Or call me at 1-416-256-7597 to make arrangements.

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