Yishai Fleisher interviews Perter Beinart on VOI

Peter Beinart on Being an Israel Critic While Remaining a Member of the Tribe

Voice of Israel, 15 JANUARY 2015

January 18, 2015 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. This arrogant know it all confuses cause and effect. He states that the Arab violence is a result of oppression by Israel.He doesn’t seem to understand that while the Arabs he talks about have greater freedoms and standards of living than most Arabs in Arab countries, the fact is that the before the violence ushered in by the Oslo era, those Arabs had far greater freedoms then they have today and the violence didn’t start in 1993 or 1967 or even in 1948 but can be trace as far back as the early 1920’s, before the re-established state of Israel, before the occupation and before the intifadas. He doesn’t get that its ideological and religious. Pretty dumb guy for a professor and author. And a loud mouth too.

  2. Where the f**k does Beinart get the idea he can moralize on ANYTHING? The most he can credibly comment on is the state of Jewish life along West End Ave. He reminds me of the elitist J bastards ca. 1970-75 who considered themselves so much more erudite and BETTER than those who were getting mugged and killed in NYC streets of the period and voted law and order as a result. So he’s got a relative who understands the Arabs…better than he ever will. He has no skin in any game other than the academic and media game. The more he talks the more it is obvious he should shut up.

  3. He should move to Israel or shut-up. Nobody in IL cares about far leftists of his kind. To use a French expression: he is “un merdeux”. Show your courage in IL and not using the Atlantic ocean as a shield.

  4. I steer away from personal attacks but Beinart is a dangerous self center far left person, who thinks his viewpoint is more important than the safety or rights of Israelis in Judah and Samaria. He is very dangerous because he keeps getting a wider audience based on CNN and Haaretz.