Yom Ha-Shoah and the Coming Era of Treason in Israel

By Steven Plaut

Holocaust Remembrance Day begins in Israel in a few hours.

It is hard to believe that for the past two decades the national policy of Israel has been to seek to achieve peace by rewarding Palestinian fascists whose highest desire in this world is to see a second Holocaust perpetrated upon the Jews.  Israeli policy has been to pretend to wean these barbarians from their plans for a Final Solution by granting them recognition, funds, arms, and the right to set up their own state.  The results are apparent for all to see.

If that is hard enough to believe, then even harder is the wave of treason that has enveloped the Radical Left in Israel and in the Jewish world in general.  The radical Left long ago ceased to operate as a movement of juvenile naiveté.  It was once a movement in which shallow posturing and utopian dementia displaced rational thought.  Today the Radical Left more and more openly identifies with Israel’s genocidal enemies.  It more and more openly opposes Israeli sovereignty, democracy and freedom of speech in the country.  The Radical Israeli Left, led by the tenured Left, openly endorses aggression and terrorism against the citizens of its own country, particularly in the form of endorsements for BDS warfare against Israel.  Growing numbers of radical Leftists endorse terrorist atrocities against Israeli Jews, and not “only” in “settlements.”   The article by Martin Sherman, Into the fray: Mainstreaming treason?, expounds on this theme and is worth reading.

I am an economist and, as such, need to be more cautious and reluctant than others in making predictions about the future (given the dismal track record of economist forecasting.)   Nevertheless, I occasionally give in to temptation.  About 15 years ago I predicted that the Israeli Left would adopt “Israel is an Apartheid Regime” as its slogan and mantra.  At the time no one in Israel was speaking about “apartheid,” and my prediction was dismissed as deranged paranoia.  Well, today it is all but impossible to find a radical Israeli leftists who is NOT proclaiming Israel an apartheid regime.

Hours before Yom Ha-Shoah, I would like to be indulged in making a new prediction.  It too will strike you as deranged paranoia.  So be it.

I believe that the next time a war breaks out between Israel and the Arabs, groups of Israeli leftists will participate in the war on the side of the Arabs.  Like “Taliban John” in the US, they will join the war efforts of the enemies of Israel against their own country.   And they will not limit their aggression to “pacific resistance.”  Some will take up arms against their own country.

If that sounds to you completely insane, then consider the fact that there have already been attempts by the Radical Left to aid Arab terrorism and aggression against Israel and to interfere with the military operations of Israel and the IDF.  The radical Left is completely opposed to self-defense for Jews.   In the last campaign by Israel in Gaza, radical leftists set up barriers blocking the entrance into an air force base in Tel Aviv to prevent Israeli air crews from operating.  (You can see a report about that here:  https://www.israpundit.org/archives/57514.)

In countless other incidents, radical leftists held protests opposing all use of the military by Israel to end rocket and other terrorist attacks against Jews.  Leftists have also issued a series of calls for Israelis to refuse to serve in the military altogether.   Radical Leftists have denounced Israeli military operations against the terrorists as “war crimes” ever since 1982, when the radical Left took to the streets during the first Lebanese war to oppose Israel defending its civilians.  Led by Shulamit Aloni and Yossi Sarid, the protesters denounced Begin and Sharon as fascists and as war criminals.  Radical Leftists have for years engaged in violence in the attacks by the “anarchists” against Israeli soldiers and police operating in the West Bank.

True, the radical Left has generally not taken up arms against Israel (yet), with only a few exceptions, such as the Udi Adiv espionage ring of the 1970s and the Tali Fahima treason.  I believe that the squeamish “pacifism” of the anti-Israel Left will end.  I believe that radical Leftists from Israel will join the jihadis and pogromchiks in the next Arab-Israeli war, and will fight against their own country.

Treason is becoming the raison d’etre of the radical Left.  Anti-Semitism is growing as its most prominent calling card.  Growing numbers of leftists call openly for suppression of democratic processes in Israel, in frustration at their failure to persuade more than a tiny handful of Israelis of the correctness of their “ideas” and agenda.  If Israelis are too stubborn to accept the agenda of the radical Left, then the radical Left will call upon its anti-Israel allies from around the world to coerce Israelis into accepting it, using force and sanctions.  And the leftist crusade against freedom of speech for non-leftists grows in intensity by the day.

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  1. Every word of this excellent article is true.
    One could also add to the list some of the lapdog Jewish press in the diaspora, only too keen to burnish their ‘liberal’ credentials, as well as those viciously anti-Israel Jewish organisations whose mantra is “pro Israel, pro peace”.

  2. Who are these antisemites from the hard left. People outside IL are not familiar with their names. Let us name them time and again by their names as often as need be no matter how long the list is. Even “fascist communists” paid the prize and were eventually destroyed.

  3. Kerry Warns of Israeli ‘Apartheid’

    the Obama/Kerry admin have deadlines to create legacies and achievements for themselves(midterm elections, 2016). Therefore, they will stoop to any dishonest behavior to accomplish their goals. Kerry was voicing Obama threats as a trial balloon and warning: first, that Obama will use the apartheid card to push Israel into suicidal arrangements; two, that he will instruct the jihadis, through his Saudi proxies, to start murdering Jews. [He armed the Pal militias, he armed through Benghazi, the Syrian jihadis through the saudis]; three, he will seek once more to topple the current Israel gov and replace it with his lapdog leftists. We will soon see the mole fake Soros Jewish org Jstreet echoing Obama as that was the purpose of their creation.

  4. Jews In Space

    “Jew in space – I’m talking about a category of Jews who seem so hostile to their own people and heritage that they’ve entirely escaped the gravitational pull of basic common sense, decency, and fact and spun out into the orbit of rabid anti-Israeli and pro-Islamic radicalism. Jews such as the following”: Read More

  5. Holocaust Remembrance Day begins in Israel

    APRIL 27, 2014, TORONTO —This Holocaust Remembrance Day, B’nai Brith Canada is calling for Canadians to re-dedicate themselves to fighting antisemitism, racism, hatred and bigotry wherever they are found.

    “These days, many of those who espouse hatred against the Jewish people are given a free-pass since they chose to use coded language in an effort to appeal to mainstream society, ” said Frank Dimant, CEO, B’nai Brith Canada. “Long gone is the chant of ‘Death to Jews’, for it is no longer needed. One can, in many instances, simply replace the word ‘Jew’ with ‘Zionist’ and be allowed to preach exactly the same message — whether on the internet or on the very doorstep of our Government buildings.

    “Unfortunately, the hatred of Jews is reaching levels not seen in decades and it is especially important that we ensure that the lessons and memory of the Holocaust are not forgotten. As our Audit of Antisemitic Incidents continues to show, hostility towards the Jewish community is becoming increasingly permissible in mainstream society and we must act now to stem this dark tide.

    “This is why as we mark Holocaust remembrance day in Canada, we must remember that the forces of hate must constantly be fought every day. The battle against racism and antisemitism is one that must be renewed constantly with actions, not just words.”

  6. Professor Plaut is a highly respected person in Eretz Israel. We identified the true enemy of ours long ago.
    And that element already joined the Islamic as did their role models joined the Nazis. Many times degenerates such as the “4” former heads of the G SS, the ben eliezer, etc openly argued in favor of opening fire on Jews.
    In turn, Professor Plaut, Mrs. Sarah Honig, Professor Auman, Caroline Glick as well as many in this blog and others are prime candidates for the re birth of a true Jewish State.
    The unJews anti-Semitism is expressed in various ways.
    Overseas by the US renegade cadre originally led by s. wise and n. goldman and locally by Peresitism, identified as the cauldron within which the most potent venom against Jews and a Jewish state reside.
    They will join the enemy ranks and for most they already joined them.