Alan West: “Never was a Palestinian state”

June 23, 2011 | 9 Comments »

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. Well, well – So now we know why Col. West was forced to resign. But, at least, it resulted in our having one more congressman with common senseand also values the truth

  2. I can’t believe it, this kind of man has told a series of fake words that only an ignorant person as american are can say.
    Palestine has the same right to exist as israel suppose to be a state. Can you prove your right to be a state? If you can than you have all the rights to be a state, but we all know that there are not explanation that can prove it, if you know the history.

  3. “Palestinians” should get land? Why not give MS-13, Crips, Bloods, Nuestra Familia, Cosa Nostra, Aryan Brotherhood land too? They probably don’t give enough campaign contributions. Criminals, including “palestinians” should get jail.

  4. Re: Mel4Israel – At last, someone who is in possession of the facts of history…

    Exactly! And in reference to the term, “Palestinians,” as Alan West mentioned, “Palestine” was a region and not a State, so actually there aren’t Palestinians today. I call them them Arabs – no matter where they live, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, Lebanon, Gaza, Judea-Shomron, (and other places in Israel). I personally won’t use the term “Palestinians,” because I won’t give legitimacy to this group of Arabs from Gaza and Judea-Shomron and elsewhere who are claiming a right to the Land of Israel as their own. They are not “Palestinians” – they are Arabs. And they are not just muslims, they are also Christian (not relative to a true Christian faith as the world knows it) Arabs.And it’s not just related to terrorism or terrorists.

    I have noticed that now there is reference in many publications to Arabs as “Palestinians.” This is even more absurd. Now every Arab, wherever he lives in the world, is a Palestinian?? Where did that come from. Israel was called Palestine before her name was changed to Israel. I worked at the Jerusalem Post newspaper many years ago. My salary slip said I worked for the “Palestine Post,” because that was the original name of the newspaper, and is still it’s official and legal name, and it’s considered a Jewish newspaper. There is no such thing as Palestinians today, and those Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” belong to the groups whose intention is to get rid of the Jews from the Land of Israel and take all that land for themselves and make it their State.

  5. At last, someone who is in possession of the facts of history, of the commonsense one would hope all good leaders would have. Power to you Alan West!