By Ted Belman

I have created a new Facebook Group called ANNEXATION NOW.

Annexation Now is a movement intended to bring together all those people and organizations who don’t see the Peace Process with its land for peace principle as desirable or doable.

This movement will support the alternative of annexation in whole or in part.

Intrinsic to its success will be its funding. To this end we will be creating Friends of Annexation Now, our FAN Club if you will. Everyone will be expected to donate a minimum of $20 when joining and thereafter to assist in any way they can to spread the word and induce others to join and do likewise.

Our FANS will make all the difference.

We have set a goal of 10,000 FANS within three months.

We will shortly be launching a new web site dedicated to this endeavor.

Annexation Now will work to lobby and mobilize Knesset Members to get behind this movement. It will also seek to build a large constituency of Israelis to support annexation leading to political action.

Annexation Now willl also seek to ligitimate annexation as a preferred alternative to the Two State Solution. Our efforts will focus first on the United States.

Please add yourself as a friend on my Facebook Account and join the group Annexation Now.

June 22, 2011 | 17 Comments »

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17 Comments / 17 Comments

  1. Ted, are you removing comments made on the annexation now facebook page? I had several comments disappear after they were visible on Friday.

  2. Please make sure that on your website is all the information about the Jewish history in J&S, the As well as the Jewish People’s lgal rights to Israel, and that Jordan is he second state of the two state solution(even though it was annexed illegally by he British, it was also part of he Mandate For Palestine set asid for th Jewish People. Great sources are websites myths and facts dot org, Canadians for Israels legal Rights, and a youtube video currnly making the rounds by the Christian Broadcast Network about San Remo Italy – the Jewish People’s Magna Carta. Howard Grief is an international lawyer based in Jerusalem who has written a book called Israels Foundations and Borders under international Law. All support the legitimate claim for annexing Judea and Samaria, which should have been done under Israel Law after the six day war.

    Dr. jacques Gauthier also did his Ph.D. Thesis on this topic.

  3. Dans les annees cinquante, selon l’ordre de Ben Gourion nous etions prepares avec des nouvelles tenues militaires et tout etait bien organise pour annexer la Cisjordanie ou la population etait minime. Nous avons attendu pendant quelques jours dans les kiboutz qui entouraient cette region la decision des Americains. Apres quelques jours la reponse etait negative. C’etait dommage, car on avait rate le meilleur moment de l’histoire.

  4. Arnold , Facebook offers an opportunity to grow in a much faster and virulent way than just a web page alone can do. Of course there will be those that will fight against it, but thats what this is about. The website will be there regardless of the facebook group. We should use all tools at our disposal to increase support for the cause as quickly as possible. Facebook is currently the main tool, not a website.

  5. Ted, to tie an idea as significant as “Annexation Now” to the airhead world of Facebook flies in the face of common sense. I think what probably will happen is that the enemies of the Jews with access to Facebook accounts will pressure whichever new-age Californian runs that electronic menagerie to drop your account for reasons of gross political incorrectness. Even though they are known to have allowed a gang of Holocaust deniers use Facebook to tout their bullshit.

    You’re a smart attorney. And if you are that smart, then you should know enough to forget about Facebook and put up your Annexation Now website before you do anything else about this project.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  6. Many people of the older generation do not have a Facebook account. They will go direcly to the Web page for their information.

    Facebook and the Facebook Group that I have created will serve the purpose of attracting people all over the world to the Group and then to the web page.

    The Web page will provide all the information on the issues and our activities. It will also be where one signs up and contributes.

  7. I am strongly interesting in helping with your initiative “Annexation Now”. But not through Facebook. My reason for this is that a member of my own family posted a photograph of me on their network without asking my permission. I learned that I could not get rid of it other than by deactivating my account. Which is exactly what I felt compelled to do.

    So how can I keep up with “Annexation Now” without being involved in this ever-widening and utterly intrusive Facebook circle?

    I think you will find that there are a lot of other people exactly like me who do not want to be part of that circle, so you should consider this carefully.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  8. Me too, Ted. This is something that has been on my mind since the Six Day War.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI