Amb. Erdan: Hamas gunned down Jewish revelers just like Nazi death squads in the 1940s

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by  Liel Leibovitz


Israel’s UN Ambassador holds press conference following Hamas attack on Israel: This is Israel’s 9/11. Nothing will be the same from now on.

  Oct 9, 2023, 4:12 AM (GMT+3)

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, held a press conference in the UN on Sunday ahead of the Security Council’s meeting on the surprise Hamas terror attacks against Israel.<

The Ambassador presented shocking photos and distressing videos of civilians who were murdered or kidnapped from their homes by Hamas including children and the elderly, among them Holocaust survivors. He emphasized that this is Israel’s 9/11 and that from now on, nothing will be the same.

Ambassador Erdan said, “These animal-like terrorists broke into homes, gathered entire families into rooms and shot them point blank. As if they were stomping on insects. Grandparents and the elderly, among them Holocaust survivors who endured the Nazis, were violently dragged from their homes, this time by Hamas, and taken into Gaza…. These are war crimes! Blatant documented war crimes!”

The Ambassador also referred to the massacre at the nature party near Gaza, saying, “These savages gunned down Jewish revelers just like Nazi death squads in the 1940s. Hundreds were butchered, their bodies mutilated and defiled. And those who survived were taken to Gaza.”

The Ambassador made clear that he expects only one thing from the Council. “Hamas’ war crimes must be unequivocally condemned. This unimaginable atrocity must be condemned. Israel must be given steadfast support to defend ourselves. To defend the free world.”

Ambassador Erdan also presented the charter of Hamas and said, “Hamas is a genocidal Islamist Jihadist terror organization. It is no different than ISIS. It is no different than Al Qaeda. There is no reasoning with genocidal Jihadists. They do not want dialogue. They do not want conversation. They want one thing, and one thing only – the annihilation of the Jewish State. Internalize this. They want to butcher me, my children, my people, and my nation. They will not stop until they murder every single one of us.”

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