Ban the NIF and other BDS or anti-Israel groups from Israel Day Parade in NYC

Open Letter to the Jewish Community,

From Richard Allen,

It is wrong for the New York Jewish Community Relations Council in NYC and the UJA-Fed, the sponsors of the Israel Day Parade, to prevent simple guidelines from being enacted for participating groups to sign, stating they do not support Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

Groups that call for a boycott of Israeli companies such as SodaStream and Ahava products are honored and march with their banners in the Israel Day Parade. The group “Partners for a Progressive Israel” calls for a boycott of Israel Companies openly on their web site.

Other groups like “B’tselem” work to delegitimize Israel. “The New Israel Fund” finances BDS worldwide through groups they directly fund like “Breaking the Silence”.

The New Israel Fund, Partners for a Progressive Israel and B’tselem have all been honored participants in past Israel Day Parades with the stamp of approval by the JCRC & the UJA-Fed.

As a board member at a Hebrew High School, I will bring this issue to their attention. I will be raising this issue publicly at every opportunity. We will work to bring this issue to other Jewish Day Schools, the public and to the attention of the Israeli Government which sponsors the Parade.

I have already testified in Jerusalem at a Knesset Caucus concerning this issue and several esteemed Knesset leaders from various parties have publicly endorsed our efforts to stop the UJA-Federation & the JCRC from sponsoring BDS within the Israel Day Parade.

We will have a major media buy…..just like the Klinghoffer media buy……but bigger. A targeted informational campaign within Israel & the USA will also take place.

I call on everyone to please spread the word and join in talking up this effort. It is time the JCRC & The UJA-Fed stop allowing BDS within the Israel Day Parade….this is the Year.

Best regards

Richard Allen
62 William Street
New York NY 10005

December 21, 2014 | 4 Comments »

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  1. Why wouldn’t they be banned? I had no idea. You mean the BDS reptiles actually march in the Israel Day parades?! Unbelievable. That’s like Quigley marching in an Orangeman’s parade.