Bibi must sever dangerous link between ‘peace,’ and concept of Palestinian state

Netanyahu’s supreme test

Ron Breiman, YNET

The fundamental assumption underlying the diplomatic process in our region in the past 17 years is that peace in the western Land of Israel requires the establishment of a Palestinian state at the heart of Eretz Yisrael.

This assumption was expressed in the slogan “Land for peace.” Through all those years, we’d been brainwashed to believe that peace is impossible without the establishment of a Palestinian state in addition to the one east of the Jordan River. We keep on slamming our heads against the wall, as leaders of the “Right” keep walking in the Oslo footsteps while reciting the Oslo lies.

The “peace process” officially launched in September 1993 (and even before that, secretly) was marketed by Yitzhak Rabin as an experiment that can be terminated at any moment. However, the experiment in the lives of millions of people, both Jews and Arabs, was undertaken in contravention of the criteria defined by the Helsinki Convention in respect to experiments involving even one person.

The experiment did not include careful assessment of inherent risks compared to the expected benefit to the subjects, while their right to forego their agreement to take part in the study at any time was not honored. Moreover, the experiment was not terminated once it became clear to all that it was developing in unpredictable directions- even though many observers sounded the alarm early on.

Any decent researcher would have halted his experiments once his fundamental assumptions were shattered in the face of reality. However, in Oslo, unlike in Helsinki, the dangerous experiment continued while ignoring logic and morality, and without reassessing the basic assumption: The obsessive gamblers kept going.

Those who seek peace, and life, must ask themselves whether a Palestinian state is indeed the basis for peace, or rather, a mechanism for eliminating the Jewish state. The enemy, including its “moderate” elements and “bad” brothers, openly declares that its objective is not peace, but rather, a greater Palestine on both banks of the Jordan River.

Yet only in Israel, and in its wake also worldwide, people continue to pay lip service to the “peace” mantra: Two states for two peoples. Even the enemy – which was and remains an enemy – does not bother repeating the latest slogan uttered by the “Right” – two states for two peoples.

Zionist vision retreating

The enemy does not comply with the latest Israeli “demand,” which is doomed to disappear as well: Recognizing Israel as a Jewish state. After all, here at home we also see many people who do not believe this is Israel’s mission, and hence there is no reason that the “good” terrorists – the ones belonging to the Palestinian Terror Authority – would recognize the Jewish state.

The enemy, with the enlightened world’s backing, curries favor with terrorists and threatens to quit the give-and-take sessions (or rather, “take-and-take”) should its dictates not be met. Let it quit!

We cannot have peace that includes the racist expulsion of Jews from their homes in their own land; it’s impossible to have anti-Jewish, anti-democratic, anti-Zionist, and anti-moral peace; we cannot have peace that is not regional, but rather, is limited to the western Land of Israel.

The “vision” of partitioning the land was and remains a deception that Israel, shamefully enough, exported to the world – which did not hesitate to adopt this foolish idea. The result will be the resumption of the Oslo war in the near future, and the elimination of our state in the long run.

For the past 17 years, the enemy did not back down an inch on its original demands, which would mark the Jewish state’s elimination. And what happened around here? The Zionist vision retreated in the face of the two-state “vision” – the “good” terrorists are being dubbed “partners,” while even the “bad” terrorists are already provided with all their needs.

Even the talk of peace had given way to the give-and-give’s current objective – establishing a state for the enemy. The reciprocity disappeared, as the Arabs build in full force while the freeze abomination is only applied to the Jews.

Meanwhile, media outlets, which make pretenses of being an “investigative” means, barely allow us to express the opposite views. The tables have turned in the Israeli media’s lexicon: “Success” means establishing a state for the enemy, while failure to establish such state constitutes the failure of negotiations.

As Israel’s governments forgot that their role is to promote the Jewish state, rather than to bring dangerous Trojan horses into it, Netanyahu now faces some truly difficult decisions – yet not the ones which the radical Left and the media expect of him.

He must sever the false link between the term “peace” and the notion of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River; he must also disconnect from the dangerous slope Israel had been led to since that dark September in 1993. This is his supreme test.

Dr. Ron Breiman is the former chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. sell the gas deposits offshore Gaza to the Chinese. No one will murmur when the Han move to impose security in Gaza. I doubt it is feasile to suddenly make the West Bank Palestinians the “brains” behind the drug cartels – the War on Drugs has more brutal rules of engagement.

    My new saying is “the West’s experiment with limited war since Korea has failed. Limited war does not work.”

  2. He must sever the false link between the term “peace” and the notion of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River; he must also disconnect from the dangerous slope Israel had been led to since that dark September in 1993. This is his supreme test.

    So far, he’s shown himself unable to pass this test. He’s shown to lack the conviction to stand firm against Obama, against Labor, against Kadima, against Abbas. If he solves these, he doesn’t need to worry about Iran. He needs to get his house in order first.