Where there are no men, be a man

The hero of this story is 17 year old Daniel Pereg. As luck would have it, I met him two weeks ago on a tour of Judea and Samaria. He is a great kid. On his card which he gave me he described himself as a Future Knesset Member. Good luck to Daniel. Kol Hakavod.

October 16, 2010 | 4 Comments »

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  1. She wants men to respect her space and not cross lines. ie if your her boss dont try to be cozy and intimate.

    Tough one! Women are always moving the lines and often as not sending conflicting signals where and what those lines are.

  2. Yamit. But what about the other men in her life? ie boss, neighbour? She wants respect. Not phoney respect. But genuine respect. She wants men to respect her space and not cross lines. ie if your her boss dont try to be cozy and intimate.

  3. It would be nice if more men were REAL men. But, what IS the definition of a REAL man according to women?

    Here is one of thousands of ans. to your question? I suppose in the end it depends on the woman.

    What a woman wants is for you to make her feel good. She wants to experience a more meaningful, emotionally-fulfilling life with you than she would with most other guys.

    To make a woman feel the way she wants to around a man, you must allow her to experience a wide range of desirable emotions when she is around you. A lot of modern men make the mistake of sticking to being nice, polite and friendly when interacting with women. Unfortunately, this only allows a woman to feel a narrow range of ‘nice’ and ‘sweet’ emotions…none of which will ever turn her on sexually.

    What women want in addition to feeling good, is to feel a strong sexual attraction to you. If a woman doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you, she will not want to have sex with you – it’s a simple as that. If you don’t know how to make women feel sexually attracted to you, then you should stop what you are doing and learn right now. It is absolutely critical to your dating and relationship success with women.

    Women also want you to make them feel feminine. This is especially important to modern women, who are forced to behave in a masculine way (i.e. like men) in their day jobs and many other parts of their life. These days, most women are desperately wishing they could be with a man who knows how to make her feel like a real woman.

    You’ll find that the more masculinity you display around a woman, the more that she will feel feminine around you and will feel sexual attraction for you. She will also try hard to make you want her as your girlfriend. Masculinity is mostly displayed through your conversation, behavior, body language and actions.

    If you’re still at the stage of trying to find a woman, a great way to display masculinity and get a girlfriend at the same time is to approach women and start conversations.

    Almost every modern woman fantasizes about meeting the kind of man who has the confidence to walk up to her, start a conversation and sweep her off her feet. In Hollywood movies and TV shows around the world, we often see women approaching men to start conversations and even ask men out. However, in the real world, women rarely if EVER approach random men to start conversations. It simply goes against the nature of what both men and women find attractive about each other.

    Women also dream of meeting and being in a serious relationship with a man who isn’t afraid to be his TRUE SELF. A crucial mistake that many guys make when speaking to a woman is being too much of friendly ‘nice’ guy in the hope that it will impress the woman. These guys are too afraid to be their true self and instead put on the act of being a super nice guy who isn’t thinking about having sex with her AT ALL. Women see through this act a mile away and it turns them off in an instant, because at the end of the day – it is deceptive, manipulative and weak and that is definitely NOT what women want in a man.

    Many guys also make the mistake of talking about boring conversation topics such as: Work, the weather and a woman’s age or where she lives. As I said earlier in the article, you need to make a woman feel a wide range of desirable emotions when she is around you. Boring her will not do that.

    Ultimately, what a woman wants is a man who is confident, unafraid to be his true, unafraid to show his sexual interest in her and unafraid to move things forward to a phone number, kiss, sex or date. What women want is a man who knows that it is his role to approach, start a conversation and move things forward. Only in Hollywood movies do we see women going out and approaching men – don’t make the mistake of believing what you see in the movies as real.

    Personally, a big mistake that I used to make was thinking that women would be annoyed and would rudely reject me if I approached and started a conversation with them out of the blue.

    Here’s the shocking truth…

    Women DO want to be approached. In fact, women get dressed up and try to look pretty in the hope that a real man walks up, starts a conversation and asks her out. That’s what women want when it comes to finding a man.