Bill Vidor: “I survived the Holocaust”

T. Belman, Bill Vidor sent me a couple of submissions and I asked him for some background. Here it is. He started by saying, “First let me congratulate you on your excellent article about “The 100 year betrayal of Israel by the West” I couldn’t have said it any better.

“Malediction on England and all the other nations for perpetrating such injustice and cruelty on our people, we must take courage, grab the ram by the horns and annex Judea-Samaria and that is all too it.”

I thought you might like to read it.

By Bill Vidor

I am just an ordinary fellow, I was born in Hungary in October 1940 in the city of Nagy-Várad (today it is Romania and the city is called Orádéá-Máre).

I survived the Holocaust by being hidden at my Grandmother’s and her sister’s place in Budapest at the seventh floor, in a one room penthouse apartment in a well-known establishment by the name of “The Hungarian Fashion Bazaar located on Rákoci Ut 64 owned by a person named Rutkai who fled Hungary in 1939. He left the management in the hands of my Grandmother’s sister’s who was the chief cashier at the time. I was hidden there from 1941 till 1945 till the Russians marched into Budapest in 1945.

Often I was lonely and we were hungry and malnourished but surviving.

During the course of the war when it was more or less safe to go into town my Grandmother and her sister Shtefi and I went scrounging for bread at the big Market by the Danube River and when a pair of Hungarian Rendörök (Police) stopped us checking for paper documents, my Grandmother and her sister Shtefi being German by birth, broke out speaking Gorman between them and presented legal documents showing that they were ethnic Germans married to Hungarian soldiers and they are here to support the war effort, and as for I was concerned, I was a blond-ish green-eyed kid so the Hungarian police were satisfied and we were safe to go. My Father served in a labor camp attached to a Hungarian battalion and my Mother served in a labor camp where they made uniforms for the military, from which she was able to sneak in and out, go to the farm country where she grew up and obtained food and essentials for us in exchange for family jewels, knickknacks, novelties, and collectibles.

After my parents were released from their labor camps in 1945 they were reunited in a town named Haydu-Szoboslo and we left Hungary in 1946 in an attempt to reach Palestine, we ended up in a DP camp named Poking-Lager which was in Bavaria Germany, we resided there for one and half years, after my sister was born in Poking-Lager we resumed our trip to Palestine and we were transported by four American military trucks, three uncovered and one covered to the shoreline of the France riviera to a villa owned by the Rothschild family, we stayed there for two nights the first night we walked to the shore with all of our belongings expecting for our ship to arrive, to our disappointment the ship failed to show up, disillusioned we went back to the villa, however as We were anxiously waiting at twilight by the shore at midnight the ship showed up. The ship came to shore as close as possible as not to beach it self, then under the cover of darkness we boarded our ship by being hoisted to the ship by rubber rafts we climbed aboard via A rope-ladder bound for Palestine. Then when the “Civilized British” captured our ship they transported us to Cyprus to a detention camp located in Famagusta and after the 15th of May 1948 when Israel was declared an independent country we were shipped from Cyprus to Haifa, in a nutshell it was roughly a two-year trip to arrive at our intended destination. There is more but I don’t wish too bore you any farther.

The Israelis are incessantly being accused by the Arabs of racism, colonialism, and Israel being an Apartheid country and desirous of ethnic cleansing, interestingly enough these are the very traits that Arab Moslems societies practice.

Here are three proverbs that illustrate the issue two Hungarian ones:
“One judges by the way he lives”, if one is a thief he thinks that everyone else is as well.
“The owl tells the sparrow you have a large head” and the English equivalent is:
“The pot tells the kettle you are black”

All we have to do is look back at the Arab conquests and massacres of the past and the recent one in south Sudan by the Janjaweeds and most recently in Iraq by ISIS. In every Continent where the Moslem Arabs landed they have eradicated the culture of the indigenous population. The most glaring one is Egypt, there they went even farther, the Moslem Arab population succeeded to eradicate and annihilate the indigenous Egyptian Faeroes’ culture and most of it’s population, and the remnant thoroughly blended into Arab society.

Now let’s look at Saudi-Arabia it is western-rein and so are many other Moslem countries for the most part, it is the Arabs who are obsessed with ethnic cleansing so much so that they are willing to slaughter one another based on denominational differences like ISIS did in Iraq, these people are like little Devils in the flash, and the only way to resolve this problem is for all clergy Moslem, Christian, Buddhists, and others to admit that there is no Paradise, Heaven, or Hell to go too, for which people are willing to die for, this neurotic behavior only creates Hell on earth and nothing good comes of it.

Now let’s contend with the problem of annexation. The contention is if Judea and Samaria will be annexed the current demographic equilibrium between Arabs and Jews will shift favorably toward the Arab side and Israel will cease to be a Jewish Democracy, not so fast for there are other alternatives, since Jordan is the Arab Palestinian state described in the Balfour Declaration since 1921 or 1922 the two state solution as been in affect for 60 years and those Jordan must take back its rightful Jordanian citizens.

Now there is another scenario, if I am a good judge of human behavior with the rapid rise of world wide anti-Semitism at one point millions of Jews will have to make (aliyah), emigrate to Israel and that will resolve the demographic equilibrium between Arabs and Jews in favor of the Jewish population those it will guarantee that Israel will remain a Jewish Democracy for millenniums to come.

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  1. Then when the “Civilized British” captured our ship they transported us to Cyprus to a detention camp located in Famagusta.
    I often wonder why people like Mr Vidor have never started legal action against the brits on behalf of themselves and those who died for violating their right to land on JEWISH soil (ISRAEL) as per L o N mandate.
    when the Mau Mau sued the brits. they got a response.
    This followed a June 2013 decision by Britain to compensate more than 5,000 Kenyans it tortured and abused during the Mau Mau insurgency

  2. MELICH david Said:

    I often wonder why people like Mr Vidor have never started legal action against the brits on behalf of themselves and those who died for violating their right to land on JEWISH soil (ISRAEL) as per L o N mandate.

    Cause Jews don’t make a fuss. If we did the Brits would not like us.

  3. honeybee Said:

    Cause Jews don’t make a fuss. thank you h.b. now I know why i’m disliked, not cause i’m a JEW but because i’m fussy

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