From Eli to Jenin, the Engine behind the Terror Machine EXPLAINED

Caroline Glick Show


June 21, 2023 | 2 Comments »

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  1. Israel refuses to allow its Jewish citizens to defend themselves. Israel is in a war. The Muslims want all Jews dead and/or gone from Israel at a minimum. They say so.

    The Left feels that the IDF can’t take care of it. That is a total joke. The IDF appears only after Jews are killed. That is too late. The Muslims are armed – the average Jew is not. Of course, The Israel Left hates its own people especially Mizrahi and Sephardi. That is racist. Period. So Ehud Barak, Gantz and Lapid are racists. Pretty simple. Barak was on Epstein’s plane and island raping underage girls. What a piece of garbage he is. Of course he is defended by the MSM in Israel.

    One day Israel will become serious. When?