Hunter Biden gets probation – Trump dies in prison – Newsom wins 2024 – that’s the swamp’s plan


On the same day we find out Trump’s criminal trial on the documents hoax has been fast-tracked to just 8 weeks from today we also find out Hunter Biden has been given a plea deal (probation) for the entire laptop.

The trial date in Trump’s document hoax has been fast-tracked for August 14, 2023 – 8 weeks from now. They have scheduled his trial during the first Republican primary debate on Fox News in August from Milwaukee. They want Trump smeared and convicted and in prison so they can run DeSantis against Newsom – and Newsom will win. These things don’t just happen. It’s all planned and they expect us to cave and let the Communists do it.

BTW – it came out yesterday in Trump’s interview with Bret Baier that Trump was NOT waving around a classified document about Iran to his friends in July 2021 on the audio tape – he was waving around newspaper articles ABOUT Iran! So Jack Smith lied in the indictment for the headlines. I told you – they made it all up!

We now live in a nation where there is one set of laws if your last name is Trump and another set of laws if you are corrupt and protected by the DOJ, FBI & Congress.

People say – well I’ll just vote for RFK Jr. and that will fix things. Right. Like they are going to let him win the Democrat nomination? I like RFK Jr. even though he is pro-climate change, anti-gun and pro-abortion. But, give me a break.

Even if he loses the Democrat nomination and runs as a 3rd party independent in the general – he’ll take more GOP votes than Democrat votes and Newsom will win anyway. All part of the plan! That’s how they really fracture conservatives! The only way he could run and win is if he was Trump’s VP – but RFK Jr. said he will never do that…

1- Plea Agreement: Hunter Biden is set to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges as part of a plea agreement with the Justice Department.

2- Tax Charges: Hunter Biden will admit to failing to pay his taxes on time for the years 2017 and 2018. The specific details of the charges are not mentioned.

3- Avoiding Prosecution: Hunter Biden will avoid prosecution for a separate gun charge. The court filing states that he purchased a handgun in 2018 while under the influence of drugs. However, the agreement stipulates that he will not be prosecuted for this charge if he remains drug-free for 24 months and does not possess a firearm again.

4- Pending Approval: The agreement reached between Hunter Biden’s legal team and federal prosecutors is subject to approval by a federal judge. Hunter Biden is expected to appear in federal court in Delaware for arraignment on misdemeanor tax charges and to enter a guilty plea.

5- Resolution of Investigation: Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Christopher Clark, stated that the announced agreements between his client and the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware resolve the five-year investigation into Hunter Biden. This suggests that the legal matters discussed in the agreements are related to the investigation.


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  1. Even if he loses the Democrat nomination and runs as a 3rd party independent in the general – he’ll take more GOP votes than Democrat votes

    I like Peg, but she is weaving a bit of loose logic here. She concludes that Kennedy won’t win the Democratic nomination because the Dems won’t let him, implying he would have the support to win a majority among the Democratic base if they didn’t rig the primary. She then goes on to suggest that in the general election, if Kennedy were to run in a third party, the same majority of Dems who were spurned by their own party wouldn’t defect to vote for their chosen candidate, but would be out paced by the GOP voters who would vote for Kennedy?

    Sorry, you can’t have it both ways. Either Kennedy has the support among Dems or he doen’t. If he does, they will largely follow him to the party of his choice, and the GOP voters will not out pace the Dems if this happens. In truth, Kennedy is an honest Liberal, something which only he and about a dozen others might honestly be able to claim. This, however, will not attract GOP voters. Those GOP voters who do cast their vote for him will do so out of protest against Trump, ie the Never Trumper crowd. Trumps supporters strongly identify with him. This is why he is able to draw such insane crowds. Where are the stadiums filled with people waiting for a Kennedy rally? Where are the lines of vehicles going on for miles waiting to arrive at a Trump rally? I could go on, but the point is whether you like Kennedy or not, the majority of his support is not going to come from Trump’s base.