British complicity in the German Holocaust

By Mordechai Ben-Menachem 9 Av 5783 (7 July 2023)

For Britain, the German Holocaust that would begin in 1933 actually began much earlier.  The precise date is open for debate.

Britain’s role in the Holocaust was active and intense, before Germany and ended afterwards, though less “productive” numerically.

Britain was “the backstop” to Germany’s team.  Germany was the perpetrator. But Britain was prime enabler, while no slouch in their own mass killing machine.

The story and facts are still not well-known.  The objective of this short article is awareness of the basic facts, so that interested people can find the entire story for themselves.

This is about British murders of Jews during the Mandate, and what led to them – depending upon source, the quantity may be as many as 35,000.  It is not possible to comprehend “what they did to us” without comprehending “what they did.”  English actions toward Jews did not occur in a vacuum.

The Monster Queen

Victoria was crowned 24 May 1819 and reigned until 22 January 1901, when the world was finally shut of this “paragon of virtue.”  Massive deaths occurred during her reign; one of the bloodiest in human history.  “At a time when Ireland was enduring the terrible loss of a million dead and the mass exodus of a million more during the Great Hunger, the story goes that the Ottoman Sultan, Khaleefah Abdul-Majid I, declared his intention to send £10,000 to aid Ireland’s farmers.  However, Queen Victoria intervened and requested that the Sultan send only £1,000 because she had sent only £2,000 herself.  So the Sultan sent only the £1,000, but he also secretly sent five ships full of food.  The English courts attempted to block the ships, but the food arrived in Drogheda harbor and was left there by Ottoman sailors.”[1]  In a truly amazing feat of “Christian brotherly love” not one European country came to the aid of the Irish, neither Catholic (as the Irish) nor Christian; the Vatican did not even ease the burden of the tithe.  “The London Times urged readers not to donate at all, pronouncing that sending funds to Ireland was akin to throwing money away in an ‘Irish bog’”.[2]

“Lionel de Rothschild created an organisation for Irish relief which succeeded in donations of some about £600,000.  … In the 1840s, in Ireland’s hour of greatest need, Jews in Britain, the United States and elsewhere heeded that call, donating money and working to alleviate some of the suffering of the Irish Potato Famine.”[3]

Jews saved perhaps millions of Irish, in recompense, Ireland is now Europe’s most antisemitic country – they learned well from their masters.

The Mandate

The Mandate for Palestine was a written and signed contract, ratified as International Law by the San Remo Conference and subsequently by the League of Nations and United Nations.  Withal, at NO point did any British government uphold even one article of that agreement that they had solemnly sworn to uphold.

Lloyd George, in his memoirs stated clearly that it had always been his and his Government’s “intension” to abide by the agreement.  Even Winston Churchill, at no point in his years as Prime Minister did the Churchill Government uphold even one Article of the agreed contract.

Balfour Declaration in truth and context

Balfour Declaration importance results from its recognition of the historical rights of the Jewish People to a National Home, in their Homeland, by a world government – as opposed to that of the Blackstone Memorial, which was by individuals.  A “world government” but not yet by general world governments; the broader recognition arrives slightly later, at San Remo.  The declaration dates from 2 November 1917, and was initiated by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Balfour, as a letter to Dr. Haim Weizmann, head of the World Zionist Organisation, which was the recognized representative of the Jewish People.

The Declaration was NOT a unilateral act of Britain.  On 4 June 1917, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jules Cambon, wrote that the French government “felt sympathy” for the cause, as “renaissance of the Jewish nationality in that Land from which the people of Israel were exiled so many centuries ago.”  British diplomacy also secured support of US President Wilson.

There was also Ottoman Government agreement encouraging establishment of a Jewish Homeland; with historical precedent from sixteenth century actions of Suleiman.  On 12 August 1918, Grand Vizier Talaat Pasha, issued: “… We have resolved to do away with all restrictive measures and definitely to abolish the restrictive regulations regarding the immigration and settlement of Jews in Palestine.  I assure you of my sympathy for the creation of a Jewish religious center in Palestine by means of well-organized immigration and colonization.  It is my desire to place this work under the protection of the Turkish government.”[4]  Add to this the letter of strong support from Assad (grandfather to the Butcher of Damascus).

Britain assumed this was simply an alternate method to acquire an additional colony to join its ‘collection’ and never intended to keep any of its agreements, and in fact did not.

Chronology of signed agreements:

(1)          In British-Ottoman negotiations of 1911-1913, Britain upheld sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ottoman Empire (except where breached prior to this agreement).  Britain broke this agreement with the Constantinople Agreement and its subsequent agreements.
(2)          From 4 March 1915 until 10 April 1915, a series secret of “diplomatic exchanges” between Britain, France and Russia, initiated by Russian Foreign Minister Sazonov; collectively “The Constantinople Agreement.”  This was a “first attempt” by the parties to divide up the Ottoman Empire in the event of their victory.  There would be three additional agreements to follow:
(3)          The London Agreement of 26 April 1915,
(4)          the Sykes-Picot Agreement of April-October 1916
(5)          the Saint-Jean de Maurienne Agreement of April-August 1917.[5]
“As it happened, key Foreign Office officials had their own reasons for dissatisfaction with the Sykes-Picot agreement.  For one thing, the British were bearing the major burden of military operations in the Near East, and felt that they were entitled to more for their efforts than the agreement provided.  They were entitled, for example, to control of the eastern flank of the Suez Canal; namely the Sinai Peninsula and Palestine.  Yet the Foreign Office had no ‘moral’ justification for a British protectorate over Palestine.  It occurred to Lloyd George that a Jewish National Home might well provide that justification.”[6]

In 1917, the war was going badly.  Russia had left the field after the first revolution, while France was bogged down in trenches with no way out.

(6)          On 26 December 1915, Britain concluded an agreement with Abd al Aziz ibn al Rahman al Feisal al Saud (better known as ibn Saud – progenitor of the present Saud dynasty in Saudi Arabia).  This was the first (of many) breaks with the agreement with the Ottoman Empire.  With this, Britain paid ibn Saud some five thousand British Pounds Sterling per month.

(7)          There followed one of the most controversial acts of Britain in the War.  “Perhaps no other British commitment in the Middle East in World War I attracted greater and more conflicting attention in the three decades following the war that the Husayn-McMahon correspondence. (14 July 1915 to 10 March 1916)”[7]  Note that only in 1960 was the actual content released to public record.  The correspondents were Henry McMahon, British High Commissioner for Egypt and Husayn ibn Ali Al Abadila, the Sharif of Mecca, the holiest spot for all Muslims.  Britain’s objective was for the Sharif to initiate and lead a revolt against Ottoman rule in the Arabian Peninsula; despite the previous agreement with the Ottomans.  The most historically significant aspect of this agreement was the great British effort, with centuries of diplomatic experience, for vague and ambiguous wording.  This perfidy plagues the Middle East until the present – indeed, British misconduct is the primary source of the conflict between State of Israel and the Arabs.

(8)          The Tripartite Sykes-Picot Agreement on the Partition of the Ottoman Empire: Britain, France and Russia – 26 April 1916 to 23 October 1916.  This agreement caused formation of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq as Arab “States” while disregarding the Kurds.  The Golan Heights were ceded to the French on 7 March 1923, under terms of the Paulet-Newcombe Agreement; a subsidiary to Sykes-Picot; thus the international disagreement over the Golan Heights, as neither Sykes-Picot nor Paulet-Newcombe had validity; nor were they in any way reasonable to the populations of the areas under discussion. [8]

“Into Mesopotamia – a vague geographical concept that at its largest embraced the Ottoman vilayets of Basrah, Baghdad, and Mosul – British-Indian forces moved only slowly, when they moved at all.  Following the seizure of the city of Basrah as early as 22 November 1914, more than two years elapsed before British-Indian units took Baghdad (11 March 1917) … The Palestine campaign reopened with a flourish in the fall of 1917, after long and hesitant preparation and initial reverses in 1916, only to stall after the Egyptian Expeditionary Force captured Jerusalem in December 1917.”[9]

(9)          The British Balfour Declaration of Sympathy with Zionist Aspirations – 4 June 1917 to 2 November.  [In interest of brevity, the full text of the Declaration is not included here.  Also, the NILI story, though integral, is also omitted.  Full texts can be found in my books – MBM.]

Lloyd George, in his autobiography, asserted that Britain, at issuance, had “no intention” of not keeping the Declaration; “of aborting the possibility of an ultimate Jewish commonwealth in Palestine”.  Full text of the Balfour Declaration was incorporated as an integral part of both the San Remo Resolution and the British Mandate for Palestine from the League of Nations; Transforming the Declaration from a “letter of intent” to a legally-binding and foundational document under international law.  Note: NO Arab nation, organisation or entity opposed the San Remo Resolution.

Britain never had any intention of keeping their sworn word.

“It has been urged that the expression ‘a national home for the Jewish people’ offered a prospect that Palestine might in due course become a Jewish State or Commonwealth.  His Majesty’s Government do not wish to contest the view, which was expressed by the Royal Commission, that the Zionist leaders at the time of the Balfour Declaration recognised that an ultimate Jewish State was not precluded by the terms of the Declaration.  But, with the Royal Commission, His Majesty’s Government believe that the framers of the Mandate in which the Balfour Declaration was embodied could not have intended that Palestine should be converted into a Jewish State against the will of the Arab population of the country.”[10]

The League of Nations agreed the British refused to abide by their sworn word.  “In June (1939) the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations unanimously concluded  ‘that the policy set out in the White Paper was not in accordance with the interpretation which, in agreement with the mandatory Power and the Council, the Commission had placed upon the Palestine mandate’ (Minutes of the Thirty-sixth Session, p. 275).”[11]

This statement of “Mandatory Policy” before Parliament went unchallenged despite the explicit statement to the contrary in the Mandate Document:

“Article 2: The Mandatory shall be responsible for placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish national home, as laid down in the preamble, and the development of self-governing institutions, and also for safe-guarding the civil and religious rights of all the inhabitants of Palestine, irrespective of race and religion.”[12]

This is ultimately very important, because interdiction British policy and mass murder was never given Parliament approval, was never passed as law.

All tens of thousands of Jews killed were killed extra-judicially and illegally.

Balfour himself later declared that there had been NO intention to form a Jewish State and that the Declaration was perfidy.


Following is a brief display of quantities of Jews Murdered by Britain during the Mandate: this is NOT complete, new discoveries still occur.  Warship Ramming of an unarmed civilian ship on the High Seas (not territorial waters) because the Capitan “suspects” they may in the future commit a crime not Parliamentary proscribed is a crime.  More than 1,700 Jews were murdered by the British Navy by ramming, alone.


category venue date high low comment
Labour Strike Israel 20/04/1936 80 80
seashore Israel 02/09/1939 2 2 first British shot of WWII
Italian AF Israel 11/06/1941 20 20
Struma sea 24/02/1942 800 769 sunk by soviet submarine, by order of Lord Moyne
British partol Israel 18/02/1944 1 1 police patrol shot & killed a Jewish civilian who did not reply swiftly to its challenge
CID Israel 19/03/1944 1 1 Lehi member killed by CID in Tel Aviv
Tanais sea 09/06/1944 300 300
Mefkure sea 05/08/1944 298 296 5 refugees survived
Eliahu BetZuri & Eliahu Hakim Israel 23/03/1945 2 2 Cairo-Moyne assassins
S.S. Astir sea 22/04/1945 339 339 sailed not provisioned, wandered 16 weeks 385 survived out of 724
SS Cap Arcona sea 03/05/1945 4,500 4,000 sunk by RAF
terrorists Israel 12/12/1945 17 17
Wingate sea 25/03/1946 1 1 fired on in Haifa
British troops Israel 20/06/1946 2 2
Operation Agatha Israel 29/06/1946 4 4 2,718 arrested, 80 injured
deportations Israel 13/08/1946 3 3 7 wounded, two Royal Navy ships departed for Cyprus with 1,300 immigrants & ship with 600 more was escorted into the port
Dov Hos sea 02/09/1946 2 2
Palmach sea 22/09/1946 1 1
Latrun sea 19/10/1946 4 4
Tel Aviv, police riot Israel 18/11/1946 5 5 20 Jews injured, British police attacked Jews on the streets and fired into houses
Knesset Israel sea 25/11/1946 2 2 captured by 4 British destroyers.. 46 wounded.
1,000-man cordon on Sharon Israel 26/11/1946 8 8 75 wounded
terrorists Israel 12/12/1946 134 119
LaNegev sea 09/02/1947 1 1
Martial law Israel 01/03/1947 2 2 4-year-old girl killed in home, 78 arrested
Britain patrol Israel 07/04/1947 2 2 Moshe Cohen, along with a boy
Theodor Herzl sea 13/04/1947 3 3 27 injured, immigrant ship
Guardian sea 14/04/1947 2 2 14 injured, Royal Navy
Hangings Israel 19/04/1947 4 4 Dov Gruner, Yehiel Dresner, Mordechai Alkahi & Eliezer Kashani hanged by British
Hangings Israel 21/04/1947 2 2 Meir Feinstein & Moshe Barzani killed in prison
tortured & killed a boy Israel 06/05/1947 1 1 British unit abducted 16-year-old Alexander Rubowitz tortured & killed
Exodus sea 11/07/1947 3 3 ship rammed, they were bludgeoned to death
Hangings Israel 29/07/1947 3 3 Sargent’s’ affair
British police riot Israel 01/08/1947 5 5 33 injured during funerals, British police in 6 armoured cars, smashed windows, raided two cafes & detonated grenade in second & fired into two crowded buses
British partol Israel 15/08/1947 1 1
Af Al Pi Chen sea 27/09/1947 1 1 10 injured
immigrant Israel 27/09/1947 1 1
terrorists Israel 12/12/1947 5 5
terrorists Israel 12/12/1947 22 22
Trans-Jordan Army fired on buses Israel 14/12/1947 15 15 9 injured near Beth Nabala
British patrol Israel 16/12/1947 2 2
British partol Israel 24/12/1947 2 2 shootings on streets & buses in Haifa
Palestine Post bomb Israel 01/02/1948 1 1 by 2 British agents
Ben Yehuda Str. bombing Israel 22/02/1948 58 56 2 British agents
ships’ ramming & drowned sea 1,600 1,600
Hashed concentration camp camps 25,000 20,000 Hashed
Cyprus camps 417 417
Eretria camps 12 10
Mauritius camps 377 377
34,068 28,516

Note that British warship interdictions continued through 1951.

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Mordechai ben Menachem is a prolific author. The article is a precise of  his 1,000 page book on European Antisemitism, “Now is History!”.

If you want a copy of the book write to him at

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  1. I have not read the article fully .Yet.

    Just a little Correction. Victoria was not crowned n 1819 but only after the death of her uncle William 4th in 1837. She was crowned in 1838.
    Although not exactly a monster in my opinion, she was pretty smug and narcissistic. She was a prig, She persecuted one of her mother’s female attendants, Lady Flora Hastings by false accusations of illegitimate pregnancy.

    It was a fatal liver cancer.

    One thing about the Irish famine. Very briefly. They were reared mostly on potatoes and a very little occasional meat. They grew many crops whch ALL went to their English Landlords.

    The many ships of grain sent to Ireland rotted in the docks .The irish could not eat it.
    Without their staple-potatoes- they starved by the roadside, in their cottages , fields and everywhere.
    Many books have been written about the Great famine, centring on the Potato Blight, which had been occasional and partial in the several previous years but broke out everywhere in 1847.

    It seems to me that the writer completely misunderstood the Irish addiction to potatoes. No amount of other food could they eat at all. So whatever ,say, the Sultan sent, was useless without full knowledge of their lack of capacity to eat it. It is a unique quality.

    So no more is needed here.

  2. The truth is mind blowing.
    “All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun tzu, The Art of War.
    This article confirms that the same should be said of diplomacy. “All Diplomacy is deception”

  3. Here is an even bigger bombshell.
    Recent research by Phd. Guido Preparata has led to a book he has written,’Conjuring Hitler’. In Conjuring Hitler he has shown how Montague Norman at the Bank of England,along with the Federal Reserve Bank in N.Y.C,cultivated & financed Hitler.this was in the early 1920’s & helped him gain power in Germany in 1933!
    In the 1930’s western Capitol flooded into Germany & rebuilt the German War Machine.What was the plan?
    The Plan was to turn Nazi Germany into a World Class military power & manipulate Hitler into attacking the Soviet Union!
    Presumably after the Germans & the Russians destroyed each other,Britain would step in and pick up all the pieces of wealth in Russia! First they set up Poland to take the fall & allow the Germans to move East To border the Soviet Union in 1939.
    Than they waited for the big war to the East.
    The Problem for the Conniving Brits was that Hitler had his own ideas & attacked west instead in the spring of 1940.
    This forced Britain into the war it never intended to enter
    This also caused FDR to drag the USA into the war to help his
    Anglo-Saxon Cousins in Britain!

  4. All the Author stated just goes to show that Perfidious Albion was very perfidious & has always been this way! To this day it is! a major force behind the turmoil in Israel!
    Many say it is Biden,but Biden is just a puppet of the British Privy Council & George Soros is an agent of the Council!
    The Democrats In Washington are America’s Vichy loyal to London instead of Berlin