China Lied, People Died: Inside China’s Death Labs

May 5, 2020 | 3 Comments » | 442 views

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. This is the best-presented analysis I’ve ever seen, of China’s culpability in the pandemic. It’s too bad, that so many here deny there even is a pandemic. China loves those people.

  2. “Chinese coronavirus researcher, 37, at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center who was on the verge of releasing ‘very significant findings’ is shot and killed in a murder-suicide
    Mystery as coronavirus researcher, 37, on verge of ‘significant findings’ killed in
    A well-respected University of Pittsburgh Medical Center researcher was said to have been on the verge of ‘very significant findings’ related to the coronavirus when police say he was killed in an apparent murder-suicide. Dr Bing Liu, 37, was alone at his home in the 200 block of Elm Court in Ross Township on Saturday afternoon when another man – identified as 46-year-old Hao Gu – allegedly entered the residence through an unlocked door and opened fire. Liu was struck by bullets in the head, neck and torso, and died of his injuries. His wife was not home at the time of the homicide, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. The couple do not have children. Police said Gu then returned to his car parked 100 yards away at Charlemagne Circle and turned the gun on himself. Liu had been working to better understand the cellular mechanisms that underlie Covid-19.” From Today’s Daily Mail. This is an unbelievably sinister development that underscores the accuracy of this video.

  3. @ Shmuel Mohalever:
    “Police believe the deaths occurred on Saturday after a “lengthy dispute regarding an intimate partner,”

    These things happen.

    Concerning the release of the virus from China, if this had been planned (which seems unlikely), it would have been the opening salvo against the Western World with a Chinese-engineered bioweapon. Within two months, it had infected the ENTIRE WORLD; and ALL the collective resources of humanity were unable to stop it from doing its damage. Seening that China itself suffered little damage, I would say that opening shot was highly successful.

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