Courage in an age of moral degeneracy

T. Belman. I am more surprised and disgusted with the support Hamas is getting throughout the world than I am with the depravity of Hamas.

As we reel from both evil and its facilitators, we salute those who publicly call this out


Courage, Anxiety and Despair: Watching the Battle; James Sant, c 1850

The news at present is unrelentingly grim. The Hamas pogrom in Israel two weeks ago didn’t just visit a very great evil upon that nation. It also revealed that this evil is embedded in the west.

Onto the streets of Britain, America, Germany and elsewhere have poured tens of thousands of people baying for the destruction of Israel, celebrating the depraved Hamas atrocities against Israeli men, women, children and babies and bringing the pathological Jew-hatred that’s been coursing through the west now for many years to a terrifying crescendo.

At such a terrible time, the Jewish people once again feel very alone. It’s not just the fanatical supporters of the genocidal Palestinian agenda to destroy Israel and murder the Jews — horrifying though they are — who are causing such distress. Worse still is how these murderous Jew-haters are indulged, legitimised, sanitised, enabled and encouraged by so-called liberals who promulgate the Jew-haters’ malevolent blood libels, promote a moral equivalence between genocide and resistance, and invert truth and lies, right and wrong, victim and victimiser.

These virtue-signalling “progressives” briefly wrung their hands over the Israelis who were tortured, raped, beheaded or burned alive by the savages of Hamas, and then averted their gaze to get down to business as normal — blaming the Jews for their own destruction. Dead Jews are the natural order of things; Jews who fight to stay alive cannot be permitted to upset it.

It’s very important, therefore, to acknowledge that this is itself a distorted picture of public opinion. There are millions of decent people who are horrified by what happened in Israel, who are aghast at the jubilant Jew-hatred now rampant on the streets and university campuses of Britain, America and elsewhere, and who understand that this evil that’s been unleashed threatens them too.

And there are also some individuals who are bravely and publicly telling the unambiguous truth, and confronting head-on the nauseating hypocrisy and cowardice of the so-called liberals who are dominant in political and cultural life and whose accommodation with evil has brought western civilisation to this terrifying inflexion point in its existence.

Here are some who have caught my eye over the past few days.

  • This is Mohammad Kabiya, an Israeli Arab Muslim reservist in the Israel Defence Forces, telling the unvarnished truth about Hamas and Israel’s need to defend itself — while the BBC Arabic station’s anchor vainly tries to “put the other side”, ie defend Hamas, in the BBC style to which we have become accustomed.

  • This is Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, packing a terrific emotional punch at a “New York Stands With Israel” rally.

“You marched with us with Dr. King. You stood with us with all the fights we have. And I’m saying we’re going to stand with you and stand united together. And we don’t have to be all right. We should be angry at what we saw. Thank you, Israel.”

  • The British commentator and author Douglas Murray, interviewed on Talk TV by Julia Hartley-Brewer, took apart the “deep perversion” of Britain’s callow and idiotic requirement for Israel alone to make a “proportionate response” to genocidal attack. To watch, click here.


  • This is British politics professor Matthew Goodwin on BBC TV’s Politics Live, letting fly at the BBC’s coverage of Israel and Hamas.

“I can’t remember a time in my life when I’ve felt more ashamed by our national debate”. Read Matt’s Substack blog here.

  • This is US Senator Ted Cruz, at the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee confirmation hearing for the prospective US ambassador to Israel Jacob Lew, absolutely ripping into both Lew and the Biden administration over their responsibility for the Hamas pogrom by having systematically appeased and empowered Iran. Epic.

  • Finally for now, Shai Davidai, an Israeli-American Assistant Professor of Management at Columbia Business School, New York, called out university presidents by name for allowing incitement against Jews by pro-terror organisations on campus.

“To the pro-terror organisations on campus…my two year-old daughter is a legitimate target of resistance; that’s what they’re saying, you’re allowed to murder and kidnap my two year-old daughter in the name of resistance; and none of the presidents of universities all around the country are willing to take a stand”.

To watch this impassioned denunciation, click here.

We should celebrate these courageous souls, and thank them for taking such a stand for truth, civilisation and the Jewish people.

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How Britain lost itself

There has been widespread shock and disgust at the massive pro-Palestinian demonstrations held yesterday in London and other British cities. With the civilised world still reeling from the harrowing images of last Saturday’s barbaric Palestinian Hamas pogrom in which at least 1300 Israelis were murdered, with babies and the elderly among those who were butchered, beheaded and burned alive and around 150 kidnapped into Gaza as hostages, these demonstrations were beyond obscene.

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  1. @EvRe
    I watched the Hanson interview also. I found him to be optimistic than me. In essence he was looking past the few people leading the antisemitic charge and the MSM. He thinks that broadly speaking Americans know the truth and support Israel. He also thinks that mainstream Democrats, like Shumer, are forcing Biden to back off and support Israel.

    I didn’t post it because it is over an hour long and I wasn’t as optimistic as he was.

  2. Hi, EvRe

    if they really attack Israel, that could really be a miscalculation. He thinks Israel would go “medieval” on them.

    I have heard people TALKING about stereotyping of Jews; but that’s as close as i’ve come to these matters. Even so, I peresonally have one stereotype of them, and that is that Jews are


    of “going Meideval”

    Jews are accused of many things in the media; and Left-wing crazies have done their best to paint an image of a “Fascist” Jew, complete with swastika armband; but that is all so patently silly.

    When I think of cruel, heartless Jews, names that come to mind are

    1. Yuval Noah Harari
    2. George Soros
    3. Adam Schiff
    4. Chuck Schumer
    5. Merrick Garland
    6. Alejandro Mayorkas

    and the like. NONE of them could ever be described as “Medieval”, unless one wants to describe “Medieval” as RAMBAM or Baal Shem Tov — hardly Hagar the Horrible or Genghis Khan.

    Then again, you know Jews much better than I do.

  3. It is good to know there are some people, even a Muslim man, who can see the truth with their own eyes.

    All these videos were helpful to watch.

    I also would like to amend some of my previous comments about support for Israel from the people of the United States. I do not watch or read legacy media. Most of my family and those living in my state are progressive, and politics is not usually discussed.

    I wrote that the democrat establishment in the US is a lost cause. I wrote that because I personally have not heard any democrat in Congress say anything in support of Israel after the barbarism from Hamas began.

    I also have watched over the last few years that whenever support for the Palestinian cause and anti-Israel statements are made from the halls of Congress by democrats NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT EVER SPEAKS AGAINST THEM OR GIVES A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.

    However, that said, I don’t have a wide array of contacts around the country from whom I could get a sampling of opinions left and right about the war in Israel.

    Today I was listening to a discussion in which Victor Davis Hanson was discussing the war, and according to him, a large number of democrats want Israel to have free reign to defeat Hamas. If it were only conservatives or Republicans, the Biden administration would not have to listen, as Biden doesn’t hear anything the conservatives say as anything but “extremist” rhetoric. But if his own party is speaking loudly that they want Israel free to defeat Hamas, Biden is going to have difficulty reigning Israel in.

    In fact, Victor Davis Hanson basically said there is no Western country that can reign Israel in after what happened.

    Perhaps he considers calls for “cease fire” as so much noise that Israel need not listen to.

    He also said that Iran and Hizb’allah, may be feeling elated at how well the war went for them, and perhaps they will fire missiles from Lebanon. Should they fire a large number of missiles, Israel will definitely have to respond. Apparently in Beirut, they are just barely recovering since the last attack from Israel. Hanson said, they should be very cautious because if they really attack Israel, that could really be a miscalculation. He thinks Israel would go “medieval” on them.

    So Hanson thinks Israeli forces will go into Gaza section by section, and it will be a sophisticated effort. There will be a need to go into the tunnels where hostages are probably being kept. But he believes Israel can do it, and Hamas will not know where in Gaza Israel will go next.

    I have not fully finished the video, but because I think Mr. Hanson has access to a wider array of people and sources, I should share with you that I may have been in error in some of my previous comments here.

  4. Jewish NYC lawmaker Inna Vernikov arrested after carrying gun to pro-Palestinian protest

    ‘Can’t break us’: Brooklyn Nets preseason game against Israeli team turns into catharsis for Israel supporters
    By Luke Tress October 13, 2023 10:56 am

    ‘Kidnapped’ posters calling attention to Israeli hostages keep getting torn down

    Outside U.N., families of hostages and Jewish leaders plead to bring home Hamas captives

    19-year-old charged with hate crimes in reported attack on Israeli student at Columbia U

    At New York Comic Con, creators and fans celebrate Jewish identity

    Jewish students at NYU raise $22,000 for Israel in 24 hours