Danon: Nikki Haley being considered as Trump VP

By Ted Belman

Nikki Haley Embodies What's Wrong with the Republican Party | The ...

Former Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon told Yuval Karni on the morning show of the Knesset Channel that “There are rumors that former ambassador Nikki Haley will run as vice president [alongside Trump].”

“I know it`s being considered.”

When Nikki Haley resigned from her post at the UN, I stated my belief that she will join Trump on the GOP ticket as the VP in 2020. I reasoned that that would position her to head the ticket in 2024.

Now that Biden has selected Kamala Harris to be his running mate, hoping to capitalize on her sex and her Indian roots, it would be a master stroke for Trump to replace Pence on this GOP ticket with Nikki Haley, who is obviously both a woman and an Indian. What’s more, she doesn’t have any of the baggage Harris is carrying.

The selection of Pence in 2016 assured Trump of the evangelical support. Four years later Trump himself has earned that support and thus no longer has to relying on Pence. Pence would not object as he is a true patriot.

Furthermore Trump has in effect declared economic war on China.  India and China have recently clashed militarily. With Halley as the Vice President, America and India will stand together against China.

I agree with Danon that such a move is being considered.

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12 Comments / 12 Comments

  1. I certainly hope not. Nikki Haley supported the Mueller investigation and does not have the anti-globalist attitude required to succeed Trump.

  2. @ Ted Belman:

    If it is going to be a clear choice for me between Harris and Haley. Haley had a very interesting interview on US Public Broadcasting program hosted by Margaret Hoover called ‘Firing Line’.
    I would expect Biden to step aside and allow Harris to be President sooner rather than later. On the other hand, I believe Trump could easily waltz through the four years of his second term standing on his head.
    It would be great if Israpundit could vett them both, an objective side by side comparison for all to view. It would be a feather in Israpundit’s cap, if it is of interest.
    What say you, Mr. Belman.

  3. @ Wooly Mammoth:
    I think there is no comparison so its not worth the effort to do so. Haley was fabulous as Ambassador of the US to the UN.

    Harris has many strikes against her.I have posted a number of articles which attack her and for good reason.

  4. Harris supports the Iran Deal, opposes Jewish settlement and Sovereignty, supports Ilhan Omar, boycotted the AIPAC conference and then met with AIPAC representatives privately in her office. She is a complete opportunist who will go with the dominant trend in the Democratic party. She likes to say she is pro-Israel but she isn’t and she has a record. She’s been a hypocrite on every issue and apparently corrupt. She is exactly like Biden. From a pro-Israel standpoint, it really doesn’t matter who Trump picks as VP. Pence and Haley are both unconditionally pro-Israel. Both Biden and Harris will be adversaries. Leftists don’t consider Indians people of color. Indian-Americans might be unfriendly to Trump because of his limitations on H1B Visas. Nobody cared that Palin was a woman. The left was more sexist than anybody. Nobody who is influenced by identity politics will vote for Trump, anyway.

  5. Haley has been publicly critical of Trump as has Harris Biden. But, the relationship is very different. I can’t really see Trump picking her.

  6. I like Haley a lot but do not believe Trump is trading out Pence unless he believes he is losing and must pull a rabbit out of the hat.

    Very skeptical. Danon unless he was asked to issue a trial balloon should have kept his mouth shut. Danon is close with Haley so maybe he is just trying to promote her. He should stay out of US politics.

    Post Bibi he will try and get into Likud leadership but will never make it to the top spot but perhaps one of the leadership roles. Bibi got rid of him (to the UN) like so many others when he was challenging Bibi from the right.

  7. @ Bear Klein:
    Bibi was UN ambassador during the first Intifada, 1988-90. In fact, his emphasis and unique talents lie chiefly in the area of international diplomacy as well as economics where he also had gotten a lot of experience in finance in the US. That really gave him his start. I remember seeing him on US television all the time being interviewed then. He had a real presence. His opposite number on American television was Hanan Ashrawi who presented herself as the voice of Palestinian civil liberties and opposition to war and inequality.

  8. @ Bear Klein:
    MInd you, I am aware of his military background and accomplishents, as well, but I think his tenure as UN ambassador really shaped his political emphasis more than anything else and it’s what enabled him to rise politically. Being able to talk like an American to the American public helped a lot, too. Of course, the Mainstream Media had not yet taken a firmly hostile stance to Israel so he had more of an opening but he had real charisma. I have heard Danon speak and he’s terrific but Bibi really made that post a bully pulpit so it’s possible for somebody with that kind of presence. He was simply not somebody who could be ignored. So, the UN does not, in my opinion, necessarily constitute a political wilderness, exile, backwater for everyone. It also made NIkkie Haley into the star that she is.

  9. @ Bear Klein:
    Haley’s successor is also a defender of Israel in the UN but, frankly, I have trouble remembering her name. So, I think it really depends on the person in the post. It’s an intangible thing. They are/were all very good people but not equally noticeable and memorable.

  10. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    You are correct about Bibi. Some of his lasting effects even before he became PM but as Finance Minister is he got rid of most of the government run companies and helped shepherd in the Free Market to Israel.

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