Dividing Jerusalem has little support among Israeli Jews.

Polls: 73.2% Investigate PM now,
73.4% Winograd should make personal recommendations,
45.4% Transfer Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem in peace agreement

Do you support oppose the transfer of the Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem within the framework of a peace agreement with the Palestinians? [AL: It would be interesting to see if the respondents have a clue regarding the geographic location and/or proximity of these “neighborhoods”]

Total: Certainly support 34.4% Considerably 11.2% Considerably oppose 10.5%
Certainly oppose 30.9% Other 13.0%
Kadima voters: Certainly support 38.1% Considerably 16.1% Considerably
oppose 9.4% Certainly oppose 33.1% Other 3.1%
Likud voters: Certainly support 12.3% Considerably 5.1% Considerably oppose
16.3% Certainly oppose 46.1% Other 20.1%
Labor voters: Certainly support 50.7% Considerable 17.1% Considerably oppose
6.7% Certainly oppose 15.0% Other 10.5%

Once again this poll included Arab Israelis. When removed, we can deduce that only 30% of Jews favour the transfer of Jerusalem Arab neighbourhoods as part of a peace agreement.. It must be noted that the more that is agreed to be transfered, the less support there will be. Furthermore the less sovereignty we retain over the Holy Basin, the less support there will be. And finally, the more the agreement is really a hudna, the less support there will be.

Now how do I justify excluding Arab Israelis from these polls. I start with the premise that Israel is a Jewish State . Thus questions of defense and identity are to be determined by Jews alone.

Israel belongs to the Jews.

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1 Comment / 1 Comment

  1. What would the poll results be if the question was posed this way- Do you favor transferring the arab neighborhoods in E. Jerusalem knowing that they will be used to attack Jerusalem and its surrounds with Kassams or worse. That from these densely populated Arab neighborhoods it would be easy to infiltrate into Jerusalem proper?

    I said in a previous Post that all the concentration on Jerusalem deflects the opposition to giving up J @ S. Its like using misdirection in order to slip by and create a massive sellout of the Jewish people essentially under the table. http;//www.saveisrael.com/eldad/eldadhaaretz.htm

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