Does the CIA train NAZI mercenaries in Ukraine to use against us?


As I’ve said for years, the CIA and NWO grooms and trains Nazis in Ukraine to use in false flags and terror attacks all over the world. They were used in Charlottesville, the Parkland massacre, the Republican National ConventionGeorge Floyd riots…and so on and so on. The CIA tries to tie the very NAZIs they train to MAGA.

And now Laura Loomer has conclusive proof they were used at J6! More on that in a bit…

They use Ukraine to launder our money, they use Ukraine to create bioterror weapons, they use Ukraine to run and store the infrastructure and servers they use to steal elections, and they use Ukraine to create mercenaries to assassinate or attack anyone who gets in their way. Everything that’s illegal to do in the United States, they do in corrupt places like Ukraine.

I sure wish people would figure that out and take that Ukraine flag off of their profile page and flag pole. INSULTING!

LOOMER: This is massive. You all need to read this.

I have exclusively confirmed that the FBI identified Ukrainian operatives and Neo Nazis who were at the US Capitol on J6 and even questioned J6ers about these Ukrainian spies during interviews with the FBI.

During their private interview with Jacob Chansley, the FBI asked him how he knew a Ukrainian operative who took a photo with him the day of J6, 2021. Chansley didn’t know the guy, and FBI confirmed that the Ukrainian Sergai Dybynyn was a Ukrainian spy who is affiliated with the Nazi Azov Battalion.



This means the US Capitol was penetrated by Ukrainian spies and the US Government and FBI have still not arrested these people or made the public aware of foreign penetration. This is an act of war by Ukraine against the United States, and yet the US Government has sent $200 BILLION to Ukraine in the last 2 years.

The CIA is funding a color revolution in the United States via Ukrainian Nazis and American Nazis who are being recruited by the CIA and FBI to fight overseas in the Nazi Azov Battalion and then come back to the US to instigate Nazi political movements in a psyop intended to make [MAGA] right-wingers look bad.

The reality is, these people are Democrats and Biden supporters and the FBI has been hiding the fact that Ukrainian operatives penetrated the US Capitol on J6 and they have been hiding the fact that they are working with Ukrainian Nazis to instigate violence to subvert the US Government, including actions to impeach President Trump, instigate violence at Charlottesville which was used as Biden’s reason for running for President against Trump, and to stage violence at the Capitol on J6.

Now the FBI and CIA are using Ukrainian Nazis to instigate racial division in the US during an election year so that Neo Nazi marches pop up in red states (false flags) when voters are deciding who to vote for ahead of 2024.

This is a CIA-funded domestic terror operation [against We the People] intended to interfere in the U.S. Election and to make sure Donald Trump is never allowed to be President ever again.

This is treason. And everyone involved needs to go to prison.

This might be the biggest story I have ever uncovered.


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  1. @Michael@Raphael. Thanks for this discussion. Yes, Tierney can be over the top. The same for Loomer. No the US isn’t over run by Nazis. The role of the CIA is to overturn foreign governments by any means necessary. Often times they enlist the devil e.g. ISIS and Nazis, to do their bidding. Unfortunately the CIA is being used by Obama/Biden to help them maintain power.

  2. Hi, Raphael. Thank you for engaging me on these matters. I wonder,

    “Why do people seem to need to be “over the top” so much? Is life too boring for them? BTW, do stores still have those tabloids next to the checkout lines? My wife took over the shopping duties when the Plandemic hit; but it seems the everyday news on the Internet is all in sensationalist tabloid format.

    Are Americans all nazis?

    You know, in my 75 years, 74 of them in the US, I don’t recall ever even knowing one “Neo-Nazi”; yet, to read the media nowadays, you’d think the streets are crawling with them! I think it was 1976/77, when I saw my only Nazis; and they were the real thing: helmets, swastikas, the whole regalia. There might have been a dozen of them, all standing in the back of a flatbed truck: and that was the entire “Nazi movement” in Milwaukee, WI, the most German city in America. Jews came up from Skokie then, by the hundreds or thousands, to engage in loud protests against them (I didn’t see the Jews; just read about them in the newspaper). That was it: There were the Nazis, then the light changed and I went on to work.

    That was almost 50 years ago, maybe 20 years closer to WWII than to today. Some 25 years ago, there were some rowdies who threw rocks at the local synagogue. Compared to the 80 churches intentionally burned in Canada the past year or so, that seems like child’s play. Even so, I never actually SAW any “Neo-nazis”. Lots of people have tatoos — mostly in Chinese, it seems. I read recently, that twice as many women have tattoos nowadays as men; and most young people have them. Most of them seem to be Lefties, not Nazis.

    Of couse, the CIA is evil! And “lawyers” seems to be just a mis-spelling of “liars”. Politicians no longer need to move the lips, for you to know they’re lying. Call them Nazis, Commies, anything you want; but who needs superlatives? “Evil” or “Judge” or “President” will suffice.

    The Wagnerite with the Nazi tattoos was Utkin, its founder. Concerning Macgregor, he’s full of vodka. I saw a video of a Russian soldier slitting the throat of a fellow, bound, Russian soldier, while his comerades cheered. Those people are no longer human, if they ever were. War brings that out in people, on all sides — ALL sides.

    I guess that’s it. My brother-in law died, a few days ago. He was spending some sort of “story time” with grade school kids, telling them stories about his experiences in the USMC. He was always doing things to support his fellow Marines. He would go on details to honor fallen comerades and hand the flag to their widows. In a couple of days, another Marine will be handing the flag to my sister.

    Thanks again, Raphael. God bless and keep you.

  3. @ Michael S

    Are Americans all nazis? Certainly not. We are a mix of many opinions and ideologies. Those we would call nazis on the far Right are few in number and insignificant in their effect. Those on the Left, however, are numerous, powerful, and dangerous.

    Is the CIA evil? Yes. Superlatives are inadequate to describe its “evilness”.

    Do Ukrainians follow Hitler? Those who currently rule Ukraine clearly follow a nazi-like ideology, but I think that most Ukrainians just want to get on with their lives.

    I assume that you are referring to Prigozhin (sp?) when you speak of “Putin’s main ally, a devotee of Wagner, and “his dead body”. In order to be a personal friend of Hitler, he (or anyone else) would have had to be very old, don’t you think?

    Regarding Russian treatment of Ukrainian POWs, attrocities do happen in war. Horrible stuff. I do not think, however, that the Russian leadership condones it in any way, shape or form. Keep in mind that reports/videos of attrocities may be disinformation. FWIW, Col. Douglas Macgregor frequently states that the Russians treat Ukrainian POWs very well.

  4. Tierney is always way over the top. It’s grocery store check-out line tabloid stuff. I don’t completely disregard it, however, as someday, it may provide the missing clues to understand all the chaos we are going through.

  5. What’s the implication, Ted? That Americans are all Nazis? That the CIA is evil? That Ukrainians follow Hitler?

    Is there anything here of redeeming value? Putin’s main ally in the war against the Ukrainians was a devotee of Wagner, a personal friend of Hitler; and his dead body was identified by his Nazi tattoos. What should I conclude from all this?

    Here’s a sample of how Russians deal with unarmed prisoners (not for the faint-hearted))