Donald J Trump

By Ben Shapiro

Nobody saw this coming.

Except Bill Mitchell.

But nobody who follows the data, including members of the Trump team, saw this coming. Donald Trump didn’t just win a victory last night. He radically changed the electoral map – he won Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. He won Florida and Ohio and North Carolina. He cleaned up in rural districts, but he won in a few shockingly urban areas, too, including precincts in Philadelphia. Trump said he’d do it. I doubted him; I got it wrong. Utterly, completely, dead wrong.

Here are the four worst losers in the Trump wave:

Hillary Clinton. Hillary has been officially named Worst Politician In The History Of Humanity™. She lost to Barack Obama in 2008, with the entire Democratic Party infrastructure on her side. That was at least justifiable – Obama is an excellent politician. But then she nearly lost in the primaries to a septuagenarian asylum escapee, then lost to the most unpopular major party candidate in American history. She lost even though the president under whom she served had an approval rating north of 50 percent. She lost even though her husband is one of the more popular presidents of the last 50 years. She lost even though she was running as a woman on a war of the sexes theme against a guy caught on tape saying he can “grab ‘em by the p****.” And she lost.


Barack Obama. Obama remains popular personally. But his agenda has alienated huge swaths of the American populace. Obamacare will be repealed and replaced – and was a dying behemoth anyway. Obama’s executive actions will be destroyed. Obama won’t get to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court. Obama’s narrative of a racist America in need of his guidance from on high has been repudiated. His belief that America is a negative force in the world has been forcibly rejected. Obama’s race-based coalition failed Hillary Clinton and drove opposition in the form of Trumpism. Obama paved the way for Trump by becoming a celebrity-politician; in the process he made Trump possible. Now he’ll have to hand over the keys to the White House to the man who said he was born in Kenya. Hilarity ensues.

The Media. Donald Trump ran against the media more than anyone else in this election cycle. The media openly rooted against him. They fact-checked him in chyrons. They added disclaimers to stories stating openly that Trump was a racist and a sexist and a bigot. They could not believe that their coverage of Trump wasn’t sinking him. And it didn’t – because as Bill Maher rightly pointed out, the same members of the media cried wolf about Republicans including the spotless Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, the media declared Trump’s supporters a group of racists – even after spending eight years ripping Americans as racist rubes, bitter clingers of the highest order. Exit polls showed that three quarters of Americans think the media would rather earn money than tell the truth. And American voters tossed them overboard with a vengeance.

Senate Democrats. The Democrats in the Senate counted on a Trump collapse to hand them power. They didn’t gain the Senate last night, and now they face a disastrous prospect in 2018 – five Democrats in vulnerable seats, with an empowered Donald Trump operating with a Republican majority. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) has experienced his crowning loss. So much for the notion that Republican obstructionism would be punished by the voters. It turns out the voters feared Democratic dominance more.

A lot of the right people lost last night. Now it’s up to Donald Trump and the GOP to parlay those leftist political and media losses into true victories for Americans.

I’ll be praying.

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  1. Awesome: I just learned a new word from this article:

    Chyron: An electronically generated caption superimposed on a television or cinema screen.

    and found this, appropriately enough:

    15 Hilarious News Chyron mistakes:

    — though actually, “to kill to death” is Yiddish.

    f I Am Not For Myself: The Liberal Betrayal of the Jews
    By Ruth R. Wisse

    yiddish “to kill to death”–oU&sig=fHFge4puUrcN8QmsYT4euwpnjik&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj65MCCqp3QAhVIzIMKHYkND8UQ6AEIJDAC#v=onepage&q=yiddish%20%22to%20kill%20to%20death%22&f=false

  2. For many years, I have been an election volunteer coordinator (EVC) for the National Rifle Association Inatitute for Legislative Action (MRA-ILA for Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District.

    In that capacity, I have attended many statewide Republican political conventions. I have spoken to student groups in high schools. I have testified on gun rights-related matters before committees of the Wisconsin State Legislature. And I have commented copiously on blog-sites and in publishable letters to daily and weekly newspapers.

    I tend to be a relatively cooperative type of man, so long as I have involved myself in an organization whose goals serve my general political interests. Which means that I work rather than making waves among groups that I have chosen to serve.

    I am not boasting when I write that I was not at all surprised by this outstanding electoral victory by President Elect Trump and Vice President Elect Pence.

    We, and they, want nothing less than a nationalist American movement that will dominate the political culture of large segments of American society and the governing institutions of American society.

    Trump’s sure-footed political victories — the one he hasachieved over the past 15 months and more, and the ones that are yet to come, are are based on the perceptions of us activists that Trump knows exactly how far his newly politicized American followers will give him the power to shred and successfully redesign the political weltgeist of the various publics that comprise the political structure of the USA.

    What happened this week is truly revolutionary. Exactly how revolutionary, will come to be understood in the fullness of time. People like me will serve it for exactly that purpose.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  3. Marsha Said:

    The fifth loser was the never Trumper Ben Shapiro. We will never again pay to hear him speak or listen to his radio show. He could have supported at least the positive things that Trump had going for him during the election season, but like the other never Trumpers he couldn’t sort out the good, like Trump’s support for Israel. Now he wants to make money from his after the
    Election opinions. Not interested.

    100 percent . I was listening to him and Kavan on the daily wire for a while but the attacks on Trump became absolutely nauseating and disgusting and just bat-crazzed irrational..
    I can never listen to him again.
    Now he is celebrating Trump’s victory???!!
    Ben! You are not one of us – get over there and join the losers in the penalty box.

  4. With all due respect to Trump and his relentless drive, and stamina, his greates help in winning was the very same establishment that did all in their power to blow him away.
    The harder they tried, the more the winds of justice blew in Trump’s direction.
    As more and more crime were exposed they became became the real groundbreaker in the elections.
    In the end criminality coupled with evil, and Trump’s ceaseless effort to drop the mask from Clinton/Obama and their ilk, truth and Justice has triumphed.

    Is there a lesson here maybe?

  5. I can’t believe these people didn’t see it coming. They all considered Trump a buffoon. BUT, they forgot who HE IS. He is really a marketing genius. It is THIS which propelled him into success. What “they” did Not see is he had strategy. He wasn’t being outrageous because he was a buffoon. It was clear from nearly the beginning that this was going to be his strategy. How many forgot what he said in the beginning about his followers. Furthermore, did he NOT say he could be “Presidential” WHEN the time came. He’s spent decades in marketing and he knew the landscape. Remember some thirty or so years ago he said “if” he would run he “would” win. At that time he said if this situation continued he felt he would have No choice but to run. Only those who didn’t really look at his history would conclude he was a buffoon and could “not” win. AND, what did Kirk say to Khan.

  6. The fifth loser was the never Trumper Ben Shapiro. We will never again pay to hear him speak or listen to his radio show. He could have supported at least the positive things that Trump had going for him during the election season, but like the other never Trumpers he couldn’t sort out the good, like Trump’s support for Israel. Now he wants to make money from his after the
    Election opinions. Not interested.

  7. I heard someone, I don’t know who, one of the commentators, last night talk about when Trump decided that he was going to stand for election. He was discussing it with his wife, and her comment was…. “I suppose you know that if you run, you’ll win…” She was obviously meaning how their lives would be changed….

  8. Sick of these NeverTrump and talking heads on MSM they know nothing and no they are trying to be relevant again.

    I know lots of people who thought Trump would win, the info was out there. You brainwashed people are so lost. For you reality jumped the shark. For me and others it as the elephant in the room.

  9. Among the biggest losers, and the most important as far as we are concerned, is the Muslim Brotherhood which has already declared Trump’s victory a “disaster”. Let us hope they are right.

    Why didn’t Ben Shapiro at least mention this?