Election Data Shows Millions of Votes Were Switched

DECLARES TRUMP’S CHANCES OF A SECOND TERM AT 80% at the recount level or 90% when the courts weigh in.

November 11, 2020 | 5 Comments »

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. @ Edgar G.:
    As you all know Youtube is functioning again. But I’ve seen a few reports, letters sent in to sites, saying that when youtube was closed down they removed many of the anti Biden video sites. How true I don’t know, but it sounds just what these “news” controllers would do. Perhaps not all, but some, and gradually more. Who knows???

  2. Still nothing doing. The videos don’t even show up now, only a blank page. Is it only me or have others also found the same thing…??

  3. @ Michael S:

    YOUTUBE IS OFF THE AIR.. Every screen says “an error occurred please try again later.” First time I’ve seen this happen/ maybe the you tube principals have been dragged away in handcuffs…… No such luck..