Trump Files Emergency Injunction In Michigan Alleging Fraud; Demands Recounts Over ‘Malfunctioning’ Dominion Machines

by Tyler Durden, ZERO HEDGE
Wed, 11/11/2020 – 06:55

The Trump campaign has requested an emergency injunction in a federal lawsuit aimed at preventing the State of Michigan from certifying the results of last week’s election until election officials can certify that only legally cast, on time, and legally observed ballots are included in the count. The campaign is alleging several types of fraud, misconduct, and invalidated ballots based on a number of reasons – including ‘malfunctioning’ vote counting machines made by Dominion Voting Systems.

The Tuesday night filing in the US District Court for the Western District of Michigan alleges, among other things, that officials prevented GOP challengers from observing the count, scanned “batches of the same ballots multiple times,” illegally accepted and pre-dated late ballots, including from unmonitored drop boxes, and that election workers illegally duplicated ballots,” according to a statement from the campaign. The lawsuit requeusts that the court toss all ballots not observed by a GOP election challenger who has been “allowed to meaningfully observe the process and the handling and counting of the ballot.”

Absentee ballot removed for counting at TCF Center in Detroit, Nov. 4 2020 (photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press)

GOP challengers allegedly blocked and intimidated: 

  • Many challengers testified that their ability to view the handling, processing, and  counting of ballots was physically and intentionally blocked by election officials.
  • At least three challengers said they were physically pushed away from counting tables by election officials to a distance that was too far to observe the counting.
  • Republican challengers who left the TCF Center were not allowed to return, while Democrats were, resulting in “many more Democratic challengers allowed to observe the processing and counting of absent voter ballots.”
  • Many challengers testified that they were intimidated, threatened, and harassed by election officials during the ballot processing and counting process.

GOP election challengers demand to be let into the TCF Center in Detroit on Wednesday, Nov 4 2020

For reference, here’s a video of people cheering as GOP poll watchers were thrown out of the TCF Center in Detroit as absentee ballots were counted.

Batches of ballots run through multiple times:

Multiple GOP challengers attested that “batches of ballots were repeatedly run through the vote tabulation machines,” with one challenger saying she observed “a stack of about fifty ballots being fed multiple times into a ballot scanner counting machine.” Another challenger claims they “observed a station where election workers were working on scanned ballots that had issues that needed to be manually corrected,” adding “I believe some of these workers were changing votes that had been cast for Donald Trump and other Republican candidates.”

When challengers did bring up issues with ballots, they were “ignored and disregarded,” according to the complaint, with one claiming that “ballots with votes for Trump were separated from other ballots,” and that when they raised challenges over ballot numbers which didn’t match their envelopes, they were “disregarded and ignored by election officials,” and the “ballots were processed and counted.”

The filing also claims that ballots which could not be read by a machine were unlawfully duplicated out of the view of challengers, and weren’t conducted by a bipartisan pair of election inspectors.

Faulty tabulation software:

The suit notes that in Antrim County, Michigan, voting machines manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems “were at fault” when they erroneously gave over 6,000 Trump votes to former Vice President Joe Biden. The ‘error’ – potentially affecting the same machines used in Wayne County – was blamed by Secretary of State Benson on a county clerk who failed to update certain “media drives.”

Also noted were Dominion machine errors in Oakland County Michigan, which resulted in a Democrat being wrongly declared the winner of a commissioner’s race by 104 votes – only to have their seat flip back to the rightful Republican candidate after the error was caught.

“These vote tabulator failures are a mechanical malfunction that, under MCL 168.831-168.839, requires a “special election” in the precincts affected,” reads the filing.

Back-dated absentee ballots:

The filing also alleges backdating of ballots, after attorney and GOP challenger Jessica Connarn says she was told by a poll worker told her they were “being told to change the date on ballots to reflect that the ballots were received on an earlier date.”

Connarn has provided a photograph of a note handed to her by the poll worker as evidence they were instructed to change the date so that absentee ballots received after 8:00 p.m. on Election Day would be counted.

Poll workers count absentee ballots for the city of Detroit at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. (Photo: Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press)

The Trump campaign also says that ballots were deposited in remote, unattended drop boxes which are “essentially equivalent to a polling place where a person can deposit a ballot,” but “there is no validation that the individual deposing a ballot in the box is an individual who is qualified to cast a vote or to lawfully deliver a ballot cast by a lawful voter.” The filing says that according to Michigan law, a remote ballot drop box “must use video monitoring of that drop box to ensure effective monitoring…

Now we wait to see if over 100 affidavits and Trump Campaign attorney Thor Hearne are able to persuade a Michigan judge to halt certifying Joe Biden winner the state.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia…

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  1. “This article is from today’s Gateway Pundit, by Joe Hoft:
    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Open Records Request Finds NO INVOICES OR WORK ORDERS on Reported Election Day Water Main Break in Atlanta — Here’s What We Found…

    Joe Hoft

    What really happened in Georgia when the water main reportedly broke causing a delay the election counting in the state?

    On election night in Georgia President Trump was running away with the Presidential election, then suddenly it was reported that vote counting had stopped in Fulton County due to a water main break in Atlanta.

    ballots in Georgia would not be counted due to a water main break:
    Nearly 40,000 absentee ballots will not be counted for the state of Georgia until at least Wednesday after a water main break, Fulton County officials said.

    According to officials, a water main break at State Farm Arena caused a pipe to burst. The burst pipe was discovered around 6 a.m. Counting of the ballots began at 11 a.m.

    WVLT8 also released a statement from the Secretary of State related to the incident:

    Tonight Fulton County will report results for approximately 86,000 absentee ballots, as well as Election Day and Early Voting results. These represent the vast majority of ballots cast within Fulton County.

    Did Democrats cheat in Georgia?

    As planned, Fulton County will continue to tabulate the remainder of absentee ballots over the next two days. Absentee ballot processing requires that each ballots is opened, signatures verified, and ballots scanned. This is a labor intensive process that takes longer to tabulate than other forms of voting. Fulton County did not anticipate having all absentee ballots processed on Election Day.

    (States like Florida count these ballots before the election and provide up to date results which enables them to provide final results on election night. Any state that doesn’t count ballots before the election when received so winners can be announced on election night appears to place ulterior motives ahead of transparency and timeliness.)

    One Georgia resident, attorney Paul J. Dzikowski, attempted to obtain more information on the reported water main break in Atlanta. He sent a letter to and requested any information related to the water main break under the Georgia Open Records Act. This is what he wrote in his request:

    Please accept this correspondence (and the attached letter) as a request for production and inspection of records under the Georgia Open Records Act, O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70, et seq. (the “Act”). Please produce, for inspection and copying, the following records:

    • ALL “Public records” related to the burst pipe at State Farm Arena that occurred on or about November 3, 2020, which impacted the counting of ballots by Fulton County authorities, including and not limited to internal and external communications with any person(s), communications with Fulton Co. Board of Registrations and Elections, memoranda, notes, work orders, requisitions, invoices, repair records, and all other public records.

    This request is intended to be as comprehensive as possible and should be interpreted as broadly as the law allows, in accordance with the Act, and shall encompass records in paper form and any electronic and digital format. I look forward to your prompt response as soon as the records are available for inspection and copying but in no event more than three (3) business days following your receipt of this request, as required by the Act.

    In response the only public records generated as a result of the alleged “burst pipe” that halted the counting of ballots in Atlanta (Fulton Co.) were a few text messages. These messages were with the Sr. Vice President of the Atlanta Hawks, Geoffrey Stiles, who called it a “slow leak” that was “contained quickly,” and he said the entire thing was “highly exaggerated.”

    No repair orders or work orders or invoices from a plumber associated with this “burst pipe” were provided. Nothing.

    Dzikowski also filed a similar request with the Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections which resulted in no records being located per their response.

    What really happened on election night in Atlanta and what was the real reason they stopped counting tens of thousands of absentee votes until the next day?”