Faith Goldy: Fire Jared Kushner!


May 4, 2017 | 9 Comments » | 58 views

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  1. Sounded like it could have come from a democrat. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Lots of rumor, gossip, innuendo. The loan was reportedly a big one, with many major banks and other lenders, so so what if Goldman Sachs and Soros was in there too, especially if it dates from before. Trump was a connected liberal too, once. So was Reagan. So what?

    I’m reminded of what President Lincoln said to his senior generals who in complaining of their junior, General Grant being appointed over their heads to be the top general as Eisenhower would be during WWII, accused him of being an alcoholic. Lincoln said,

    “He wins battles. Find out what brand he drinks and send a case to each of my generals.”

  2. Get rid of Ivanka too…. She is even left of Obama an Eleanore Roosevelt wannabe. Power behind the throne is her game…. She represents the opposite of what the majority of Trump voters voted for. Ivanka Kushner combo is a direct challenge to what was perceived as the Trump doctrine. Based on performance to date it looks like they are winning…

  3. I am suprised that Faith Goldy and thus The Rebel has stooped to the same level as the liberal left MSM they decry for their fake news and for their foresaking hard evidence and instead resorting to innuendo, spin and conspiracy theories to raise suspicions in the public’s mind against people those organizations are suspicious of.

    This Jared Kushner smear piece is exactly the kind of piece Goldy and the Rebel are usually found ridiculing and denouncing the liberal left MSM for.

    Hypocrisy has come to The Rebel.

  4. @ Michael S:


    Interpreters of Revelation normally fall into four groups:

    Preterists understand the book exclusively in terms of its first-century setting, claiming that most of its events have already taken place.
    Historicists take it as describing the long chain of events from Patmos to the end of history.
    Futurists place the book primarily in the end times.
    Idealists view it as symbolic pictures of such timeless truths as the victory of good over evil.”

    Back in the day, I had a Greek Hippie Communist Drummer friend from an old and venerable Greek Communist family in Patmos — whose cousin was a bishop or something there — who assured me that he was certain that John must have been on drugs when he wrote it.

    My question: Could it have been mushrooms or some other psychedelic. LSD was chemically synthesized very recently. In fact, Timothy Leary began as a Psychologist who wrote a paper on the potential clinical benefits of LSD, ha ha. or ha ah.

  5. @ Michael S:
    I knew a guy from Patmos who was sure John was on mushrooms when he wrote “Revelations.” Others note that it matches the events that befell early Christians in the first century of the common era. Personally, I bristle at hearing Jews demonized, other than Ed Koch, or Cr*tch-rot as us tenant activists used to affectionately call him, anyway.

  6. @ Bill Narvey:
    I was surprised to hear what she had to say. I don’t care if he borrowed big time from Goldman Sacks or Soros unless of course they can exert undue influence on him.

    But clearly he is a liberal who rode into power on his father-in-laws coat tails. Keep in mind that he was at least part of the reason Trump got elected.

    But Trump should order him not to push for his liberal agenda. Otherwise Trump could be viewed as betraying his base.

    On the other hand, Ivanka should refrain from participating in the climate change debate. But I don’t have a problem with her pushing women’s issues. I think this helps Trump increase his support among women.

    I fully expect Jared or Ivanka to both run for President one day. The only question is will they do so on a Republican or Democratic ticket?

  7. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    Sebastian, Jared from day one has been a sore spot for anyone who has done a little research into him and his family. His connection to soros should be enough for his ouster, no matter when. Any self respecting lover of ISRAEL would never do business with soros.

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