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  1. Pistols are too fast. But pistols without bullets can be much more interesting.

    Since this is France, I wouldn’t mind a day’s outing at the guillotine [makes note to pack sandwich and a bottle of Merlot]. They’ve been out of use for some time but I actually think a rusty one is more fun. Also, start at the toes.

  2. Maybe they can put him in a prison cell with the Norwegian guy. Better still, let them duke it out: Automatic pistols at five paces.

  3. I believe the killer is a muslim, france needs to wake up and stop the terrorism by islam with an iron fist

  4. He got off his scooter and stood there and picked his targets – children, that’s not really a drive by. The reports say he seemed to be a professional.
    Apparently he may be the same guy that killed some Arabs earlier – what’s up with that?

    I got a friend who got married to a somewhat rich old family there. She described a very anti-semitic, snobbish culture without realizing the impact it was to me – so it was an objective report.

    “Dirty Little Country” I throw back the words..

    ‘Dead Jews’ AKA Obama’s Morning Smile as he gets his daily briefing.