Should Jordan Be a Palestinian State?

The editor of Stonegate prefaced this article with

    “The talk about “Jordan is Palestine” only plays into the hands of those who seek to turn the kingdom into a radical state that would most probably be affiliated with Iran or the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Zahran has many times made the case to me that this won’t happen. Still one must be very cautious. I wrote to him and others invloved and said,

    Mudar may lose control of events in the event of civil war. When Israel sees 200,000 Palestinian refugees from Lebanon and Syria streaming into Jordan armed to the teeth you can imagine the worry. The Jordanian army may really get tough on them and force them to flee to Israel. Perhaps the Palestinians in J&S will riot and have a revolt of their own. Any thing can go wrong and Israel is right not to take the risk.

    So it is incumbent on Mudar and his people to negotiate a bloodless coup if possible.

    If it has to be bloody, Mudar’s promises will only be bankable if he comes into power. Even if he is the new Prime Minister and wants a good relationship, will he be able to get everyone to go along?

by Khaled Abu Toameh, Stonegate
March 19, 2012 at 5:00 am

Those who support the idea of turning Jordan into a Palestinian state need to be think carefully about the consequences of such a move.

A Palestinian state in Jordan would only be a source of even further instability and tension in the Middle East.

The royal family in Jordan has always been friendly to Israel and the West. Like his father, the late King Hussein, King Abdullah II is probably Israel’s best friend and ally in the Arab and Islamic world.

The long border between Israel and Jordan has been relatively quite over the past few decades — thanks to the Jordanian authorities’ tremendous efforts to prevent terror attacks from their territories.

Turning Jordan into Palestine would mean the loss of a moderate and rational Arab leader at a time when Islamists are rising to power in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Libya.

It would mean the creation of a third state for the Palestinians, who already have two entities – one in the West Bank and another in the Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian state in Jordan would be run by either Hamas or Fatah — the two parties that have failed their people again and again in the past few decades. In any event, whoever replaces the royal family in Jordan would not be as moderate, pragmatic and open-minded as the Hashemites.

The Jordanian monarch has displayed courage by resisting pressure from wealthy Arab countries like Qatar to allow Hamas, after it was thrown out of Syria, to establish its headquarters in Amman.

King Abdullah II, who since the beginning of the “Arab Spring” has been forced to tackle growing unrest in his kingdom, should also be commended for resisting immense pressure from Muslim Brotherhood and many Jordanians and Palestinians to cut off diplomatic ties with Israel.

Security cooperation between Israel and Jordan has always been strong: the two countries face the same challenges, threats and enemies.

King Abdullah II and his father have prevented Hamas from establishing terror bases in the kingdom.

In 1999, King Hussein did not hesitate to expel Hamas leaders after closing down their offices in Amman.

A few years later, the Jordanians thwarted plans by Hamas to smuggle weapons into the kingdom for the purpose of launching terror attacks against Israel.

The king already has too many problems at home. The talk about “Jordan is Palestine” and “Palestine is Jordan” only aggravates these problems and plays into the hands of those who would turn the kingdom into a radical state that would probably be afflicted with Iran or the Muslim Brotherhood.

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18 Comments / 18 Comments

  1. No need to apologize. It doesn’t bother me. I believe what I believe and anyone who doesn’t agree with me is not my problem.

  2. @ Shy Guy:
    You are right, I should and will apology:

    Mrs. Lawrence, I deeply apology for for having in my religion people like The ShyGuy.
    People like him are the source of the world’s problems.
    Radical Jew=Radical Muslim.
    I apology again.


  3. there is no question, Jordan is the rightful place for all Pals- there is ample room for them there and there would be a comfortable home for them, with a common language, culture and religion.

  4. Not at all realistic. When Israel is able to gather the courage to finally invade and occupy Jordan, the pal problem will prevail and there will be no peace in the middle east.

  5. Shy guy…
    Not respecting other’s beleilfs IS the source of this universal problem.
    Once people like you will understand this, we will all be on the way to a better future.
    The fact that Mrs. lawrence Is ignorant of the religious realities of the problem has nothing to do with your stupid comments.
    I think you owe her an apology.
    Ira. (Jewish, but not like you.)

  6. All I know is that G-d Almighty gave the Jews the land, and I can’t understand anyone saying that the Arabs own the land. Why can’t people see that in the end Yeshua will come and then when He fights His Battle, the land will belong to whomever He chooses. From my understanding, the Arabs have quite a bit of land, ie, Iran, Iraq and several other countries around there. Why on earth are the Arabs(Palestinians) trying to take the land from the Jews. I know what the Bible says, and I know that my G-d reigns, and He will do what is His will.

  7. Moishe- You hit the nail on the head. If the Hashemite Kingdom is overthrown the victors will be, not the Palestinians but rather the Muslim brotherhood, in alliance with Al-Quada. Israel at the present time has a dangerous neighbor in the new Egypt and another unstable and dangerous situation in Lebanon. Syria might fall to the Islamists and the only relatively friendly regime is the current Hashemite regime in Jordan.No one in the west including Israel would like to see Abdullah fall

  8. Jordan is what the relevant FILE/FOLDER of the League of Nations titled/called *Trans-Jordan Province of Palestine!
    But Palestine in history is the geopolitical entity to which the Roman occupier of “Judea and Israel” two Jewish Kingdoms in the second century CE gave the name “Palestina” in a futile attempt to eradicate the Jews’ link to their Land, which entered history as the Sovereign Homeland of the “Jewish nation” more than 3000 years ago.

    Since that time, Jews have continuously lived there, though often under foreign conquerors. In fact for over 3000 years ago… the one common demographic denominator in “Palestina” has been the Jews. Concurrently, no ethnic or national community except the Jews has claimed Palestine/Israel as its distinctive home. Even Sheriff Hussein of Mecca called this Land *Ard Ibna’a Ihal aslyin* = *The land of the original owners.* Ref. to Jews.

    Until the early twentieth century, Palestine was considered a geographic concept, covering the area both West and East of the Jordan River; the term “Palestinian” must therefore refer to all the inhabitants of this area. And the “Right of Self Determination for the Palestinian Arabs” is a right to which Palestinian JEWS as well as Palestinian ARABS are entitled-and which both, in fact, have attained.

    In 1922, recognizing THE HISTORICAL CONNECTION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE WITH PALESTINE and the grounds for RECONSTITUTING their National Home in that SAME country. The League of Nations granted Britain a Mandate over Palestine, pending the reconstitution in Palestine of the JEWISH NATIONAL HOME.

    One of Britain’s first act as a Mandatory Power was to divide Palestine along the river Jordan, giving over 77% of it, to an upstart from ARABIA, by the name of Emir Abdullah who, 1946, established Trans-Jordan-later renamed Transjordan and even later Jordan. (King Abdullah originally wanted to call his country “Palestine” but was persuaded by the British that the name “Jordan” would emphasize the King’s rule over both banks of that river (Jordan). Thus in the greater part of Palestine-the area East of the River Jordan-the right of Palestinian Arabs to self-determination was realized (and this was considered the FIRST PARTITION OF PALESTINE).

    Yet the Jews’ concomitant right to self-determination in the remaining 23 % of Palestine was not to be granted so readily. Arab militants, through terror and intimidation, opposed the fulfillment of Jewish national aspirations in any parts of Palestine whatsoever.

    In 1947 the United Nations sought to settle the conflict by a SECOND DIVISION (this time of Western Palestine) into Jewish and Arab States. Notwithstanding whatever is said, and notwithstanding future Arab reactions…

    Jordan and Israel are considered (after their Peace agreement) the two SUCCESSORS of the Palestine Mandate!

  9. For Jordan to be suddenly transformed into a Palestinian state the current Hashemite rulers would have to be turfed out. How could that happen when the backers of the current rulers, are America, Great Britain and Israel? Furthermore Israel provides, military equipment, training and a full intelligence back-up. Don’t for a minute regard Jordan as another Syria. Abdullah has been quite clever in diffusing criticism by responding to a call for reforms by instituting some much needed changes. He is not about to be overthrown.

  10. You remined me of the Polish street thugs of WW-II.
    If you decide that you are a “Zambezian Citizen” than you are one.
    If a group of Arab decide that they are “Palestinians”, than they are. If they are a nation or not, that is an entirly different issue.
    If you think that by playing semantics, or the empty shell declarations such those in your post you will solve the problem, than I seriously doubt your understanding the depth of the problem, and hence the solutions you propose.

  11. Laura,
    Is this a joke or you are just declaring…”I know nothing about Jordan, Palestinians or the zone politics”.
    How many Palestinians were killed deported and socially and economically abused by this same regime since 1972?
    The governement of Israel is repeating the same mistakes the US did during the 50’s and the 60’s supporting the wrong dictatorships of South America.
    King Abdullah days are numbered. The Arab Torrential spring is at his doorstep. They WILL become our most danger enemy once they govern Jordan, which WILL become the state of Palestine, if we will not find a way to HELP them get it. Yes you heard me right. Help them to get back to what has and does belong to them. This is the REAL and only two state solution.

  12. The Israeli-Arab conflict could have been solved decades ago

    They didn’t want to solve the murdering Arab problem–because they are in league with the murdering Arabs–in their twisted viewpoint the Jews are the problem!

  13. Should Jordan Be a Palestinian State?

    This is an oxymoron–there are no palestinians–its ridiculous and foolish to persist with this line of argument–those who do so are allowing the murdering Arabs to set the tone for the discussion!

    The proven goal of the Arabs [the so called but not palestinians] is not their own state–but rather the complete destruction of Israel–and the global annihilation of Jews!

  14. Shortsighted. All arguments for the partition of Israel are shortsighted as well – in addition to being profoundly wrong.

    We don’t know what the future of Jordan will be.

    If we go by what is happening in all other Muslim states, the prospects are not good. The seeds for brutal tyranny, religious extremism, lawlessness and sectarian violence exist in Jordan too.

    Those who advocate for Israel’s partition think only in terms of years. Such as the truce with Egypt. It cost Israel dearly, but it only lasted for a few years. An agreement with the PA would last …. hours, perhaps, before “rogue elements” start launching their own rockets too?

    Politicians never think that Jewish Israel is there to stay for thousands of years.

    And to survive for tens, hundreds and thousands of years, a country needs secure borders, among other things.

    Israel cannot survive without Yesha.

    The Arab population in Israel already presents a challenge to Jewish survival. The atmosphere is already filled with tension, crime, terror, appeasement, and an increasingly unfair treatment of Jews.

    The addition of Yesha Arab citizens would destabilize society.

    One could argue against automatic citizenship, and in favor of individual applications with sworn allegiance to the laws of the Jewish State of Israel. Arabs who object could be financially assisted with emigration. But Israeli politicians are unlikely to do anything except that which is most expedient: granting mass citizenship.

    The world needs to protect Israel, the last country with a semblance of peace, democracy and prosperity in the entire Middle East.

    So the most humane solution is to organize an international effort to help Jordan to stay democratic, economic viable, and to take back Yesha Arabs (who used to hold Jordanian citizenship) and any refugees still languishing in Arab countries.

    The Israeli-Arab conflict could have been solved decades ago, if only Western countries had channeled their zillions in aid towards the resettlement of Arab refugees, and the repatriation of Yesha Arabs back into Jordan.


    The book Walking Israel by Martin Fletcher has an interview with journalist Khaled Abu Toameh, author of the above column. Along with some misguivings, he seems fairly content in Israel.

    I quote from page 131.

    Fletcher: Tell me, do you kow many Israeli Arabs who want to move to a Palestinian state, if there is a state one day?

    Toameh: (Laughing.) If you find someone, send him to me, that will be thee front-page story in tomorrow’s Jerusalem Post. I never met one.


    So… doesn’t it make a lot of sense to help Jordan truly become the Arab Palestine so many are clamoring for?

  15. This is all very nice and true but please to explain how Jordan is not already and has been since its inception the “Palestinian” state? No one considers Syria the Alywaite state so how is Jordon the Hashemite state? Why of all Arab and Muslim states its only the Pal state that has to be fully democratic and majority population representative before it can be recognized for what it so obviously is? The bigger question is how one no one sees this glaring reality?